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Ground engineering 7
Highway engineering 13
Intelligent transport systems 23
Sustainability 25
Road user safety 26
Trafc and the environment 35
Trafc and transport planning 40
Trafc engineering 50
Vehicle engineering 55
Current Topics in Transport 59
Transport planning and the environment 59
Electronics and communications in transport 59
Civil engineering 60
Transport safety 60
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Current series
Insight Reports (2009 ) INS
This new series provides authoritative overviews of current
transport topics, presenting the experience and expertise of
TRL Reports (1995 ) TRL
This is the current series carrying reports of TRLs research
work. It was formed from the renamed Project Report series,
and began at TRL121.
Road Notes (2002 ) RN
Road Notes are practical guidance documents, prepared by
TRL with input from industry.
Published Project Reports (2004 ) PPR
Published Project Reports are written primarily for the
customer rather than for a general audience and are
published with the customers approval.
Current Topics in Transport CT
This series provides abstracts of recent research on topics of
current interest to transport researchers.
TRF Fellowship Lectures (2001 ) TRF/MISC
This series consists of lectures given by Fellows of the
Transport Research Foundation who are eminent individuals in
transport and transport research.
Leaets LF
Leaets are occasional, single-sheet, free publications, which
provide brief results of certain TRL projects.
Application Guides (1984 ) AG
These guides have been published at irregular intervals since
1984, and usually take the form of a guide to the application
of a particular process or computer progam.
Annual Research Reviews ARR
Annual Research Reviews present a summary of each years
activities and achievements.
Former series
Project Reports (19931995) PR
After Project Report PR120, this series was renamed the TRL
Report series.
Viridis Reports (20022005) VR
A series of reports on sustainability topics.
Research Reports (19851993) RR
This series is now closed.
Contractor Reports (19851993) CR
This series is now closed.
Laboratory Reports (19661985) LR
This series reports TRLs research work between 1966
and 1985. Only selected titles have been included in the
appropriate subject sections.
Supplementary Reports (19731985) SR
This series reports TRLs research work between 1973
and 1985. Only selected titles have been included in the
appropriate subject sections.
This section covers: design, construction, maintenance and
repair of bridges; bridge loading, testing and assessment,
durability of bridge structures, corrosion of reinforcement,
expansion joints, bridge deck waterproong.
TRL Reports (1995 )
TRL124 Long-term monitoring of a reinforced earth bridge
abutment at Carmarthen: 1984 to 1994, KC Brady,
DA Barratt, W McMahon
TRL146 Cyclic loading of sand behind integral bridge
abutments, SM Springman, ARM Norrish, CWW Ng
TRL165 Measurement of thermal cyclic movements on two
portal frame bridges on the M1, P Darley, G Alderman
TRL178 Seasonal thermal effects on the shallow abutment of an
integral bridge in Glasgow, P Darley, DR Carder,
GH Alderman
TRL204 A guide to repair and strengthening of masonry arch
bridges, J Page
TRL236 Improving the performance of bridge expansion joints:
Bridge Deck Expansion Joint Working Group Final
Report, CP Barnard (Ch), JR Cuninghame
TRL251 Traffic data for highway bridge loading, NJ Ricketts,
J Page
TRL283 The durability of bonded steel plates for strengthening
concrete highway bridges a 20-year trial, AJJ Calder
TRL344 Seasonal thermal effects over three years on the shallow
abutment of an integral bridge in Glasgow, P Darley,
DR Carder, KJ Barker
TRL391 Design of bridge with external prestressing: design
example, A Daly, P Jackson
TRL392 Design of bridges with external prestressing:
construction and testing of a model bridge,
RJ Woodward, AF Daly
TRL404 Reinforced earth bridge abutment at M8 motorway:
four years of monitoring, MG Winter
TRL433 Performance under cyclic loading of the foundations of
integral bridges, DR Carder, JP Hayes
TRL521 Performance of an integral bridge over the M1-A1 link
road at Branham Crossroads, KJ Barker, DR Carder
TRL528 Background to the development of BD 49/01: design
rules for aerodynamic effects on bridges, BW Smith,
TA Wyatt, DK Mackenzie, MV Huband, AF Daly
TRL530 Wind tunnel tests on plate girder bridges, AF Daly,
BW Smith
TRL546 Intelligent monitoring of jack arch structures, KC Brady,
J Kavanagh
TRL552 Suitability testing of materials to absorb lateral stresses
behind integral bridge abutments, P Darley, KJ Barker,
DR Carder
TRL553 Specification for suitability testing of stress-absorbing
materials behind integral bridge abutments, DR Carder,
P Darley, DI Bush
TRL554 Corrosion protection of external tendons in post-
tensioned concrete bridges, RJ Woodward,
NE Anderson
TRL655 Asphalt surfacing to bridge decks, JC Nicholls,
RW Jordan, KE Hassan
Published Project Reports (2004 )
PPR053 Strengthening of concrete structures using near surface
mounted FRP reinforcement, AF Daly, J Shave, S Denton
PPR136 Survey of impregnated structures, A Calder, N Anderson,
M McKenzie
PPR154 Application of bridge deck waterproofing to concrete
aged from 3 to 28 days, AJJ Calder, MG Evans, RW Jordan
PPR180 Performance of stress absorbing layers behind the
abutments of Mount Pleasant Flyover, KJ Barker, DR Carder
PPR197 High-tech remote monitoring for the management of
highway structures, A Daly, GRA Watts
PPR215 The effectiveness of sub-standard shear reinforcement
in bridge decks, AF Daly
PPR221 The performance of surfacing overlaying bridge deck
waterproofing systems, RW Jordan, K Nesnas, MG Evans
PPR255 Automated inspection of highway structures Stage 2,
S McRobbie, R Lodge, A Wright
PPR338 Automated inspection of highway structures, S McRobbie
PPR362 Performance of impregnants, AJJ Calder, M McKenzie
