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Schubert, former prosecutor convicted on drug charges, found dead
in home
Wednesday, July 17, 2013
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David Schubert, a former prosecutor who once fled to Mexico to avoid time behind bars for a drug
conviction, was found dead at his Las Vegas home Wednesday.
His decomposing body was discovered about 8:30 a.m. at the 8448 Cambrils Ave. home, authorities said.
A note was found near his body, but it was not immediately known what the note said.
A neighbor said the Clark County Coroners Office was called to remove Schuberts body from the home.
Schuberts lawyer, Louis Schneider, said he got an inkling something was wrong two days ago, when he
was informed Schubert had failed to show up for a meeting with his probation officer Friday. Authorities
had been looking for the former chief deputy district attorney, Schneider said.
Clark County Coroner Mike Murphy wouldnt confirm or deny that his office is investigating Schuberts
He said his office received new cases Wednesday, but he couldnt discuss them until family is notified and
examinations are completed.
Schubert, 49, who prosecuted the drug cases of celebrities Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars, may have died
weeks ago. His last Facebook post on June 27 said, Its peaceful.
Schneider said he was upset at the way Schubert was treated by the justice system.
This was a tragedy from the beginning, Schneider said. David needed help. He didnt need to be
District Attorney Steve Wolfson said his thoughts and prayers were with Schuberts family.
Its a sad day because David was a friend and a colleague and a good attorney, said Wolfson, who was
not district attorney when Schubert was arrested.
His death reminds us all that none of us are immune from the things that can happen in life to the best of
us, whether youre a doctor or lawyer, a ditch digger or carpenter or electrician, we are all susceptible to
Last November, District Judge Carolyn Ellsworth revoked Schuberts probation on the drug conviction and
ordered him sent to prison. He was released on parole April 29.
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I wish I had a good feeling that you will go out and seek help, Ellsworth told Schubert in court. I think
you really need to do that if you want to be a productive lawyer again.
Schubert, a 10-year prosecutor, was taken into custody at the Mexican border Sept. 30 while re-entering
the United States after a national law enforcement alert was put out for his arrest. He failed to surrender in
court Sept. 21 to serve a nine-month jail term as part of his probation and stayed in Mexico until he was
arrested at the border and jailed in San Diego.
Your honor, he snapped and did the wrong thing, Schneider told Ellsworth in November. The measure
of a man is he returned and understood what he did.
Schubert lost his job as a chief deputy district attorney after he was arrested for buying cocaine in 2011.
He later pleaded guilty, and the day before he fled the country, the Nevada Supreme Court temporarily
suspended him from practicing law.
His girlfriend, a fellow lawyer, had driven him to McCarran International Airport, where he boarded a flight
to San Diego and later walked across the border to Tijuana, Mexico.
In a jailhouse interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal after his return in October, Schubert said that
while in Mexico, he recognized he had made a mistake.
I realized that this wasnt the solution, he said. I didnt want to be on the run. I missed everyone.
He said he spent time in the coastal resort towns of Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, at the beach and in
nice restaurants.
While there, a photo appeared on Schuberts Facebook page of an empty beach with the note: Thank
you all so much for the birthday wishes! All is well. Here is a present for you.
Schubert said he posted the photo on his birthday to let his friends know he was fine and at a nice
In the end, however, he said he underestimated the loneliness of being a fugitive and not being able to
trust anyone and decided to return to the United States to face his punishment.
He said he felt he wasnt being treated fairly by the legal system but added, I did what I did, and I accept
the consequences.
Review-Journal writer Mike Blasky contributed to this report.
Contact Jeff German at or 702-380-8135. Follow @JGermanRJ on Twitter.
Contact Francis McCabe at or 702-380-1039.
Authorities target...Accused mob figure pleads...
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