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() Writing skills: Us!

"l linking #$r%s

&' () *+ +,- ./012 3 ( 4$ 56rss 7%%iti$n :
And , also, and also = as well as, as well = too, besides = moreover = furthermore = what's more = in addition =
additionally, not only.but also, , in addition to (all) that/this, let alone, not to mention ,
89:; <0:= > ( 4$ 56rss r7s$n? @7"s :
Because, since, as, thanks to, because of, due to, ust because, because of the fact that, owin! to, now that, for nothin! but ,
"or the sim#le reason that, $he reason, .. results from ..
A ( 4$ 56rss rs"lt? @$nsB"n@? $"t@$C :
%o, and so, thus, for this, for this reason, that's why, therefore, as a result (of this), because of this, as a conse&uence,
conse&uently, this is why, which leads to, this leads to = results in .
D ( !$r @$ntr7st ? @$n@ssi$n :
But, althou!h, thou!h, even if, even thou!h, in s#ite of = des#ite, 'owever = yet = still = nevertheless = nonetheless ,
by contrast, unlike, whereas = while, in contrast to, on the contrary, even so, in s#ite of the fact that. = des#ite the fact
that, on the one hand.., on the other hand = on the one side, on the other .. ,
E ( !$r 5@6ti$ns :
A#art from, e(ce#t (for), none but., say nothin! but the truth, there is no )od but Allaah*, other than, with the e(ce#tion of
F ( !$r C6G7siHing 7n i%7 :
+s#ecially, s#ecially, and es#ecially, #articularly, in #articular, notably, above all, most im#ortant of all is., most
im#ortantly, first and foremost = first of all = to be!in with = to start with, "irstly, in the first #lace, mainly = chiefly =
#rimarily, amon! which is = includin!., secondly, lastly, last of all, last but not least .
I ( 4$ giJ 57C6ls :
"or e(am#le = for instance like = such as, as an e(am#le, one e(am#le is ., the followin! is one of many e(am#les
As follows ,
K ( t$ 56l7in? @l7ri!L 7n i%7 :
-n other words, that is to say, meanin! (that), in the sense that, which means that, in (such) a way that ,
M ( !$r s"s6nsi$n :
And so on = and so forth, etc, and so many others, and much/many more, and thin!s like that, and the like, as well as other
similar thin!s
3N ( !$r O$n@l"si$n :
-n conclusion = to conclude, - would say that, in a word, all in all, in summary, to sum u#, to sum it u#, in short = in brief
= in a nutshell, on the whole, in sum, in li!ht of all - have already said/ mentioned, finally, to summarise
33 ( 4$ 56rss 6"r6$s? $PQ@tiJ ? 7iC? g$7l :
$o (. verb in the infinitive), %tudy hard so as to ( = to = in order to) become a doctor .
%o that = in order that, /y #arents work hard so that - can be free for my studies *
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