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Position: Laboratory Technician I: LV Fill/Freeze Drying

Reports to: Production Supervisor(s)

Department: Production
Date Revised: May 2014
FLSA Status: Non-exempt (hourly)


The Laboratory Technician in the LV Fill/Freeze Drying Production department performs general
laboratory functions which include, but are not limited to the following tasks: batching and filling of
vaccines; monitoring and unloading freeze dryers; preparation for and clean up after all production
operations; and washing, wrapping and sterilizing glassware and equipment. The incumbent will perform
duties with some supervision.

Understands and practices good aseptic technique and biosecurity measures.
Is able to perform routine, repetitive tasks without guidance.
Performs duties according to established SOP's and company safety procedures.
Completes basic paperwork with minimal errors and follows proper review protocol.
Virus (live) production, including assistance with room and equipment preparation, setup,
prepping and cooking vials, mixing, sampling, filling and clean up.
Setup, load, unload and operate fill machines (manual and automatic), including shelf loading,
starting cycles, ending cycles, storage settings, cleaning, and troubleshooting alarms using
synoptic function. Assist with initial troubleshooting and problem solving.
Breakdown, cleaning and setup of automated fill machine.
Demonstrates basic understanding of freeze drying processes and theories. Able to report issues
or concerns to the Team Leader and/or Production Supervisor.
Operation of Batching Tank cycles, including Clean In Place (CIP) and Steam In Place (SIP)
Accurately records data and information regarding equipment function or production parameters
to support production processes, including production records, room/temp records and chart
recorders. Completes all necessary documentation for fills legibly and concurrently.
Clean up and Prep work includes, but is not limited to, the following: washing, wrapping and
sterilizing of glassware and laboratory equipment; loading/unloading autoclaves; washing
ceilings, walls, floors, furniture, fixtures and equipment; wrapping and traying of live virus vials.
Evening, early morning and weekend work will be required. Should live within 30 minutes of the
Winslow site.
Performs other duties as assigned.
Additional Duties may include:
Egg handling, which may include receiving, traying, candling, and disposal.
Virus (live and killed) production, including assistance with room and equipment preparation,
setup, inoculation, harvest, antigen processing, filling and clean up.
Job Description
Bacteriology assists in preparation of media and growth, harvest, processing, and inactivation
of antigen.
Tissue culture assists in preparation of lab, kitchen work, dispensing, and harvesting of antigen.
Emulsion assist in the preparation, cleaning, mixing, emulsifying of killed antigen formulations


High School Diploma or equivalent required. Associates Degree and previous exposure to aseptic
technique and/or biological sciences preferred. Sharp attention to detail and a strong ability to organize
work flow in order to meet deadlines are essential. The incumbent must be capable of problem solving
independently. Must have a strong work ethic, be flexible and demonstrate a willingness to adapt. Must
have mechanical skills and the initiative to troubleshoot and resolve mechanical issues. Must have
experience working with computers and be proficient in Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel. Must
be an effective member of a team and be able to follow written and oral instructions. Must possess
proven math skills as well as oral and written communication. Must exhibit patience and a resilient
positive attitude.

Note: All Lohmann Animal Health International job descriptions are guidelines to assist employees in awareness of
qualifications and performance expectations for their respective positions. It is not possible or desirable to commit
every detailed aspect of each job to a written description. Each employee is expected to continually improve their
knowledge and understanding of their job requirements and to use this information to increase insight as to the
scope for their responsibilities. Job descriptions alone cannot be used as an argument to refuse work assignments.

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