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!"##"$ &'()*$+(*, -$.+$''/+$.


!"## "%& '()(%) (n) A slmple mechanlcal arrangemenL used Lo hold a movlng parL ln a
Lemporarlly flxed poslLlon relaLlve Lo anoLher parL. 1he ball slldes wlLhln a bored cyllnder, agalnsL Lhe
pressure of a sprlng, whlch pushes Lhe ball agalnsL Lhe deLenL, a hole of smaller dlameLer Lhan Lhe ball.
When Lhe hole ls ln llne wlLh Lhe cyllnder, Lhe ball falls parLlally lnLo Lhe hole under sprlng pressure,
holdlng Lhe parLs aL LhaL poslLlon. AddlLlonal force wlll push Lhe ball back lnLo lLs cyllnder, compresslng
Lhe sprlng, and allowlng Lhe parLs Lo move. (also shown: deLenL plns)

!("*+%, (ball, roller, and spherlcal shown ) (n) 1he parL of a machlne wlLhln whlch a roLaLlng or slldlng
shafL ls held. ln some bearlng Lypes, balls or rollers are used beLween Lhe bearlng surfaces Lo reduce
rolllng frlcLlon.

!(## -*"%. (n) A plvoLlng double lever used Lo change Lhe dlrecLlon of applled moLlon.

!/00 (n) A cyllndrlcal pro[ecLlon, as on a casLlng or a forglng. usually provldes a conLacL surface
around a hole.

!*/"-1 (v)1o flnlsh Lhe lnslde of a hole Lo a shape oLher Lhan round, as ln a keyway (n) 1he Lool for Lhe
process, whlch has serraLed edges and ls pushed or pulled Lhrough Lhe hole Lo produce Lhe requlred

!2*%+01 (v) 1o smooLh or pollsh by a rolllng or slldlng Lool under pressure.

!201+%, (n) A smooLh walled bearlng (AkA a plaln bearlng). Also a Lool gulde ln a [lg or flxLure.

3"4 (n) A mechanlcal devlce conslsLlng of an eccenLrlc or mulLlply curved wheel mounLed on a
roLaLlng shafL, used Lo produce varlable or reclprocaLlng moLlon ln anoLher engaged or conLacLed parL
(cam follower). Also !"#$%"&'

3"0)+%, (n) Any ob[ecL made by pourlng molLen meLal lnLo a mold.

31"45(* (n) A flaL surface made by cuLLlng off Lhe edge or corner of a ob[ecL (bevel) (v) Lhe process of
creaLlng a chafer

3#(6+0 (n) A u-shaped plece wlLh holes lnLo whlch a llnk ls lnserLed and Lhrough whlch a pln or bolL ls
run. lL ls used as a fasLenlng devlce whlch allows roLaLlonal moLlon.

3/##"* (n) A cyllndrlcal feaLure on a parL flLLed on a shafL used Lo prevenL slldlng (axlal) movemenL.

3/##() (n) A cone-shaped sleeve used for holdlng clrcular or rodllke pleces ln a laLhe or oLher machlne.

3/*( (v) 1o form Lhe hollow parL of a casLlng, uslng a solld form placed ln Lhe mold (n) 1he
solld form used ln Lhe corlng process, ofLen made of wood, sand, or meLal.
()*+ -.'% !/01 2.3"* !"$' ("3.&)*+

3/2%)(*7/*( (n) A cyllndrlcal flaL-boLLomed hole, whlch enlarges Lhe dlameLer of an exlsLlng plloL
hole. (v) 1he process used Lo creaLe LhaL feaLure. (the reqd tool is shown)

3/2%)(*0+%. (n) A conlcal depresslon added Lo an exlsLlng hole Lo accommodaLe and Lhe conlc head
of a fasLener recesslng lL below Lhe surface of a face. (v) 1he process used Lo creaLe LhaL feaLure. (Lhe
reqd tool is shown)

3/28#+%, (n) A devlce used Lo connecL Lwo shafLs LogeLher aL Lhelr ends for Lhe purpose of
LransmlLLlng power. May be used Lo accounL for mlnor mlsallgnmenL or for mlLlgaLlng shock loads.

'+( (n) Cne of a palr of hardened meLal plaLes or lmpresslng or formlng deslred shape. Also, a Lool
for cuLLlng exLernal Lhreads.

1hread 8olllng ules
9"-( (v) 1o machlne a flaL surface perpendlcular Lo Lhe axls of roLaLlon of a plece.

9+##() (n) A rounded surface fllllng Lhe lnLernal angle beLween Lwo lnLersecLlon surfaces. Also 0)43+$

9+) (n) 1he class of conLacL beLween Lwo machlned surfaces, based upon Lhelr respecLlve speclfled
slze Lolerances (clearance, LranslLlonal, lnLerference)

9+:)2*( (n) A devlce used Lo hold a workplece whlle manufacLurlng operaLlons are performed upon
LhaL workplece.

9#"%,( (see bushlng example) (n) A pro[ecLlng rlm or edge for fasLenlng, sLlffenlng or poslLlonlng.

;",( (n) A devlce used for deLermlnlng Lhe accuracy of speclfled manufacLured parLs by dlrecL

;",( 7#/-.0 (n) Precision machined steel blocks having two flat, parallel surfaces
whose separation distance is fabricated to a guaranteed accuracy of a few millionths of an inch;

;("* </77+%, (v) A speclal form of manufacLurlng LhaL cuLs gear LooLh geomeLrles. lL ls Lhe
ma[or lndusLrlal process for cuLLlng lnvoluLe form spur gears of.

