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Sputtering system - PREVAC

Magnetron Sputtering, Thermal deposition, e-Beam Evaporator

1.1. 1 set Sputtering chamber
1.1.1. 1 set Vacuum Chamber in UHV standard, made of stainless steel,
equipped with connecting flanges in UHV standard in different sizes
for connecting current and further equipment. Base pressure 10
mbar. The chamber is equipped with a large, easy access vacuum
door which is dual viton sealed with differential pumping in the seal
interspace. This maintains an excellent base pressure whilst
providing perfect internal access. The system employs efficient
double wall water cooling throughout.

Including ports for:
Magnetron (2xDN100CF) + Effusion Cell (2xDN40CF) +
EBV source (2xDN40CF)
Manipulator DN 160CF
Pumping system, DN 160CF
Gas dosing system, DN 40CF
Large vacuum door with observation windows
1.1.2. 1 set Pumping System
For create necessary vacuum conditions for sputtering
measurements pumping system includes turbomolecular pump with
pumping speed not less than 510 l/s and dry forevacuum pump with
pumping speed 15 m
/h. Into the PLD chamber also installed special
vacuum gauges allows pressure measurements.

SL700 turbo molecular pump (pumping speed for N
690 l/s)
Scroll SC15D for forevacuum (pumping speed 15 m
Tubing and wiring
Safety valve and vent valve all electromagnetic
PCU, electronic microprocessor pump control unit for
operation pump group (forevacuum pumps, UHV-pumps),
measurement electronics and electronic power units with
vacuum inter-locks.
1.1.3. 1 set
Chamber Vacuum Gauges 1 pcs PENINGVAC gauge PTR 90 (5x10
mbar atm) with cable 1 pcs Pirani gauge TTR91 (5x10
mbar atm) with cable for forevacuum
1.1.4 1 set
UHV Manipulator with manual shutter and water
cooling, 2-axes for Sputtering Chamber 1 pcs PTS-Z-Motion Module manual. Motorized upgrade possible any
This module includes the Z-motion module.
Travel length of Z-Motion Module is 50 mm.
Z-Motion Specification: Resolution = 0.01 mm manual. 1 pcs PTS-R1 continuous, primary rotation module R1 motorized

Resolution: 1 degree manual, 0.1 degree motorized, rotation
speed: max. 20 rpm 1 pcs PTS Sample receiving station for PTS sample holder (sample
holder contained in point 1.6.1.)

Sample receiving station complete with all electrical and mechanical
feedthroughs and connections (LEMO thermocouple), thermoelement
material thermocouple type K

Cooling: water 1 pcs Sample Heating Power Supply HEAT1-PS

Max Power Heating Standard: 600 W resistance heating
Heater current Standard: 0 10A at max 30V
Maximum: 0 20A at max 30V
Temperature Range: 20C 2320C for thermocouple type C
(dependent on sample holder type or evaporator)
-200C 1250C for thermocouple K
(dependent on sample holder type and the conditions in the
Thermoelement type: Standard thermocouple type K and C
(other thermocouple for order)
Temperature control: Process temperature control with PID

1.2. Magnetrons with equipment
1.2.1. 2 pcs Planar Magnetron Sputtering Source 2 UHV

Internal mounting
Target diameter 50,8 mm (2)
Target thickness 16mm, non-ferromagnetic targets
Ferromagnetic targets: Fe 1mm, Ni 2-3mm thick
Target clamps and adjustable dark space shield (anode)
SmCo magnet array, bakeable 200C
Metal seals vacuum-to-air, He-leak rate <1x10
mbar x l/s
For DC, AC, RF and pulsed operation
Cooling water requirements: 1 l/(min x kW), minimum 1 l/min
PTFE water tubes 4/6mm
45-tilt with DN 16CF rotatable
Chimney on top of magnetron
CF100 flange assembly
Gas tube with VCR-4 connector on CF16
Pneumatic shutter deflection angle 90
UHV rotary feedthrough on CF16, bakeable 200C
RF-DC-connecting box with 7/16-jack
1.2.2. 1 pcs RF Power supply for magnetron source (Advanced Energy) with
Matchbox (Advanced Energy)

Power: 300W.
Frequency: 13,56 MHz.
Interface: port/ RS232
1.2.3. 1 pcs DC Power Supply (Advanced Energy)

Air Cooling
Power: 500W
1.3. Effusion cell EF 40C1 - set

1.2.1. 2 pcs Effusion cell EF 40C1 - is a UHV component designed for indirect
resistive heating and getting highly constant evaporation rates

Heater: Ta wire
Thermocouple: Type C (W/Re 5/26%)
Typical operating temperature: 250 1500C
Maximum outgasing temperature: 1600C
Temperature stability: 1C
Mounting flange: DN 40CF
In-vacuum O.D.: 35 mm
In-vacuum length: As specified
Power consumption: ~300W
Working distance: 100 150 mm
Degassing without water: 500C
Manual Shutter
1.3.2. 2 pcs Effusion Cell Power Supply HEAT1-PS is the power supply
designed for heating sample on sample holder under clean UHV-
conditions using resistance heating method (heater is located close to
the sample which becomes hot)