PPR376 Bridge deck waterproofing: non-U4 concrete finishes,
AJJ Calder, RW Jordan, VE Scorey, SM Powell
PPR412 Automated inspection of highway structures 2008
2009, SG McRobbie
Application Guides (1984)
AG43 Repair of concrete in highway bridges: a practical guide,
S Pearson, RG Patel
Annual Research Reviews
ARR2004 Annual Research Review 2004
ARR2005 Annual Research Review 2005
ARR2006 Annual Research Review 2006
ARR2007 Annual Research Review 2007
ARR2008 Annual Research Review 2008
ARR2009 Annual Research Review 2009
Project Reports (19931995)
PR120 Assessment of substructures and over-conservatism in
design, GB Card, P Darley
Research Reports (19851993)
RR75 Safety fences and bridge parapets TRRL papers for the
1986 TRB annual meeting, IB Laker (Ed)
RR78 Corrosion of reinforcement: an assessment of 12
concrete bridges after 50 years service, PR Vassie
RR83 Enclosure an alternative to bridge painting, RR Bishop
RR93 The chloride concentration and resistivity of eight
reinforced concrete bridge decks after 50 years service,
PR Vassie
RR109 Durability of concrete repairs: the effect of steel
cleaning procedures, PR Vassie
RR110 Load tests to collapse on two arch bridges at Preston,
Shropshire and Prestwood, Staffordshire, J Page
RR124 A mechanism program for computing the strength of
masonry arch bridges, MA Crisfield, AJ Packham
RR128 Performance of a reinforced earth bridge abutment at
Stirling, RA Snowdon, ML Athorn, C McCaul
RR129 Exposure tests on externally reinforced concrete beams
performance after 10 years, AJJ Calder
RR150 Repair of cracked reinforced concrete: assessment of
corrosion protection, AJJ Calder, DM Thompson
RR159 Load tests to collapse on two arch bridges at Torksey
and Shinafoot, J Page
RR185 A field trial of waterproofing systems for concrete
bridge decks, AR Price
RR191 Exposure tests on 3.5 m externally reinforced concrete
beams the first eight years, AJJ Calder
RR198 Tests on a half-scale prestressed-beam and slab bridge
deck, KH Withey
RR201 Load tests to collapse on two arch bridges at
Strathmashie and Barlae, J Page
RR217 No-tension finite-element and mechanism analyses of a
half-scale beam-and-slab bridge deck, J Wills, MA Crisfield
RR218 Numerical analysis of a half-scale prestressed-beam and
slab bridge deck, J Wills, MA Crisfield, JT Cheung
RR233 The corrosion of weathering steel under real and
simulated bridge decks, M McKenzie
RR248 Laboratory tests on waterproofing systems for concrete
bridge decks, AR Price
RR250 Non destructive testing methods for concrete bridges,
RJ Woodward
RR254 The behaviour of permanent formwork, C Beales, DA Ives
RR255 Measurements of prestress and load tests to failure on
segmental concrete beams, RJ Woodward
RR259 Fatigue classification of welded joints in orthotropic
steel bridge decks, JR Cuninghame
RR276 Assessment of trough to crossbeam connections in
orthotropic steel bridge decks, C Beales
RR293 Corrosion protection: the environment created by
bridge enclosure, M McKenzie
RR299 Characterisation of rubber vulcanizates for bridge
bearings, R Eyre, A Stevenson
RR309 Assessment implications from tests on a model
concrete beam and slab bridge, AF Daly, DW Cullington
RR310 Load test on a jack arch bridge with cast iron girders,
AF Daly, SJ Raggett
RR317 Waterproofing of concrete bridge decks: site practice
and failures, AR Price
RR327 Shear strength of some 30-year-old prestressed beams
without links, DW Cullington, SJ Raggett
RR328 Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete:
effectiveness on initially uncorroded steel, M McKenzie
RR345 Surface treatments for concrete highway bridges,
DM Thompson, MB Leeming
RR351 Finite element analysis of a half-scale composite steel
and concrete bridge deck, J Wills, JT Cheung
RR383 The assessment of filler beam bridge decks without
transverse reinforcement, AMCC Low, NJ Ricketts
Contractor Reports (19851993)
CR256 A re-appraisal of certain aspects of the design rules for
bridge aerodynamics, Flint and Neill Partnership
Laboratory Reports (19661985)
LR34 Human tolerance levels for bridge vibrations, DR Leonard
LR59 Model tests with two forms of bridge lighting, AE Walker,
J Northrop
LR101 Low friction sliding surfaces for bridge bearings: PTFE
weave, ME Taylor
LR175 Forces due to trafficloads on the shear connectors of
simply supported composite bridges, JS Teraszkiewicz
LR189 Developments in the measurement of stress and strain
in concrete bridge structures, RG Tyler
LR228 Bridge temperatures and movements in the British Isles,
M Emerson
LR234 The thermal behaviour of the Beachley Viaduct/Wye
Bridge, MWR Capps
LR252 A traffic loading and its use in the fatigue life
assessment of highway bridges, DR Leonard
LR270 Horizontal forces on bridge expansion joints due to
vehicles, W Black, DS Moss
LR271 A method of laying low voltage heating elements in a
bridge surfacing, PJ Williamson
LR281 Bridge parapet tests carried out in collaboration with
the British Aluminium Company, VJ Jehu, IB Laker, C Blamey
LR321 The analysis of curved multi-span orthotropic bridge
decks, PC Das
LR322 Experimental techniques for determining support
reactions in models of beams and slabs, GE Smith
LR491 PTFE in highway bridge bearings, ME Taylor
LR492 Bridge parapet tests carried out in collaboration with
the British Steel Corporation, C Blamey
LR493 Multi-cell bridge decks model tests and theoretical
analysis, PC Das, MA Crisfield
LR532 A method of measuring the horizontal forces generated
by bridge bearings, ME Taylor
LR539 Long-term strains in the Medway Bridge, RG Tyler
LR547 Effects of rate of loading on flexural strength and
fatigue performance of concrete, JW Galloway, KD Raithby
LR550 Characterisation of bridge locations by corrosion and
environmental measurements first-year results,
JS Hutchins, M McKenzie
LR555 A mathematical optimization procedure and its
application to the design of bridge structures, J Wills
LR561 The calculation of the distribution of temperature in