;(%(6" 3"4 (n) A devlce Lo Lurn consLanL roLaLlonal moLlon lnLo lnLermlLLenL roLaLlonal moLlon.

;200() =8#")(> (n) A Lrlangular meLal plece used Lo sLrengLhen a [olnL.

<"08 (n) A meLal fasLener wlLh a sloLLed, hlnged parL LhaL flLs over a loop and ls secured by a
pln, bolL, or padlock

?&#(* (n) A mechanism used to regulate the tension in belt or chain. Or, a gear used between a
driver and follower gear to maintain the direction of rotation.

@+, (n) A speclal devlce used Lo gulde a cuLLlng Lool (drlll [lg) or Lo hold maLerlal ln Lhe
correcL poslLlon for cuLLlng or flLLlng LogeLher (as ln weldlng or brazlng)

@/2*%"# (n) 1he parL of a shafL LhaL roLaLes wlLhln a bearlng

A(*5 (n) A channel or groove cuL by a saw or oLher Lool.

A(B (Woodruff key shown) (n) A small block or wedge lnserLed beLween a shafL and hub Lo prevenL
clrcumferenLlal movemenL.

A(B0(") (n) A sloL or groove cuL ln a shafL Lo flL a key. A key resLs ln a keyseaL.

A(BC"B (n) A sloL cuL lnLo a hub Lo flL a key. A key slldes ln a keyway. See 8roach.

A(BDA(BC"BDA(B0(") "00(47#B (see above for lndlvldual deflnlLlons)

A%2*# (v) 1o roughen a Lurned surface, as ln a handle or a knob.

E2, (n) ro[ecLlon on (Lyplcally) a casL or forged parL Lo provlde supporL or allow mounLlng
or Lhe aLLachmenL of anoLher componenL.

F(-. (v) 1o cuL a groove around a shafL, usually Loward Lhe end or aL a change ln dlameLer.
(n) A porLlon of reduced dlameLer beLween Lhe ends of a shafL.

G"& (n) A recLangular or lrregular pro[ecLlon, as on a casLlng or a forglng. usually provldes a conLacL
surface around a seL of holes.

G"C# (n) A devlce used Lo prevenL a LooLhed wheel (raLcheL) from roLaLlng backwards, or a devlce
LhaL sLops, locks, or releases a mechanlsm.

G+##/C !#/-. (n) A bearlng houslng whlch Lyplcally mounLs Lo a slngle planar face. May be spllL or un-
spllL Lo accommodaLe lnserLlon /removal of Lhe bearlng.

G+%+/% (n) A plaln gear, ofLen Lhe smallesL gear ln a gearseL, ofLen Lhe drlvlng gear. May be
used ln con[uncLlon wlLh a gear rack (rack and plnlon, see below)

G#"%()"*B ;("*0 (n) A gearseL characLerlzed by one or more planeL gear(s) roLaLlng
around a sun gear. Lplcycllc gearlng sysLems lnclude an ouLer rlng gear (known as an annulas) wlLh Lhe
planeLary sysLem.

H"-. =CD8+%+/% ,("*> (n) A LooLhed bar acLlng on (or acLed upon), by a gear (plnlon)

H")-1() (n) A mechanlcal devlce used Lo permlL moLlon ln one dlrecLlon only.

H(#+(5 (n) A groove or cuL on a parL used Lo faclllLaLe machlnlng.

H()"+%+%, H+%, (n) A Lool sLeel rlng used ln con[uncLlon wlLh a shafL groove or lnLernal groove Lo
locaLed or conLrol poslLlon of a componenL.

H/-.(* I*4 (n) A plvoLed arm-llke lever used Lo Lransfer Lhe appllcaLlon dlrecLlon of a llnear force.

H/2%& (n) A rounded exLernal lnLersecLlon beLween Lwo surfaces. Compare Lo 2.**5'

J-/)-1 K/.( (n) Mechanlsm used Lo converL roLaLlonal moLlon Lo llnear moLlon.

J1("6( (n) A grooved wheel used Lo accommodaLe a belL for Lhe Lransmlsslon of power.
SomeLlmes referred Lo as a pulley sheave.

J1+4 (n) A Lhln sLrlp of meLal lnserLed beLween Lwo surfaces Lo ad[usL for flL. (v) 1he process
of lnserLlng shlms.

J1/2#&(* (n) A plane surface on a shafL, normal Lo Lhe axls, produced by a change ln dlameLer

J8#+%( (n) A cyllndrlcal paLLern of keyways. May be exLernal (L) or lnLernal (8)

J8/)5"-( (n) a round machlne surface around a hole on a casLlng or forglng, usually Lo provlde a
conLacL surface for a fasLener or oLher maLlng componenL, (v) Lhe process used Lo creaLe LhaL feaLure


J)"%&/550 (n) A mounLlng deslgned Lo poslLlon ob[ecLs a predeLermlned dlsLance above or away
from Lhe surface upon whlch Lhey are mounLed.

L"8 (v) 1o cuL lnLernal machlne Lhreads ln a hole, (n) Lhe Lool used Lo creaLe LhaL feaLure.

M%&(*-2) (n) A cuL havlng lnward sloplng sldes, (v) Lo cuL leavlng an overhanglng edge

K/.( (n) A clamp or vise that holds a machine part in place or controls its movement or that
holds two such parts together. A crosshead of relatively thick cross section, that secures two or more
components so that they move together.