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Inland Waterways McElroy

1AC Inherency
Contention 1 is Inherency
Adoption of a fix when fail policy ens!res delays and collapse of inland waterways
Len "oselo#ic, award winner for business and investigative reporting, 3/18/2012, Pittsburgh Post
(TH !"T#$!%& L$'(& "!) )"*&, #!'L+)#!, 23 #! -,#$!, "- $! TH
.-#!( $/ /"#L+-, "''$-)#!, T$ +0&0 "-*1 '$-P& $/ !,#!-&23
/a4ed with f5at funding, 6the7 are headed0
"nd, there8s no i9pa4t to 9inor de5a7s, but age and poor 9aintenan4e 9a:es 9ass 5o4: fai5ure
"oselo#ic 2$12 (Len .ose5ovi4, ;ourna5ist for Pittsburgh Post<,a=ette, >/?/2012 Lo4:ed and
)a99ed@ !eg5e4t erodes river 4o99er4e,2 http@//www0post<
*r0 )in:e5 said short<ter9 6 re5ated to the outage0
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Inland Waterways McElroy
%hat co&pletely halts inland ri#er co&&erce
Alexander 12 (T#* "LC"!)-, #55inois 'orrespondent for /ar9Dor5d, &T' 4a55s on
'ongress for re5iab5e waterwa7s funding,2 E/2>/2012
D"&H#!,T$!, )0'0 H Transportation, in45uding the 6"nd that 9eans 5ost Iobs02
'ail!re of one lock spills o#er (rings all ri#er co&&erce to a standstill
Meira 12 ((ristin *eira, Je4utive )ire4tor K Pa4ifi4 !orthwest Daterwa7s "sso4iation,
Po5iti4a5 Trans4ript of a hearing of the House 'o99ittee on Transportation and #nfrastru4ture,
ar57 in the 5ast de4ade, 6 the entire s7ste90
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Inland Waterways McElroy
1AC Plan
%h!s we offer the following plan* %he +nited ,tates 'ederal -o#ern&ent sho!ld
s!(stantially increase its in#est&ent in inland waterway infrastr!ct!re for the
p!rpose of the &oderni.ation of those waterways in the +nited ,tates/
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Inland Waterways McElroy
1AC Agric!lt!re
Contention 2 is Agric!lt!re
1ock collapse deci&ates agric!lt!re exports shipping costs destroy co&petiti#eness
2r!se et a50, )ire4tor at the 'enter for Ports and waterwa7s, 2011 ("9eri4a8s Lo4:s M )a9s@
" Ti4:ing Ti9e .o9b for "gri4u5tureF2, www0unitedso7bean0org/wp<
"gri4u5ture a44ounted for 22O 6 he per4entage was 8BP8?O02
Alternati#e transportation can3t s!stain the infl!x of freight shift ca!ses &assi#e spikes in
transportation cost and ca!ses exports to pl!&&et
+,"4 12 (+nited &o7bean .oard, 2/8/12, )i5apidated Lo4:s on +0&0 -ivers Put /ar9ers,
'onsu9ers at -is:,2 http@//www0unitedso7bean0org/g5oba5<opportunities<briefings/di5apidated<
The stud7 eJpresses grave 4on4ern 6 for agri4u5tura5 shipping0
,hipping cost is the (iggest internal link to food price spikes
+5 Co&&ittee on %ransport $6 +nited !ations 4ono9i4 and &o4ia5 'oun4i5,
'$!$*#' "!) &$'#"L '$**#&&#$! /$- "&#" "!) TH P"'#/#',2
T-"!&P$-T "!) P$Q-T1@ /-$* /"-* T$ *"-(THCT!)#!, TH
-"'H $/ L$,#&T#'&, http@//www0unes4ap0org/ttdw/4t2008/4trN2e0pdf
&+**"-1 -e4ent in4reases in 6 at the do9esti4 or internationa5 5eve5s0
%he (rink is high econo&ic recessions and recent food crises ha#e p!t response capacity
on the edge
"rown 11 (L&T- -0 .-$D!, The !ew ,eopo5iti4s of /ood,2 *a7/;une 2011, foreign
Po5i47, +nited &tates environ9enta5 ana57st, founder of the Dor5dwat4h #nstitute, and founder
and president of the arth Po5i47 #nstitute, a nonprofit resear4h organi=ation based
in Dashington, )0'03hhs<ps
+nti5 re4ent57, sudden pri4e 6 4ushion is gone0
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Inland Waterways McElroy
1AC Agric!lt!re 'a&ine
,cenario 1 is 'a&ine
8e#eloping co!ntries are &ore and &ore dependent on +, food i&ports
2wa43$) )eve5oping 4ountries are be4o9ing 9ore dependent on food i9ports,2 "i5een (wa,
/$'+& $! T-") !o 8A, "P-#L 2003
)eve5oping 6 on i9ports
