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Bhanu Chander V
Topics covered

CEED Process

Which topics to start for CEED 2015 ?

Which part of the sketching should I start ?

When to start preparing for other topics ?

What to skip (what not to practice) ?

How to schedule my time everyday ?

1. PART A preparation
CEED Exam Pattern
Topics related to :
Visual Communication
Animation Design
Product Design
Automobile Design
General awareness

1. PART B preparation
CEED Exam Pattern
Basic and visual sketching
Observation, problem Identification
and problem solving
Design think-ability and Creativity
User Interface Design
Visual communication design
Animation design
3. Portfolio preparation
CEED Exam Pattern
4. Interview facing
What topics to start for CEED ?
Start with basic sketching work
Dont Jump to detailing, shading and
1. Basic geometry figures

2. Simple outline drawing

3. Completing all the parts of the drawing

4. Giving line details

5. Shading or detailing
Sketching stages
Examples 1
Example 2
1. Shape of the sketch
Factors to remember
2. Proportions of the sketch
3. Line quality
4. Alignment
Am I
Good ?
1. Sketching
Right from beginning
2. Creativity and design thinking
3. Geometrical aptitude questions
General Awareness can be taken care later !
Isometric views and projections
Hidden words and image findings
Picture puzzles and
Mechanical and pictorial
Observation, visualization & geo questions
>> 2 months,
>> 45 days (or even)
>> 1 month
before the CEED exam
When to start
General Awareness ???
Interview . . . ?
Portfolio . . . ? ?
Save all your
designs &
creative works
>> Gives you bunch of Ideas <<
Design thinking &
Creative Idea generation

>> Start Parallel preparation
Thumb rules
The current design why it is so ?
Problems with existing design
What changes can be made ?
Any new-alternate ideas ?
Alternate uses ?
What can be included in the design ?
Any drawbacks of the new design ?
1. Make a note
2. Put your thoughts in paper
3. Simple rough sketches
Design analysis for everyday objects
Everyday do
What not to be done
Sharing with
Facebook groups
Understand ..
by ..
Learn from the mistakes of
1. Self
2. Others
My sketching work is average . . .
. . . Can I clear CEED Exam ???
> There is no zero sketching level !
>> Practice with passion towards Design
1. Practice initially simple sketching
2. Give last preference to shading
3. Skip GA from the beginning
4. Improve your Creativity
5. Practice geometrical aptitude exercises
6. Everyday - observe and analyze for
7. Assume/Create problems
8. Evaluate alternate uses
9. Look everything in perceptive
10. Think crazily and do mistakes
11. Think like a child but act like an adult
12. Try to avoid similar mistakes day-by-day
13. Analyze others works
14. Practice everyday design and creative
15. Skip portfolio and interview preparations
until exam
Get more . . . . .
1. Resources
2. Suggestions tips
3. Solutions to CEED papers
4. M.Des, Design streams overview
5. Design mistakes
6. Creativity development
7. Ideas !