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STAFF GAGE - used for a quick visual indication of the surface level in
rivers, streams, lagoons, reservoirs, etc.

2. FLOW METER - The Valeport 'Braystoke' Model 001 and Model 002
flow meters provide a reliable method of monitoring flow in a variety of
environments, including salt, fresh and effluent water, from shallow streams
to tidal waterways. The meters benefit from the design of the impeller
bearings, which give low threshold velocity and consistent performance.

3. CURRENT METER - instruments designed to measure the velocity
of moving water in a river in order to determine its discharge, also referred
to as stream flow.

4. WATER QUALITY SONDE - Water quality instrumentation for
simultaneously measuring up to 13 different parameters: pH,
temperature, dissolve oxygen, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, total
dissolve solids (TDS), water depth, oxidation reduction potential (ORP),
seawater specific gravity and up to three specific ions.

5. TIPPING BUCKET RAINGAGE - measures the character and amount
of liquid precipitation. Determines rain rate.

6. The AquaTrak 5000 sensor - provides accurate measurement of
absolute liquid level in all weather conditions. Designed for rugged,
unattended operation, the sensor has been field proven in adverse
environments around the world for hydrology, oceanography, and
hostile environment chemical and nuclear tank control systems.

7. Greenspan Electrical Conductivity Sensors - provide highly
accurate conductivity measurements in a wide range of hydrological
applications. Exceptional reliability and chemical resistance are
guaranteed by a state of the art toroidal measuring system. Advanced
microprocessor technology provides highly accurate temperature
compensated measurements.

8. OSIs ORG (Optical Rain Gauge) is a superior tool for rain
measurement. The ORG is the only instrument available to measure true
rain rate.

9. Water Level Meter - Accurate markings each 1/100 ft. or
millimetre, traceable to national standards, sensitivity adjustable to
conductivity, shielded probes to avoid false readings, reliable permanent,
heat impregnated markings, non-stretch stainless steel conductors, long
life rugged, corrosion proof components, strong, flexible tape, is easily

10. The Los Gatos Research (LGR) Liquid Water Isotope Analyser
provides measurements of 18O and 2H of water in liquid and discrete
vapor samples with unsurpassed precision and speed. Now, measurements
of 18O and 2H are reported at the unmatched speed of 1080 injections
per day.