Max Power Heating Standard: 300W r (max 600W for order)
Heater current Standard: 0 10A at max 30V
Maximum: 0 20A at max 30V
Temperature Range 20C 1500C for thermocouple type C
(dependent on sample holder type or evaporator)
- 200C 1250C for thermocouple K
(dependent on sample holder type and the conditions in the
Thermoelement type Standard thermocouple type K and C
(other thermocouple for order)
Temperature control Process temperature control with PID
Process parameters finds optimized process PID parameters
with autotuning function.
Ramp heating Ramp function of protects the sample against
Communication Interfaces EIA-232, 2 wire EIA-485
Dimensions 483 mm x 133 x 350 mm

1.4 Electron Beam Evaporator EBV 40A1-SET
1.4.1. 1 pcs EBV 40A1 is designed for thin film growth and molecular beam


Outlet beam diameter for evaporated material : 4-19 mm
Temperature range for evaporated materials : 160-2300C
Electron energy : 0-1500 eV , (typically 600-800 eV)
Max. power: 300W,
Range of the filament current: typicaly 1,8-2,2 A: max 2,3 A

Evaporating rod diameter: option1: 0,5-2,5mm; step 0,5mm
option 2: 2-6 mm, step 2mm
Temperature monitor of the cooling cylinder: 0-100C,
temperature of water - cooled copper cylinder
Cooling system: Water flow > 0,5 l/min at temperature T =
30C on the end.
Max pressure 6 bar
Insertion depth.: min. 212 mm, OD: 34,8 mm
Mounting flange: DN 40 CF
Evaporating area: 5-20mm
Recommended distance between end of the evaporator and a
sample: approximately 70-75mm
Fully bakeable: up to 250C
Working distance: 25 75mm

1.4.2. 1 pcs Electron Beam Evaporator Power Supply EBV40A-PS

Beam energy: 0 1500eV,
Filament current: 0-7,5A, resolution < 1V, ripple < 0,05A
Operating modes: auto/manual
Communication interfaces: without ( Option: RS232/485/422,
USB, Profibus DPV1, Modbus EtherNet/IP, Bluetooth)
1.5. Quartz Balance QO 40A1 - SET
1.5.1. 1 pcs Quartz Balance QO 40A1 - provides a useful, progressive indication
of coating thickness during the coating process, making reproducible
coatings possible. Its function is based on quartz crystals which
oscillate at varying rates depending on the thickness of a coating.
Crystal face is parallel to the water tubes.

Special shield / tube of the chamber for protect the quartz balance
before evaporation when the quartz balance is not working.


Cooling: water 0.8 l/min using 6 mm O.D. tube,
Mounting flange: DN 40CF,
Manual shutter,
Temperature of evaporating layer:
- to 300C - sensor head need to use water cooling,
- to 160C - sensor head neednt use water cooling,
Miniature Coax Cable (S-50),
Crystal: industry standard 14 mm diameter, frequency
vibrations 6 MHz.
1.5.2. 1 set Thickness monitor TMC-13 with oscillator

TMC13 is the newest technology electronics designed for monitoring
and controlling any coating and deposition processes. Up to six
channel inputs and two additional vacuum gauge channels together
with 6,7 TFT display makes this unit really unique and universal.

Sensor inputs can be assigned to different materials with individual
parameters as well. High speed and high accuracy measuring

process controlled by DSP processor improves the film quality and
repeatability. It brings also the features of accuracy, stability and
instrument configuration.

QMC Sensor Inputs: standard: 6 (include one oscillator)
Frequency range: 1-6 MHz,
Frequency Resolution: standard: 0.1 Hz at 4 reading/sec
6,7" TFT touch panel display
Digital Interface Standard: RS-232
Power 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 W

1.5.3. 1 pcs Standard linear shift Z=100 mm

Gas dosing system:

Process gas 3 lines.
Mass flow controlled for 4 gases.
Ar direct connection to each magnetron.
o Valve,
o Flowmeter : 0 to 100 sccm,
o Connection hoses.
Provision for one additional gas lines (Oxygen, Nitrogen),
Provision for gas venting
1.7. Accessories
1.7.1. 1 pcs PTS Sample holder for 2 sample

Sample holder with molybdenum with heating up to 500 C, resistive
indirect heating
1.7.2. 1 set 19" cabinet for all electronics units
1.7.3. 1 set Main frame

Adjustable rigid steel frames for the system, comprising mounting
plate sandwich design (stainless steel, isolating plate and stainless
steel mounting plate) and large wheel for easy displacement of the
1.7.4. 1 pcs Chiller