bridges, M Emerson
LR564 Long-term strains in a support cantilever of the
ChiswickBoston Manor Viaduct M4, RG Tyler
LR583 Full-scale trials of paint system for steel highway bridges,
RR Bishop
LR587 Temperature spectra recorded in surfacings on steel
bridge decks, H Howells
LR593 Large-deflection elasto-plastic buckling analysis of
plates using finite elements, MA Crisfield
LR599 Estimation of wind speed and air temperature for the
design of bridges, JS Hay
LR613 Wind forces on bridges drag and lift coefficients, JS Hay
LR627 Trials of experimental orthotropic bridge deck panels
under traffic loading, DE Nunn, SAH Morris
LR629 An investigation into the fatigue of welds in an
experimental orthotropic bridge deck panel, DE Nunn
LR636 Waterproofing concrete bridge decks: materials and
methods, MD Macdonald
LR641 The instrumentation of bridges for the measurement of
temperature and movement, JD Mortlock
LR654 Dynamic tests on highway bridges test procedures
and equipment, DR Leonard
LR658 On an approximate yield criterion for thin steel shells,
MA Crisfield
LR702 Bridge temperatures calculated by a computer
program, MR Jones
LR706 The TRRL East African Flood Model, D Fiddes
LR707 A strain monitoring system for determining forces on
falsework, AR Price
LR708 Abnormal and eccentric forces on elastomeric bridge
bearings, AR Price
LR725 Large-deflection elasto-plastic buckling analysis of
eccentrically stiffened plates using finite elements,
MA Crisfield
LR744 Extreme values of bridge temperatures for design
purposes, M Emerson
LR748 Bridge temperatures derived from measurement of
movement, W Black, M Emerson
LR760 Calculated deck plate temperatures for a steel box
bridge, MR Jones
LR765 Temperature differences in bridges: basis of design
requirements, M Emerson
LR783 Temperatures in bridges during the hot summer of
1976, M Emerson
LR802 Static and repetitive loading tests on full-scale
prestressed concrete bridge beams, CAK Irwin
LR804 Static and repeated loading tests on lightweight
prestressed concrete bridge beams, H Howells, KD Raithby
LR824 Loading tests on the stiffened diaphragms of a
trapezoidal steel box girder, CAK Irwin, JA Loe
LR839 A reappraisal of ambient conditions satisfactory for site
painting of steel bridges, RR Bishop, MA Winnett
LR852 Geometric imperfections in in-situ concrete highway
bridges, BO Hall, SJ Berrisford, AM Thomas
LR857 The corrosion performance of weathering steel in
highway bridges, M McKenzie
LR884 Containment of heavy vehicles by bridge parapets of
post and rail type, VJ Jehu, LC Pearson
LR915 The influence of chlorides on the alkalinity of concrete,
PR Vassie
LR919 Ivanovs yield criterion for thin plates and shells using
finite elements, MA Crisfield
LR926 Temperatures in bridges during the cold winter of
19781979, M Emerson
LR960 Extending the bridge maintenance painting season,
MA Winnett
LR970 The Kenyan low cost modular timber bridge, JD Parry
LR980 Conditions within ducts in post-tensioned prestressed
concrete bridges, RJ Woodward
LR981 Case studies of the corrosion of reinforcement in
concrete structures, RJ Woodward
LR1032 Loading tests on highway bridges: a review,
DM Thompson
LR1066 Steel bridge decks: fatigue performance of joints
between longitudinal stiffeners, JR Cuninghame
LR1071 The performance of nosing type bridge deck expansion
joints, AR Price
LR1104 The performance in service of bridge deck expansion
joints, AR Price
LR1115 A finite element computer program for the analysis of
masonry arches, MA Crisfield
Supplementary Reports (19731985)
SR44 uc Derivation of stress spectra from measurements on
orthotropic bridge decks during normal trafficking,
SAH Morris, H Howells
SR53 uc Stresses under wheel loading in steel orthotropic
decks with trapezoidal stiffener, DE Nunn, JR Cuninghame
SR57 uc A recorder to determine surface crack propagation in
material testing, HM Harding
SR59 Stresses under wheel loading in a steel orthotropic deck
with v-stiffeners, DE Nunn, JR Cuninghame
SR96 uc The fatigue behaviour of trapezoidal stiffener to deck
plate welds in orthotropic bridge decks, SJ Maddox
SR135 A comparative study of highway bridge loadings in
different countries, PK Thomas
SR495 Bridge temperatures in the Arabian Gulf: theoretical
predictions, M Emerson
SR542 An introduction to some current theories on the
aerodynamic behaviour of bridges, JS Hay
SR559 Pretensioning and thermal strains measured in a
concrete composite bridge, WPM Black
SR596 A review of traffic loads and stresses in steel bridges,
GP Tilly, J Page
SR597 Measurement of traffic loads and stresses in three steel
bridges, J Page
SR598 Some analyses of traffic data for three steel bridges,
J Page, GP Tilly
SR611 Steel box bridge temperatures in Australia and the
United Kingdom, M Emerson
SR612 External strengthening of concrete bridges with
bonded steel plates, KD Raithby
SR621 An alternative to bridge painting, RR Bishop, MA Winnett
SR622 Axial fatigue of high-yield reinforcing bars in air, DS Moss
SR667 Epoxy coated reinforcement in bridge decks, J Wills
SR668 The grouting of five prestressed concrete bridges
during construction, RJ Woodward
SR677 Monitoring of weathering steel structures the
induction ultrasonic thickness tester, M McKenzie
SR740 The service performance of fifty buried-type bridge
expansion joints, AR Price
SR788 The lightweight aggregate concrete bridge at
Redesdale, GE Higgins, JA Loe, H Howells
SR794 High speed profilometer measurements on the
Humber Bridge, DRC Cooper
SR812 Removal and testing of elastomeric bridge bearings,
AR Price, MA Fenn
SR824 Vibration analysis of frame and cable-stayed footbridges
by VAFCAF, JT Cheung
PA-INF-4496-05 Comparison of bridge management practice in
England and France, B Mahut, RJ Woodward
This section covers: design and construction of embankments,
retaining walls and tunnels; ground investigation; anchored
earth and soil nailing; drainage; use of geotextiles, geogrids.
