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quotes for essays on polity topics

It is the scared responsibility of every citizen, judge and lawyer to the country, that the
luster of judicial portals is not diminished, its pious reputation not tarnished and
thatjudiciary as the bulwark of freedom grows from strength to strength
Obstruction, opposition and cooperation are all legitimate parliamentary previleges-
Arun Jaitley
Constitution of india provides ample scope to accommodate any legitimate
demand through dialogue, civil discourse and peaceful negotiations-Manmohan
Democracy means the need to explain, the need to justify, the need to convince,
the need to get people on board, the need to compromise.-Jairam ramesh
Parliament is aorta of authority through which the sustaining blood of
government flows.
Parliament is an assembly of humans. It must have human virtues, vices and failures
Courts are transforming from being arbitrators of disputes into insititutions of
Constitution is an organic document that operates not in isolation, but in tune
with live realities of people

1. Suggested the need of a stringent anti defection law. It is also suggested that persons
elected by one party should not be allowed to change the party for 5 years. A person who
changes party can contest only after 5 years.

2. Anti defection law should be implemented from the municipality level and any elected
candidate who violates the same should attract disqualification automatically.

1. Power to be given to the Election Commission for deregistering political parties.

2. Submission of annual statement of expenditure duly audited by the Chartered
Accountants approved by the Election Commission and annual statement of expenditure
along with the audit observations should be published.
3. Violence, casteism and communalism should entail cancellation of registration of such
political parties.
4. Restrict multiplicity of political parties.
5. Suggested to put a curb on the regional parties as they have a debilitating and
destabilising effect on government at the national level particularly in an era of coalition

6. Minimum of 10% votes must be polled to a State level party in that State and All India level
party in the central elections; otherwise it should be debarred for the next one election.

S.No. Country FDI Limits Benefits Remarks
1. China 100% First permitted in 1992 with
foreign ownership restricted to 49%,
progressively lifted and now no
Over 600 hypermarkets
opened between 1996 and 2001
The number of small outlets
(equivalent to kiranas) increased
from 1.9 million to over 2.5 million
Employment in the retail and
wholesale sectors increased from 28
million people to 54 million people
from 1992 to 2001.
Impressive growth in
retail and wholesale trade.
2. Thailand 100% Referred to a country where
FDI had an adverse effect on the local
Has a limited capital
requirement for retail and wholesale
Growth in agro
processing industry.
3. Russia 100% Supermarket revolution took
place in 2000s.
Heavy growth registered.

4. Indonesia 100 Modern retail took off in
No limit on number of outlets
Matahari is leading chain.

5. Brazil, Argentina, Singapore & Chile allow 100% FDI in retail sector while Malaysia permits
FDI to a certain limit.

Nature has given women so much power that the law
has very wisely given them little.
Samuel Johnson