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Alexandra Regilyne M. Romero

December 1, 2012

Title: Identifying causes of community problems
Community: 1531 Concepcion Aguila St., San Miguel, Manila
First Street including frist strip mendiola foodcourt and dormitory

The dormitory is exclusive for girls; it has 20 rooms that has a maximum capacity of four person per
room; it has a common living and dining area; it has 3 refrigerators, one located near the comfort
room and the other two at the dining area; it has two comfort room that contains cubicle and has a
separate shower and toilet.
There is no trash can in the common area except for one bin located in the comfort room.
Food wastes are always left in the dining table
Not all the flush in the toilet are working, sometimes dormers tend to left it unclear.
Napkins and panty liners are not properly disposed.
Some electric fans are surrounded by dusts
There is enough ventilation in every room
Refrigerators contained different classes of food and drinks such as milk, juice, water, fresh
vegetables, fruits and leftovers.
There is first aid box located at the living area

Food court:
It doesnt have garbage bin for any waste
Many of the food vendors are not wearing hair net
Some food vendors are not properly dressed. Some are just working with their sando.
Some vendors already prepared cooked food whereas some vendors are cooking inside their
Foods are displayed and exposed to air
Most of the people eating at the food court are students
Most of them are using disposable utensils for their serving
Some people are smoking within the vicinity
There is a common toilet for both boys and girls
The toilet is unclean and it doesnt have enough water supply
The toilet doesnt have trash can
First Street:
There are a lot of establishments such as dormitory, food court area, computer shops, sari-sari
store and laundry shop.
There are also street food vendors that sell kwek-kwek, isaw, barbecue, dugo, and chicken
Street food vendor are exposing their product once it was cooked.
Street food vendor are using open container for their sauce
There are a lot of flees in the area where street foods are located
Computer shops are properly ventilated, it has three air conditioned that keeps the place cool
There is enough drainage compare to other streets
Garbage are not properly segregated
There is no separated bin for food wastes
There were cockroaches near the black bag where all the waste were thrown

1. Is the water always available? Does everyone have access to water?
- Water is very accessible in the community. Yet some places, like the toilet located at
the food court area there is no source for water.
2. Does the community know the quality of water?
- Since most of the people living in this community are students, workers, and owners
of business establishment, it can be seen that they know and value the importance
of water. It can be observed that they know which potable and not potable water is.
3. Do they have some form of sanitation? What types of sanitation are there?
- In terms of food sanitation, it can be observed that they are not practicing the proper
guidelines in sanitation. Some food vendors are not observing the proper dress code
which may vary in the quality of food. Most of the establishments dont consider
proper waste management which may invite some vectors.
4. How is solid waste disposed?
- Solid waste is not properly disposed in the community. It can be observed that there
is always one common trash bin for every waste produced by the community.
5. Are there stagnant or standing bodies of water in the community?
- There is a not stagnant or standing body of water in the community.
6. Is there a system of drainage for the community?
- Yes, it can be observed that there is a system of drainage in the community which
keeps them from flood
7. Do establishments in the community have many windows?
- It can be seen that most of the establishments have enough windows for ventilation.

8. What cooking fuel is used in the community?
- The cooking fuel used in the community is LPG.
9. Where do people cook in the community?
- In the food court, most of the vendors cooked inside their kitchen whereas the food
street vendors are cooking their product on the street.
10. Is there a market in the community?
- There is no market in the community.
11. Are mosquitos, flies and other insects common in the community?
- Yes, since food are exposed and theres no proper segregation of waste , the
presence of mosquitos, flies and other insects are very common in the community.
12. Are the same bodies of water used for washing, laundering and receiving human and animal
- People in the community have a common source of water; however, it can be
observed that they are not using the same water for different purpose. They never
use water which has been used.
13. What are the major problems?
- It can be observed that the major problems in the community are food sanitation and
proper waste disposal. Food sanitation are not properly observed, it can be seen on
the way they dress, they serve food, the way they exposed their food and even the
texture of the food shows the quality of it. In terms of disposal, it can be observed
that the community are not aware of proper waste disposal. They only have a
common bin for all their waste. They didnt manage to separate biodegradable from
non-biodegradable. These major problems observed in the community can cause
some health problems especially if the person living within are not aware of it.