Insight Reports (2009 )
INS001 Improving the stability of slopes using a spaced piling
technique, DR Carder
TRL Reports (1995 )
TRL128 Doubly-propped embedded retaining walls in clay,
DJ Richards, W Powrie
TRL129 An economic and technical appraisal of geosynthetic
soil nails, R Woods, KC Brady
TRL131 A literature and design review of crib wall systems,
GGT Masterton, AJ Mair, KC Brady, MJ Greene
TRL132 Long-term performance of an anchored earth wall at
Otley: 1984 to 1994, KC Brady, DA Barratt, MI Jafar
TRL144 Design of reinforcement in piles, JP Tyson
TRL152 Earth pressures against an experimental retaining wall
backfilled with Lias Clay, AH Brookes, DR Carder, P Darley
TRL172 Ground movements caused by different embedded
retaining wall construction techniques, DR Carder
TRL187 Behaviour of the diaphragm walls of a cut-and-cover
tunnel constructed in boulder clay at Finchley,
AH Brookes, DR Carder
TRL188 Behaviour during construction of a propped secant pile
wall in stiff clay at Hackney to M11 link, SN Bennett,
DR Carder, MD Ryley
TRL192 Sources of information for site investigations in Britain
(revision of TRL Laboratory Report LR403), J Perry, G West
TRL206 In situ states of compaction of structural backfill,
DP Steele, RA Snowdon
TRL209 Field evaluation of the TRL load cell pressuremeter,
P Darley, DR Carder, MD Ryley, PG Hawkins
TRL213 The effectiveness of berms and raked props as
temporary support to retaining walls, DR Carder,
SN Bennett
TRL228 Movement trigger limits when applying the
Observational Method to embedded retaining wall
construction on highway schemes, GB Card, DR Carder
TRL239 Behaviour during construction of a propped diaphragm
wall founded in London Clay at Aldershot Road
underpass, DR Carder, DJ Press, CH Morley, GH Alderman
TRL242 Reduction of lateral forces in retaining walls by
controlled yielding, RT Murray, DM Farrar
TRL244 Behaviour of a cantilever contiguous bored pile wall in
boulder clay at Finchley, AH Brookes, DR Carder
TRL246 Lateral loading of piled foundations at Wiggenhall Road
overbridge (A47), P Darley, DR Carder, MD Ryley
TRL248 Stabilised sub-bases in road foundations: structural
assessment and benefits, BCJ Chaddock, VM Atkinson
TRL280 Ground classification systems in tunnel construction,
GI Crabb
TRL290 Innovative structural backfills to integral bridge
abutments, DR Carder, GB Card
TRL305 Review of lime piles and lime-stabilised soil columns,
G West, DR Carder
TRL306 Laboratory trial mixes for lime-stabilised soil columns
and lime piles, AH Brookes, G West, DR Carder
TRL308 The determination of the acceptability of selected
fragmenting materials for earthworks compaction,
MG Winter
TRL319 The creep of geosynthetics, GRA Watts, KC Brady, MJ Greene
TRL320 A comparison of embedded and conventional retaining
wall design using Eurocode 7 and existing UK design
methods, D Carder
TRL328 Consultation document on suitability tests for stress
absorbing layers behind integral bridge abutments,
P Darley, DR Carder
TRL373 The use of soil nails for the construction and repair of
retaining walls, PE Johnson, GB Card
TRL379 Performance during construction of a cut-and-cover
tunnel founded in London Clay at Edmonton, DR Carder,
KJ Barker, MR Easton
TRL380 Case history studies of soil berms used as temporary
support to embedded retaining walls, MR Eaton, P Darley
TRL381 The long-term performance of embedded retaining
walls, DR Carder, P Darley
TRL387 A centrifuge and analytical study of stabilising base
retaining walls, M Daly, W Powrie
TRL398 Design guidance on soil berms as temporary support
for embedded retaining walls, MR Easton, DR Carder,
P Darley
TRL406 A review of the durability of soil reinforcements,
MJ Greene, KC Brady
TRL424 Detailed chemical analysis of lime stabilised materials,
JD McKinley, H Thomas, K Williams, JM Reid
TRL427 Field evaluation of the TRL load cell pressuremeter in
Gault Clay, P Darley, DR Carder, DP Steele
TRL428 The use of ground penetrating radar in the investigation
of masonry retaining walls, J Kavanagh, KH Bowers,
KC Brady
TRL429 Groundborne vibration caused by mechanised
construction works, DM Hiller, GI Crabb
TRL430 A whole life cost model for earthworks slopes, JM Reid,
GT Clark
TRL436 Performance of the two integral bridges forming the
A62 Manchester Road Overbridge, KJ Barker, DR Carder
TRL438 Performance of the hard-soft piling system at A12
Hackney to M11 Link Road, DR Carder, DP Steele
TRL446 Behaviour during construction of a stabilised base
embedded wall at Coventry, T Hayward, DR Carder,
W Powrie, DJ Richards, KJ Barker
TRL447 Sulfate specification for structural backfills, JM Reid,
MA Czerewko, JC Cripps
TRL448 Value management for tunnel procedures, S Bird,
JE Potter, DM Hiller, KH Bowers
TRL449 Value engineering of tunnel equipment, A Evans, S Bird,
KH Bowers, GI Crabb, RH Harse
TRL451 The effects of age on cement stabilised/solidified
contaminated materials, MJ Board, JM Reid, DSJ Fox, DI Grant
TRL454 Drainage of earthwork slopes: a review, DM Farrar,
KC Brady
TRL463 Long-term performance of an anchored diaphragm
wall embedded in stiff clay, J Kavanagh, KC Brady
TRL466 A review of the use of spaced piles to stabilise
embankment and cutting slopes, DR Carder, J Temporal
TRL471 Centrifuge modelling of a cutting slope stabilised by
discrete piles, T Hayward, A Lees, W Powrie, DJ Richards,
J Smethurst
TRL476 Use of London Clay backfill against the walls of
Chestfield Tunnel, P Darley, KJ Barker
TRL483 Review of drainage behind retaining walls, G West
TRL484 Application of soil acceptability forecasts, MG Winter
TRL493 Analysis of performance of spaced piles to stabilise
embankment and cutting slopes, DR Carder, MR Easton
TRL505 Swell test requirements for lime stabilised materials,
DJ MacNeil, DP Steele
TRL506 Establishment of vegetation for slope stability,
