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This is just the way I do it, of course not the only/est way! I li"e to concentrate on each ro#an nu#erals
I and es$ecially II for at least a cou$le of days each % in other words, #ass $roduce these ste$ so that once
youre done with a ste$ you won&t ha'e to (o ac"!
I. Gather materials
)! *e+is/,oo(le- .rint entire articles, s"i# to decide to $rint or not, dont read yet
/! 0oo"s- 1o$y entire cha$ters y loo"in( at the tales of contents for rele'ant infor#ation, 2uic"ly fli$
throu(h the cha$ter to see if its card-#aterial
3! S$ecific wesites- cato!or(, etc!
4 5t the end of this $rocess you should ha'e a i( stac" of criss-crossed $a$ers % the idea is the
E6H57ST the literature on your assi(n#ent!
II. Read
)! Sit down with a $en, use one that will show u$ when co$ied
/! 0rac"et the cards,
- $ut the ENTIRE ta( in the #ar(in for that card as if you ha'e flowed it 8 9$re-ta(
- only underline card if you can do so neatly and correctly
- rac"et entire $ara(ra$hs
- lael aff/ne( for ease of sortin(, and #aye the ty$e of ar(s : (I), (S), 5d' ;
< He also pointed out that the Convention requires that the by-products be processed.
"The fact that whale meat ends up on the market is a requirement of the Convention to
ensure that resources are not wasted. It is not a "loophole" or "illeal" or "commercial
whalin in disuise" as the anti-whalin rhetoric suests."
!omatsu emphasi"ed that "since the Convention requires that its reulations be based
on scientific findins# rather than condemnin the research# all members of the I$C
should be conductin similar research." "Criticism of the research in which more than
%&& samples and measurements are taken from each whale is a re'ection of the basic
principle that resources should be manaed on a scientific basis"# said added. (
III. Type
)! 5fter readin( all the #aterial, ty$e the ta(s and citations e+actly li"e this<
Whale populations are strong.
Tsai !!" (Henry, .rof! =f Science, >The Truth on ?hales,@ $! A)
Whales are nutritionally uni#ue and tasty.
$hang !!" (Baniel, .rof! =f Cood, >?hale 0ur(ers< The Cuture of DcBonalds,@ Three .enny
.ress, $! /)
/! Ta"e out all $a(es without any cards, dont throw the# away, ut fold the# in half ha#ur(er style %
to e used in ro#an nu#eral E

I%. Tape Cards to Cites
)! .rint out the $a(es of cites
/! 1ut out the cards that will #atch u$ to the first $a(e of cites (lea'e your 9$re-ta( on, and "ee$ the#
in order in a $ile
meat to
3! 1ut the ri(ht #ar(in off the first $a(e of cites, cut slits etween each set of ta(Fcite, ut lea'e so#e
of the left #ar(in in tact
G! Ta$e the cards fro# otto# u$ for the first $a(e, one $iece of ta$e is (ood, dont waste ta$e
H! Bo the sa#e for the rest of the $a(es of cites
I! Now slit off the left #ar(in, and all cards should e with their ta(s, you can lea'e the $re-ta( on
%. Sort % Datri+ Style
)! Sit down at a 0I, tale - sort all cards into 5CC and NE,
/! Ta"e all NE, cards, for e+a#$le, and sort into Inh, Sol'ency, Har#s, B5 ideas, 1. ideas
3! .ut each cate(ory horiJontally across a i( tale
G! Ta"e the first $ile, Inh, and sort into s$ecific ar(u#ents (e+! .lan has already $assed /c 6, .lan has
already $assed /c Y, .lan has already $assed /c K) % Re$eat with all other cate(ories
H! You should now ha'e indi'idual colu#ns of i( ar(u#ents (Inh, Sol, etc) s$lit 'ertically into s$ecific
I! Bo the sa#e with the 5CC $ile!
L! Ta"e those half-folded sheets of $a$er and use the# as folders, ta"e the cards fro# each $ile and stic"
the# in a half-folded sheet of $a$er, lael the folder : (I)< .lan 5lready .assed, (S)< 1ant Sto$
?halers ; % Mee$ the# laels short
%I. &lo'( % Mee$ a one-inch #ar(in around the $a(e so co$yin( wont co'er it
)! .rint out loc"in( $a$er and co$y it, in this for#at<
&ellaire )egati*e Whaling
Henry Tsai + , -
/! Ta"e each folder and $ut the# on one loc" each, the title of the folder 8 title of loc" (write on line
in #iddle of $a(e)
3! If #a"in( a frontline, then $ic" the est card for the )N1 % consider the len(th of the card too, since
you ha'e the Ne( 0loc" to read #ore cards
G! The >( / )@ is for the $a(e nu#er of the loc", i!e! if the content of the folder ta"es two $a(es to
loc", the to$ would say >( ) / / )@
H! Nu#erin( % =nly nu#er the ar(u#ents if they are $art of a frontline ($ic" out the est cards fro#
each folder for the frontline, the rest of secondlines), if they are secondlines or u$dates then write >(
)@ in $lace of the nu#er!
I! Each loc"s cards should e loc"ed fro# est to worse
L! Ta$in( % $ut $ieces of ta$e =N*Y on the sides, ne'er to$ and otto# unless youre rich and you (ot
e+tra ta$e, ut #a"e sure you co'er the entire side (co$yin( $ur$oses)
N! 7se $ens that show u$, none of that 0i1 Round Stic, use the in"y $ens
A! Mee$ loc"s short
%II. Inde/
)! =r(aniJe the loc"s in this order< Inherency, Sol'ency, Har#s, B5s, 1.s, etc!
/! Nu#er the entire file, otto# ri(ht corner
3! Ty$e the inde+ so theyre neat, dont e li"e #e, loo" at Henry ?halin( Cile for for#at % include the
runnin( $a(e nu#ers (not the loc" nu#ers fro# to$ ri(ht corner)
G! =$tional ut (ood!!! Ty$e u$ a su##ary of the 5ff case, in less than a $a(e, just to show off what
you "now and so others can (et a 2uic" idea of the 5ff