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The History of BMW

An acronym for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Works in English), BMW is
one of the worlds most repted atomakers, head!artered in Germany" #he company was
conceptali$ed for manfactring atomo%iles, motorcycles and engines" BMW is the parent
company of &olls'&oyce Motor (ars and also owns and prodces M)*) cars" Motorcycles
manfactred are nder the BMW Motorrad and +s!varna %rands" ,nown for crafting l-ry
cars and ./0s, each BMW model offers sperior levels of driving en1oyment and comfort"
BMW is part of the 2German Big 32 l-ry atomakers, along with Adi and Mercedes'Ben$"
BMW AG originated from three other manfactring companies, &app MotorenWerke and
Bayerische 4lg$egWerke (B4w) in Bavaria, and 4ahr$egfa%rik Eisenach in #hringia"
Aircraft engine manfactrer &app Motorenwerke %ecame Bayerische MotorenWerke in
BMW %ecame an atomo%ile manfactrer in 5686 when it prchased 4ahr$egfa%rik
Eisenach" BMW9s team of engineers progressively developed their cars from small .even'
%ased cars into si-'cylinder l-ry cars and, in 5637, %egan prodction of the BMW 38:
sports car" Aircraft engines, motorcycles, and atomo%iles wold %e BMW9s main prodcts
ntil World War ))" ;ring the war, against the wishes of its director 4ran$ <osef =opp, BMW
concentrated on aircraft engine prodction, with motorcycles as a side line and atomo%ile
manfactre stopped altogether"
After the war, BMW srvived %y making pots, pans, and %icycles ntil 56>:, when it restarted
motorcycle prodction" Meanwhile, BMW9s factory in Eisenach fell in the .oviet occpation
$one and the .oviets restarted prodction of pre'war BMW motorcycles and atomo%iles
there" #his contined ntil 56??, after which they concentrated on cars %ased on pre'war
;,W designs" BMW %egan %ilding cars in Bavaria in 56?8 with the BMW ?@5 l-ry saloon"
.ales of their l-ry saloons were too small to %e profita%le, so BMW spplemented this with
%ilding )settas nder licence" .low sales of l-ry cars and small profit margins from
microcars cased the BMW %oard to consider selling the operation to ;aimler'Ben$"
+owever, +er%ert Aandt was convinced to prchase a controlling interest in BMW and to
invest in its ftre"
Aandt9s investment, along with profits from the BMW B@@, %roght a%ot the BMW *ew
(lass and BMW *ew .i-" #hese new prodcts, along with the a%sorption of +ans Glas
Gm%+, gave BMW a sre footing on which to e-pand" BMW grew in strength, eventally
ac!iring the &over Grop (most of which was later divested), and the license to %ild
atomo%iles nder the &olls'&oyce mar!e"
#ill date, the C3, C> and all 5, 3, ?, B and Motorsport series models are %ilt keeping the BMW
tradition of prodcing e-cellent atomo%iles with special emphasis on performance, style and
technological advancements" Dver the last few decades, BMW has %ilt a standard for
performance and l-ry in most segments"