CA Marriott, K Hood, JR Crabtree, DJ MacNeil
TRL508 A review of the use of live willow poles for stabilising
highway slopes, DM Hiller, DJ MacNeil
TRL514 Lime pile remediation of a Gault Clay embankment
slope on the M1, DR Carder, KJ Barker, MR Easton
TRL515 Vegetation for slope stability, DJ MacNeil, DP Steele,
W McMahon, DR Carder
TRL517 Compendium of selected research in ground
engineering, JD Lewis
TRL519 Specification of pulverised-fuel ash for use as general fill,
M Winter, BG Clarke
TRL533 Guidance on the structural use of plastic sheet piling in
highway applications, DR Carder, P Darley, KJ Barker
TRL537 Soil nailing for slopes, PE Johnson, GB Card, P Darley
TRL550 Analysis of the stability of masonry-faced earth retaining
walls, KC Brady, J Kavanagh
TRL555 Field measurement of pore water pressures, A Ridley,
KC Brady, PR Vaughan
TRL565 The response of a reinforced soil wall to differential
movement, KC Brady, MJ Greene, DI Bush
TRL627 The performance of a single row of spaced bored piles
to stabilise a Gault Clay slope on the M25, C Gatchalian,
A Barkawi, DR Carder, KJ Barker
TRL632 Design guidance on the use of a row of spaced piles to
stabilise clay highway slopes, DR Carder
Published Project Reports (2004 )
PPR024 Review of flooding incidents on the HA Network in
Autumn 2000 Stage 2, AJ Todd
PPR082 A study of water movement in road pavements, JM Reid,
GI Crabb, J Temporal, M Clark
PPR130 Post-incident recovery in highway tunnels achieving
best practice, S Bird, JE Potter, J Gillard
PPR140 Ventilation during road tunnel emergencies, RC Hall
PPR169 Pollutant removal ability of grassed surface water
channels and swales: literature review and identification
of potential monitoring sites, M Escarameia, AJ Todd,
GRA Watts
PPR340 Thermal imaging of slopes and substructures, DR Carder,
A Dunford
PPR341 Drainage of earthworks slopes, DR Carder, GRA Watts,
L Campton, S Motley
PPR406 Use of intelligent compaction technology, DR Carder,
BCJ Chaddock, L Campton (Halcrow Group Ltd)
TRF Fellowship Lectures (2001 )
MISC12 Prefabrication: the natural construction process,
Dr H Taylor
Annual Research Reviews
ARR2004 Annual Research Review 2004
ARR2005 Annual Research Review 2005
ARR2006 Annual Research Review 2006
ARR2007 Annual Research Review 2007
ARR2008 Annual Research Review 2008
ARR2009 Annual Research Review 2009
Research Reports (19851993)
RR62 An anchored earth retaining wall on the Otley Bypass:
construction and early performance, RA Snowdon,
P Darley, DA Barrett
RR97 An evaluation of unburnt colliery shale as fill for
reinforced earth structures, G West, MP OReilly
RR99 Behaviour of a temporary anchored sheet pile wall on
A1(M) at Hatfield, IF Symons, JA Little, TA McNulty, DR Carder,
SGO Williams
RR111 Performance of a reinforced earth bridge abutment at
Carmarthen, KC Brady
RR113 Influence of wall yielding on lateral stresses in
unreinforced and reinforced fills, A McGown, RT Murray,
KZ Andrawes
RR116 A parametric study of the stability of embedded
cantilever retaining walls, IF Symons, H Kotera
RR130 Pilot-scale studies of the trafficability of soil by
earthmoving vehicles, AW Parsons, AF Toombs
RR141 Loading tests on two long span corrugated steel
culverts, J Temporal, PE Johnson
RR172 Analysis of defects in 180km of pipe sewers in Southern
Water Authority, MP OReilly, RB Rosbrook, GC Cox,
A McCloskey
RR179 Field study of filter drains at Swanley, Kent, DM Farrar,
HR Samuel
RR181 Trial and construction induced blasting vibration at the
Penmaenbach road tunnel, BM New
RR192 Earth pressures against an experimental retaining wall
backfilled with heavy clay, IF Symons, CRI Clayton, P Darley
RR199 A survey of slope condition on motorway earthworks in
England and Wales, J Perry
RR208 The compaction of soil using lightweight vibrating
plate compactors, AF Toombs
RR209 The effect of pavement layers on the behaviour of
corrugated steel culverts, PE Johnson, J Temporal, GRA Watts
RR212 A survey of the condition of 19 m of highway drains,
MP OReilly, G Brennan
RR251 The compressibility of a crushed limestone backfill,
KC Brady, G Kirk
RR257 Determining the age of failure of motorway earthworks
from aerial survey photographs, RD Andrews
RR260 Performance of an experimental reinforced earth
structure using soft chalk backfills, KC Brady, DA Barratt,
R Cater
RR261 The effect of vibration on the pull-out resistance of
reinforcements in soil, KC Brady, GRA Watts, BM New
RR273 Long-term performance of a propped retaining wall
embedded in stiff clay, DR Carder, IF Symons
RR288 Behaviour of an embedded retaining wall on the A6
Chapel-en-le-Frith Bypass, P Darley, IF Symons, DR Carder
RR300 Analysis of the performance of dead-weight rollers
compacting soil, MP OReilly
RR302 Observations of slope drainage at Romford, Essex,
DM Farrar
RR313 Long-term performance of an anchored diaphragm
wall embedded in stiff clay, IG Carswell, DR Carder,
IF Symons
RR316 Analyses of the performance of vibrating and impacting
compaction plant, MP OReilly
RR324 Horizontal stresses on flexible walls, RT Murray
RR331 Behaviour during construction of a propped diaphragm
wall in stiff clay at the A406/A10 junction, DR Carder,
MD Ryley, IF Symons
RR359 Design of embedded retaining walls in stiff clays,
IF Symons
RR360 The design, construction and performance of an
anchored earth wall at Annan, KC Brady, GRA Watts,
DA Barratt
RR361 Compaction monitoring devices for earthworks,
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This section covers: design, construction and maintenance of
bituminous and concrete pavements; specications, whole
life costing; use of rolled asphalt, porous asphalt, recycled
aggregates; surface texture, monitoring of pavement condition;
footway design and construction; reinstatement, trenching.