'ood prices wreck p!rchasing power in de#eloping co!ntries ca!ses &ass star#ation
9on "ra!n $6 ()- ;$"'H#* Q$! .-"+!, .efore be4o9ing #/P-#%s )ire4tor ,enera5 in
2002, he served as )ire4tor of the 'enter for )eve5op9ent -esear4h and Professor for
4ono9i4 and Te4hno5ogi4a5 'hange at the +niversit7 of .onn, ,er9an70 His )o4tora5
)egree in "gri4u5tura5 4ono9i4s is fro9 the +niversit7 of ,ottingen, ,er9an7, -ising
/ood Pri4es,2 ;u5 2?th 2008, http@//www0e4ono9ist04o9/debate/da7s/view/1>>3hhs<ps
The 9ost disturbing 6gir5s, fro9 s4hoo50
'a&ine is a d:r!le
1a'ollette $) RHugh, 'o5e 'hair in thi4s +niversit7 of &outh /5orida &t0 Petersburg, SDor5d
HungerS .5a4:we55 'o9panion to "pp5ied thi4s, ed0 -a7 /re7 and 'hristopher Heath De559an,
.5a4:we55 2003, http@//www0stpt0usf0edu/hh5/papers/Dor5d0Hunger0ht9T
Those who 45ai9 the 6expense of the star#ing/
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Inland Waterways McElroy
1AC Agric!lt!re China
8o&estic prod!ction shortfalls &eans China is shifting hea#ily to food i&ports price
hikes tank food sec!rity and ca!se do&estic insta(ility
&hea >/2? (Pau5 &hea, an #rish 4ono9i4s, /inan4e and #nvest9ent writer0 His wor: has been
featured on the front page ,oog5e !ews and ,oog5e /inan4e, The +& Has a Qer7 #9portant
-esour4e whi4h 'hina )oesn8t@ /ood,2 *a7 2?, 2012 3hhs<ps
"s 'hina8s e4ono97 6 as we dea5 with our own0
+, i&ports are the only internal link to collapse other co!ntries can3t fill in i&&ediately
d!e to opposite growing seasons and s&all &arket share
W,< 12 +P)"T@ .ra=i5 &een -unning $ut of &o7beans for Jport,2 ;une A, 2012U hhs<ps
.e4ause the &outhern 6 shape,S *r0 Thin said0
%hat escalates to f!ll political !phea#al in China
,&ith =6 (Pau5 ;0 &9ith is a resear4h fe55ow with the "sia<Pa4ifi4 'enter for &e4urit7 &tudies in
Hawaii0 He spe4ia5i=es in transnationa5 se4urit7 issues and has pub5ished nu9erous arti45es on
these subIe4ts0T, /$$) &'+-#T1 "!) P$L#T#'"L &T".#L#T1 #! TH "&#"<P"'#/#'
-,#$!,2 "&#"<P"'#/#' '!T- /$- &'+-#T1 &T+)#&, &PT*.- 11,
1??8http@//www0ap4ss0org/Pub5i4ations/-eportN/oodN&e4urit7N?80ht95 3hhs<ps
/ood se4urit7 6 an issue of regi9e surviva50
Chinese insta(ility ca!ses extinction
>ee and ,torey 2$$2 (Herbert 1ee, Professor of Po5iti4s and #nternationa5 -e5ations at the Hong
(ong .aptist +niversit7, and #an &tore7, Le4turer in )efen4e &tudies at )ea:in +niversit7, 2002
(The 'hina Threat@ Per4eptions, *7ths and -ea5it7, -out5edge'ur=on, pg >
The fourth fa4tor 6 and the wor5d0
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Inland Waterways McElroy
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Inland Waterways McElroy
1AC 8eforestation
Contention ) is 8eforestation
@ising food prices will force ara(le land increases that will co&e at the cost of glo(al
"las $6 (;avier, London /inan4ia5 Ti9es "sia dition, ;an0 22nd, 5/n a44essed 8/13
&4ar4it7 of water 6 &pain, the report said0 &ugar pri4e surge, Page 2E 28 E0L 2A+
,pecifically4 +, soy(ean co&petiti#eness is key to pre#ent " fro& do&inating the soy
AM 11 (11/11/11, agri9one704o9, +& so7 eJports have %narrow window% for re4over7,2
+& so7bean 6 are seasona557 s9a55S0
-rowth of "ra.ilian soy(ean exports triggers deforestation of the A&a.on rainforest that is
key for (iodi#ersity
"rown43$= President of the arth Po5i47 #nstitute (Lester -0 .rown, the re4ipient of 9an7 pri=es
and awards, in45uding 2> honorar7 degrees, a *a4"rthur /e55owship, the 1?8B +nited !ations%
nviron9ent Pri=e, #n 2012, he was indu4ted into the arth Ha55 of /a9e (7oto, ,rowing
)e9and for &o7beans Threatens "9a=on -ainforest2, )e4e9ber 30, 200?, http@//www0earth<
The "9a=on rainforest 6 wor5dwide as soon as possib5e0
A&a.on deforestation ca!ses extinction
