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According to the City of Tyler Texas Code of Ordinances, Article II Zoning Districts, Sec. 10-33 our
proposed project falls under the Institutional (INT) district. The purpose of the INT district is to provide
for. educational facilities and all related and accessory facilities, including classrooms, offices, assembly
halls, cafeterias, dormitories, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, and physical plant. (Ord. No. 0-
2009-100; 9/23/09)
Our building will follow all requirements set forth by the American Disabilities Association (ADA)
According to Article 6 chapter 1 the city of Tyler has adopted International Building Code (IBC) 2006
which was used to find the building codes that apply to Tyler, TX in the Tyler City Code of Ordinances.
The design of our building has a non-combustible exterior with a treated wood interior, which according
to International Building Code, makes it construction type III. The building will be used for food or drink
consumption, which means that it has a occupancy classification of type A2 with occupancy greater than
50 people. (Section 303.1, Assembly Group A2)
The maximum building size that we would be allowed to build is 3 stories and 14,000 sq feet building
area (Chapter 5, section 503.1) which is well above what we need.
Our occupancy is derived from table 1004.1.1 which states that for type A2 without fixed seats,
including tables and chairs, the rate is 1 occupant per every 15 square feet of usable area. Our total
indoor usable area, (which does not including the outdoor deck), is 1,600 square feet. This puts our
total occupancy capacity at 106 humans.
The number of exits for our building is determined to be 2, since we are a one story building under 500
occupants (chapter 10 section 19.1) Minimum egress width is .2 per occupant (Chapter 10, section 5.1)
Restroom requirements are 1 per 75 male occupants, 1 per 75 female occupants. We will also need to
include 1 service sink. (chapter 29 section 2902.2 table 2902.1)
All electrical code requirements were followed based on the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC)
According to section 10-295 of Tyler city ordinance, the minimum required area of landscaping is 15
percent of the total lot area. We are saving eight >12 DBH existing trees, which counts toward the
number of required trees, shrubs and square feet of required landscape area according to the tables
d. Required tree plantings.
Option Tree Requirement/Square Footage Tree Type
A One tree/750 square feet Large Shade Trees
B One tree/625 square feet Large Shade Trees, Medium Trees, and Small Trees
C One tree/500 square feet Medium Trees and Small Trees

Saved Tree
10 12 DBH
200 square feet of
landscaped area
15 or greater
250 square feet of
landscaped area
Credits may not exceed 25% of the required landscaped area.
1. Each existing tree which is maintained in a living and growing condition may be credited towards
the number of required trees according to the following schedule. (Ord. No. 0-2010-20, 3/10/10)
Existing Saved Trees Credit
6-9 DBH 3 Trees
10- 12 DBH 4 Trees
12 or greater DBH 5 Trees
Of the required landscape area, a minimum of one shrub per 200 square feet, or fraction thereof, is
required. Shrubs planted to satisfy this requirement must be a minimum size of two gallons.

Existing Saved Trees Credit
3 6 DBH 4 shrubs
7 9 DBH 6 shrubs
10 12 DBH 8 shrubs
15 or greater DBH 10 shrubs

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