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government accounts principles, SJ Reeves
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construction and maintenance of road pavements held
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LR834 and LR835), PJ Norman, RA Snowdon, JC Jacobs
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This section covers: incident detection, motorway tolling,
route guidance, variable message signs. Applications of ITS
may also be found in Trafc Engineering.
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This section covers sustainable transport, energy use, resource
management and sustainable construction.
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This section covers: accident prevention; causes and costs of
accidents; driver and road user behaviour; driver training and
testing; road safety education; elderly and disabled drivers;
pedestrian, cyclist and motorcyclist behaviour.
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This section covers: air pollution, emissions, HGV damage, fuel consumption,
alternative fuels, vehicle spray, vehicle noise, road surface noise, noise barriers,
traffic vibration damage to buildings, community severance studies.
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MISC5 Guidance for safer temporary traffic management
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This section covers: trafc policy, trafc modelling, trafc
growth, trafc surveys, private funding, legislation, trip
generation, parking, public transport, freight transport,
transport for special groups (disabled, elderly).
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This section covers: trafc signal control, TRANSYT and SCOOT,
urban safety management, trafc calming, speed limits,
carriageway/ lane design, roadworks layout and signing.
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This section covers vehicle design and safety, impact testing, occupant
protection, crashworthiness, airbags and seatbelts, steering wheel design,
braking design, front under-run protection, motorcyclist leg and head
protection, safety barrier design.
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MISC8 The safety of wheelchair occupants in road passenger
vehicles, M Le Claire, C Visvikis, C Oakley, T Savill, M Edwards,
R Cakebread
Annual Research Reviews
ARR2004 Annual Research Review 2004
ARR2005 Annual Research Review 2005
ARR2006 Annual Research Review 2006
ARR2007 Annual Research Review 2007
ARR2008 Annual Research Review 2008
ARR2009 Annual Research Review 2009
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Child restraint Systems) Phase 1 final report,
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LR380 Types of vehicles which have excessive axle loads,
JW Grainger
LR387 Collision tests with breakaway street lighting columns
fitted with a suspension cable, HJ Hignett, AE Walker
LR391 Portable wheel-weighing unit and data recorder,
FP Potocki
LR440 Drivers eye position relative to the H point for trucks
and buses, HP Ruffell Smith
LR449 The condition of tyres in use on cars 1969/70, RW Lowne
LR450 Equipment for determining the time taken to read a
speedometer, JS Armour
LR464 Articulated vehicle roll: effect of inverting the coupling,
KE Holmes
LR474 Field trials of load sensing valves fitted to brake system
of articulated vehicles, HA Wilkins
LR478 Development of a program for the axle-load survey
recorder (ALSER), CJD Lane, JG Dennis
LR481 Towards safer road vehicles. a conference held at
Transport and Road Research Laboratory Crowthorne,
28 January 1972 in collaboration with the Society of
Motor Manufacturers and Traders
LR482 Vehicle impact tests on a Christiani and Nielsen bridge
parapet, VJ Jehu, GR Taylor
LR485 Vehicle impact tests on reinforced concrete bridge
parapets, VJ Jehu, IB Laker
LR494 An assessment of the Ferguson four-wheel drive and
anti-lock braking system. Part 1 Some quantitative
tests, RN Kemp
LR495 Vehicle impact tests on frangible and yielding post
designs of bridge parapets, VJ Jehu
LR500 The manoeuvrability and braking performance of small-
wheeled bicycles when ridden by children, GD Lewis
LR502 Vehicle impact tests on the tensioned-beam and open
box crash barriers, VJ Jehu, LC Pearson
LR503 Theoretical investigation and experimental
measurements of trailer swing of articulated vehicles,
BP Chinn, ID Neilson
LR517 Non-contact suspension systems as alternatives to the
wheel, J Porter
LR544 The wet road grip of lorry tyres: a comparison of three
types, T Williams, JK Meades, BS Riley
LR572 Axle load distribution on roads overseas: Abu Dhabi and
Qatar 19701971, CI Ellis, FP Potocki
LR575 The theoretical reconstruction of events leading to an
impact in a road accident, ID Neilson
LR580 Dynamic behaviour of a single axle vehicle suspension
system: a theoretical study, J Page
LR581 Dynamic behaviour of two linked-twin-axle lorry
suspension systems: a theoretical study, J Page
LR582 Loads and vibrations caused by eight commercial
vehicles with gross weights exceeding 32 tons
(32.5 Mg), DR Leonard, JW Grainger, R Eyre
LR585 Tyre failures on part of M5 motorway, RW Lowne
LR718 The trajectories of pedestrian dummies struck by cars of
conventional and modified frontal designs, VJ Jehu,
LC Pearson
LR722 Dynamic wheel load measurements on motorway
bridges, J Page
LR788 Articulated vehicle roll stability: methods of assessment
and effects of vehicle characteristics, RN Kemp, BP Chinn,
G Brock
LR801 Impacts of European cars and a passenger coach
against shaped concrete barriers, VJ Jehu, LC Pearson
LR803 Brake system defects in cars not involved in accidents,
RN Kemp
LR811 The effectiveness of seat belts in reducing injuries to car
occupants, CA Hobbs
LR880 Town beams for vehicles experience with an
automatic headlamp dimming system, JA Reid
LR882 The edge-locking performance of some seat belt inertia
reels, RW Lowne, AK Roberts, GR Watts
LR903 Vapour lock in car braking systems, J Keen
LR988 A steel safety fence with frangible base intermediate
posts, VJ Jehu, LC Pearson
LR998 Masking of brake lights by high-intensity rear lights in
fog, RD Helliar-Symons, A Irving
LR1058 Dykes Act lorry controls: their use and effects, AW Christie,
J Prudhoe, RS Hornzee
LR1079 The effects of rear seat passengers on front seat
occupants in frontal impacts, AK Roberts
LR1087 Static and dynamic tests of wheelchair restraints for use
in public service vehicles, SF Petty, AG Chatfield
LR1121 The performance of motorcycle disc brakes when wet,
GL Donne
LR1124 Injury probability for car occupants in frontal and side
impacts, CA Hobbs, PJ Mills
LR1137 The evaluation of aids to the daytime conspicuity of
motorcycles, GL Donne, EJ Fulton
Supplementary Reports (19731985)
SR115 uc Accident rates and handling characteristics of three-
wheeled cars compared with other cars, KE Holmes
This series provides abstracts of recent research on topics of
current interest to transport researchers. Only the most recent
issue of each topic is listed. For earlier issues, please contact
the TRL Library.