%akacs =; (#nstru4tor in )epart9ent of arth &7ste9s &4ien4e and Po5i47 at 'a5ifornia &tate<
*ontere7 .a7 R)avid, 1??A Phi5osophies of Paradise, pg0
&o biodiversit7 :eeps 6 a bang but a whi9per01E
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Inland Waterways McElroy
1AC Econo&y
Contention 0 is the Econo&y
1ack of in#est&ent in lock &oderni.ation is stifling econo&ic reco#ery the plan is key to
pre#ent the collapse of &!ltiple econo&ic sectors
+,A %oday, Pau5 )avidson staff writer, >/20/12,
infrastru4ture/>>0?A3?A/1, +&"%s 4rea:ing infrastru4ture ho5ds ba4: e4ono9723
#n5and waterwa7s Luiet57 6 be4ause waterwa7s are 5ess visib5e, he sa7s0
Inland waterway renewal achie#es short and long ter& econo&ic co&petiti#eness and Ao(
-i((s 12 (.ob, representative of $hio, Po5iti4a5 Trans4ript of a hearing of the House 'o99ittee
on Transportation and #nfrastru4ture, proLuest3
.ut when it 4o9es 6 and growing "9eri4an Iobs0
E#en if there are no catastrophic fail!res the lack of in#est&ent inAects !ncertainty that
will !nder&ine the #ia(ility of the inland waterway syste&
"ray4 11 <<< 'enter for Transportation -esear4h, +niversit7 of Tennessee, (noJvi55e
(?/21/2011, Larr7 ,0, 'ongressiona5 )o4u9ents and Pub5i4ations, House Transportation and
#nfrastru4ture &ub4o99ittee on Dater -esour4es and nviron9ent Hearing < SThe 4ono9i4
#9portan4e and /inan4ia5 'ha55enges of -e4apita5i=ing the !ation%s #n5and Daterwa7s
Transportation &7ste9,2 /a4tiva3
Has "ging #nfrastru4ture 6 restored wi55 top 9an7 5ists0
%hat !ncertainty o#er the f!nding of inland waterways ens!res econo&ic disaster
-i((s4 12 P *e9ber, -epresentative for $hio8s 18th 'ongressiona5 )istri4t (E/18/2012, .ob
,ibbs, H$D -L#".#L#T1 $/ TH #!L"!) D"T-D"1 &1&T* #*P"'T&
'$!$*#' '$*PT#T#Q!&&2, http@//transportation0house0gov/news/P-"rti45e0aspJF
Dashington, )' P The Dater -esour4es 6 P to our 4ountr702
Econo&ic crisis dra&atically increases racis&
AP4 $=
(The "sso4iated Press, ,5oba5 !ews "gen470 +0!0 'hief@ .ad 4ono97 Threatens *ore
-a4is92, "pri5 20, 200?, /oJ !ews0http@//www0foJnews04o9/stor7/0,2?33,>1B12B,000ht9503
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Inland Waterways McElroy
+/5/ ,ecretary<,enera5 "an 6 that pro5iferate hatred0
Contin!ed racis& leads to deh!&ani.ation and death
!obe5 Pea4e Pri=e 5aureate, "r4hbishop )es9ond %!t! > &epte9ber 2001
4u9eni4a5 4au4us state9ent at Dor5d 'onferen4e "gainst -a4is9
-a4is9 dehu9ani=es, 6 past and present0
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Inland Waterways McElroy
1AC ,ol#ency
Contention 7 is ,ol#ency
Ar&y Corp key expertise4 coordination with agencies4 engineering4 e&pirics
)r0 Di55ia9 ,0 Bowland 0 is the .asin Progra9 *anager of La:e 'ha9p5ain, ,rand #s5e, QT,
+0&0 "-*1 '$-P& $/ !,#!-& -$L #! TH !"T#$!%& D"T- -&$+-'
!)& #! TH 21&T '!T+-1, 'apita5 Hi55 Testi9on7, *ar4h 31, 5eJis
$ur partnership 6 answering 7our Luestions0
'!nding for waterway &oderni.ation is ine#ita(le cost o#err!ns and stop:go pay&ent
&akes stat!s C!o policies collapse !nder the&sel#es
Pitts(!rgh Post:-a.ette 3/2>/2012 (Pittsburgh Post<,a=ette, Dater torture@ 'ongress needs to
a4t on de4a7ing 5o4:s and da9s,2 *ar4h 2>, 2012, http@//o5d0post<
ga=ette04o9/pg/1208>/121?0>2<1?20st9 3hhs<ps
'ongress bears the pri9e 6 that begins, SDe to5d 7ou so0S
Inland waterway &oderni.ation accesses new &arkets post:Pana&a Canal expansion
Len "oselo#ic, award winner for business and investigative reporting, 3/18/20124 Pittsburgh
Post (TH !"T#$!%& L$'(& "!) )"*&, #!'L+)#!, 23 #! -,#$!, "- $! TH
.-#!( $/ /"#L+-, "''$-)#!, T$ +0&0 "-*1 '$-P& $/ !,#!-&23
#ndustr7 offi4ia5s sa7 9ore 6 the Pana9a 'ana5,S he said0

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