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The World Council of Churches

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The World Council of Churches ( played a leading role in The

History and Development of Ecumenism.
WCC Logo

The ordination of gays and lesbians. [7|8|9|10]

The acceptance of committed homosexual relationships as equivalent to that of heterosexual relationships.



In 1991, the WCC organized a huge congress in Canberra, Australia, where Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and other
non-Christians were invited to participate. The February 1993 issue of the Reader’s Digest presented the congress
in this way:

"Before the opening worship service began at the last general assembly of the WCC in Canberra,
delegates passed through the smoke of burning leaves. This was a pagan cleansing rite.... The next
day as two painted, loin-clothed Aborigines cavorted, South Korean theologian Chung Hyun Kyung
invoked spirits of the dead and exhorted the audience of more than 4,000 to read the Bible ‘from
the perspective of birds, water, air, trees’ and to ‘think like a mountain’." [14]


The United Nations and The World Council of Churches (WCC) have reaffirmed their commitment to collaborate
at a meeting between the general secretaries of both organizations held on 29 October 207 at the UN headquarters
in New York.

"As the UN faces the 21st century highlighting the interrelatedness of development, security and
human rights, the WCC strongly believes multilateralism is the only way to respond to the
challenges of today," said WCC general secretary Samuel Kobia at the meeting. That is why the
WCC is committed 'to the principles and purposes of the UN'." [12]

In light of the above, the Prophet Amos asks:

"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" (Amos 3v3, AKJV, p.402)


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The World Council of Churches - EJ Hill & Friends

Ecumenical [2|3|4|13] - Occultic [4|5]

Affiliation & Association

Institutions: Habitat for Humanity [13] - The Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa [3] - The
American Baptist Convention [13] - The Anglican Church of Canada [13] - The Assemblies of God
- The Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches [13] - The Baptist Union of Great Britain
and Ireland [13] - The Church of England in England [13] - The Dutch Reformed Church of South
Africa [3] - The Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches [13] - The Hungarian Reformed Church [14]
- Zion Christian Church [3]

Individuals: Billy Graham [1] - Cecil M. Robeck, Jr [11] - Chung Hyun Kyung [14] - His Holiness
Aram I (1947-) [13] - S. Wesley Ariarajah [5|6]

Scripture References
Is. 5v20; Jer. 5v30-31; Amos 3v3; Acts 4v12, 20v26-32; Rom. 16v17; 2 Cor. 6v14-17; Gal. 1v8; 1
Tim. 4v1; 2 Tim. 3v5, 4v2-5; 2 Pt. 2v1-3; Rev. 13v3

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The World Council of Churches - EJ Hill & Friends

United Nations and World Council of Churches reaffirm Cooperation (Ekklesia). (20/04/2008)
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Suggested Readings
David W. Cloud; The World Council of Churches (Bicester, Oxfordshire: Penfold Book & Bible House).

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