Transport planning and the
CT1.5 Traffic calming (20062008)
CT4.2 Bus deregulation (19951999)
CT5.5 Vehicle emissions and pollution (20082009)
CT6.5 Traffic signal control (20062008)
CT8.4 Congestion (20062007)
CT15.4 Planning for pedestrians and cyclists (20072009)
CT16.5 Land use and transport planning (20062009)
CT18.3 Privatisation in transport (20052008)
CT19.5 Bus priority measures (20052008)
CT20.3 Roads and the environment (20072009)
CT21.5 Noise and vibration from traffic (20082009)
CT22.4 Transport for the disabled and elderly (20042007)
CT23.3 Electric and hybrid vehicles (20042007)
CT24.5 High-speed rail (20052008)
CT25.7 Road pricing (20082009)
CT28.4 GIS in transport (20032005)
CT30.6 Parking systems technology (20072009)
CT31.6 Passenger information technology (20072009)
CT32.5 Video in traffic management (20072009)
CT50.2 Transport: pollution and health (20002004)
CT51.3 Shopping centres and transport (20042008)
CT52.4 Environmental impact assessment studies (20072009)
CT53.4 LRT and rapid transit systems (20072009)
CT54.4 Lorries and the environment (20052009)
CT55.3 Transport of hazardous goods (20052009)
CT56.3 Fuel consumption and alternative fuels (20052007)
CT57.3 Transport in developing countries public transport
CT59.6 Urban traffic control (20062008)
CT81.4 Sustainability in transport (20062008)
CT85.4 Traffic modelling (20092010)
CT88.3 Private funding of transport infrastructure (20052007)
CT90.4 Intermodal freight transport (20042007)
CT95.2 Traffic de/generation (20012005)
CT101.2 Road accident costs (20012006)
CT105.4 Soil mechanics settlement (20072009)
CT106.3 Transport policies in the EU (20032006)
CT108.3 Rail privatisation (20042008)
CT110.4 Journey to work (20082010)
CT111.2 Taxi and paratransit (20012005)
CT112.3 Car ownership (20072009)
CT113.2 Intermodal passenger transport (20002006)
CT114 Value of time (personal travel & freight transport)
CT115.1 Airport access (road/rail) (20012004)
CT116.2 Town centres and traffic management (20032007)
CT117.3 UK transport policy (20082010)
CT118.3 Transport in London (20072009)
CT120.4 Traffic monitoring and incident detection (20062008)
CT122.2 Junction and roundabout design (20032007)
CT123.2 Driver risk perception (20012005)
CT124 Rail transport operations (19951997)
CT126.2 Parking in urban areas (20052008)
CT127.2 Vehicle operating costs (20062010)
CT129 Aesthetics of transport structures (19911998)
CT131.3 Transport in developing countries: planning and
investment (20072010)
CT132.3 Integrated transport planning (20042007)
CT134.3 Freight transport logistics (20082009)
CT135.2 Transport demand and modal shift (20032007)
CT139.2 Local transport planning (20082009)
CT141.2 Junction delay and safety (20052008)
CT142.2 Car usage reduction methods (20032006)
CT143.2 Managed vehicle lanes (20032008)
CT144 Transport modelling (19942000)
CT147 Rural transport in developed countries (19982002)
CT149.1 Bus service improvement (20042008)
CT151.1 Transport and social inclusion (20082009)
CT157 Transport planning for exceptional events (20012006)
CT159 Transport and climate change (20042007)
Electronics and communications in
CT19.4 Bus priority measures (20022005)
CT25.6 Road pricing (20062007)
CT27.6 Transport telematics (20052007)
CT28.5 GIS in transport (20052007)
CT29.6 Electronic route guidance (20062008)
CT30.5 Parking systems technology (20052007)
CT31.5 Passenger information technology (20032006)
CT32.3 Video in traffic management (20012003)
CT58.6 Driver information systems (20072009)
CT59.6 Urban traffic control (20062008)
CT60. Vehicle location and identification (20062009)
CT61.5 Smart technology in transport (20082009)
CT64.5 Variable message signs (20062008)
CT96.4 Collision avoidance systems (20042007)
CT103.5 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) (20082010)
CT109.3 Vehicle communication and vehicle-highway
communication (20062008)
CT120.4 Traffic monitoring and incident detection (20062008)
CT146.3 Transport information and the internet (20072010)
CT148.1 Law enforcement and legal aspects of intelligent
transport systems (20022007)
CT150.2 Marketing and acceptance of intelligent transport
systems (20072010)
CT152.1 Intelligent transport systems and winter conditions
CT153 Railway signalling technology (20002004)
CT154.1 Intelligent transport systems and environment
protection (20042009)
CT155.1 ITS-driver interfaces (20042008)
CT162 Intelligent speed management (20062009)
Civil engineering
CT3.6 Bridge maintenance (20082009)
CT10.5 Low-cost roads (20062008)
CT13.2 Alkali-silica reaction in concrete (20002005)
CT34.5 Streetworks management and safety (20062009)
CT35.5 Winter maintenance (20062009)
CT36.4 Recycling of road materials (20042007)
CT37.5 Geotextiles in road engineering (20052008)
CT38.3 Bridge design and construction (20072008)
CT40.5 Bituminous road design and construction (20052007)
CT41.5 Concrete road design and construction (20072009)
CT65.5 Reinforced earth (20062009)
CT66.4 Steel corrosion in reinforced concrete (20082010)
CT67.4 Road surface noise (20052007)
CT68.4 Deterioration of road surfaces (20032007)
CT69.4 Embankments and earthworks: design and
construction (20062008)
CT70.4 Site investigation (20062009)
CT71.3 Design and construction of tunnels (20072009)
CT72.3 Tunnel lighting and ventilation (20032007)
CT75.5 Safety barriers (20052008)
CT82.5 Pavement management systems (20062008)
CT89.4 Aggregates in road construction (20062008)
CT92.4 Highway drainage and construction (20062009)
CT98.2 Amenity paving (including concrete block paving)
CT105.3 Soil mechanics / settlement studies (20042006)
CT119.2 Bituminous binders and mix design (20062008)
CT121.3 Non-destructive testing (20042007)
CT125.3 Fibre-reinforced concrete (20052008)
CT128.3 Bridge assessment and testing (20092010)
CT130.3 Rubber in pavements (20052010)
CT133.2 Transport in developing countries: road design and
construction (20022007)
CT136.3 Road surfacing treatments (20052008)
CT137.2 Transport in developing countries: bridges and tunnels
design and construction (20022007)
CT145.3 Sustainable development (20072009)
CT156.1 Multi-storey parking garages (20052010)
CT161 Carriageway marking (20062009)
Transport safety
CT2.5 Cycling safety (20072009)
CT9.5 Seat belts and in-car safety (20082009)
CT12.2 Road accidents weather and seasonal aspects
CT42.4 Alcohol, drugs and driving (20052007)
CT43.5 Accident prevention measures (20052008)
CT44.4 In-car safety: children (20042007)
CT45.5 Child safety on the road (20042007)
CT46.3 Accident black spots (20062010)
CT47.4 Pedestrian accident studies (20032006)
CT48.4 Crashworthiness: vehicle structure and safety
CT49.4 Motorcycle safety (20042007)
CT73.5 Airbag safety systems (20052009)
CT74.3 ABS braking systems (20012005)
CT75.5 Safety barriers (20052008)
CT76.4 Elderly drivers (20042007)
CT77.4 Driver training (20072010)
CT78.3 Road safety education (20042008)
CT79.3 Driver fatigue (20042007)
CT80.3 Driver behaviour (20042006)
CT83.3 Safety helmets (cycle and motorcycle) (20042008)
CT84.4 Speed and road accidents (20062008)
CT87.4 Bus and coach safety (20072010)
CT91.3 Causes of road traffic accidents (20062009)
CT93.3 Engine design (materials, fuel consumption and
emissions) (20072009)
CT94.3 Street lighting and vehicle lighting (20042007)
CT97.3 Injuries from traffic accidents (20082010)
CT99.3 Side impact vehicle protection (20052008)
CT100.3 Vehicle tyres: design and safety (20052007)
CT102.3 Rollover accident studies (20052008)
CT104.2 Vehicle design for disabled people (20002006)
CT107.4 Road safety publicity campaigns (20072010)
CT123.3 Driver risk perception (20052009)
CT138.3 Railway safety (20072009)
CT140.3 Highway safety auditing (20052009)
CT158.1 Transport terrorism and vandalism (20052008)
CT160 Accident statistics and modelling (20052008)
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Published by
New titles in 2010
ARR09 Annual Research Review 2009.
TRL674 Durability of thin asphalt surfacing systems. Part 4: Final report after nine years monitoring.
J C Nicholls, I Carswell, C Thomas and B Sexton.
RN43 Best practice guide for recycling into surface course. I Carswell, J C Nicholls, I Widyatmoko, J Harris and
R Taylor.
INS005 How can we produce safer new drivers? A review of the effects of experience, training and limiting
exposure on the collision risk of new drivers. S Helman, G B Grayson and A M Parkes.
INS006 A route to low-carbon mobility in developing countries. A Binsted and H Dalkmann.
INS007 Increasing the environmental sustainability of asphalt. J C Nicholls, I Carswell, M Wayman and J M Reid.
INS008 Car head restraint geometry. D Hynd and J A Carroll.
TRF003 The future for GB container terminals. Professor Michael G H Bell.
TRF004 25+ years of marketisation and institutional change: are we getting a better deal from transport?
Dr David Quarmby.
TRF005 Public or private? Meeting growing transport needs in an age of austerity. Professor Stephen Glaister.
PPR454 Development of a discussion-based intervention for learner drivers. B Lang, T Vandrevala and
J McWhirter.
PPR483 Re-valuation of home accidents. L K Walter.
PPR514 Sideguards on heavy goods vehicles: assessing the effects on pedal cyclists injured by trucks
overtaking or turning left. R Cookson and I Knight.
PPR517 Rear underrun protection for heavy goods vehicles: the potential effects of changes to the minimum
technical requirements. R Minton and T Robinson.
PPR524 Matching speed production in real and simulated driving environments. C Diels and A M Parkes.
CT12.3 Road safety weather and environmental aspects update (20062010).
CT27.7 Transport telematics update (20082010).
CT107.4 Road safety publicity campaigns update (20072010).
CT127.2 Vehicle operating costs update (20062010).
CT131.3 Transport in developing countries: planning and investment update (20072010).
CT150.2 Marketing and acceptance of intelligent transport systems update (20072010).
TRL publications catalogue 2011