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Time: 3 hrs.
Max. Marks:100
Note: Answer FIVEJnII questions, selecting
at least TWO questions
each part.
a. Derive the relations to calculate the pressure, density and temperature in the gradient and
constant resions. (08 Marks)
On a cerlain day the pressure at sea level is 758mm cr Hg and the temperature is 25oC. The
temperature is found to fall linearly with height to
at 12km and after that it remains
constant upto 20km. Calculate the pressure, density at 8km and l6km altitude. (08 Marks)
Define the terms
center' and center-sflpressure and derive an expression to
locate the aerodynamic center. (04 Marks)
a. Draw a force diagram of an airplane in flight and derive the equations of motion with
acceieration and hence deduce th,- equations for steady-.level un accelerated flight.
(08 Marks)
b. Derive the expression for power required and obtain the condition for power required
minimum and plot the variation zero-lift-power required, lift-induced power required and net
power required. (06 Marks)
c. A single engined propellsr driven airplane having the following characteristics:
b: 10. 91m; S
I 6. 16r f
W: l 340kg; e
0. 8; cDo: 0. 022.
Calculate the thrust required at sea level at flight velocity of l0V m/sec. (06 Marks)
a. Draw a force dia gram of an airplane in a steady climbing flight and derive the expression
for rate of climb and also from analytical approach, obtain the expressions for maximum
climb angle and velocity of the maximum climb angle. (10 Marks)
b. Briefly explain with relevant graphs, what is meant by
ceiling' and service ceiling
of an airplane. (04 Marks)
c. An airplane powered by aturbojet engine weighs 180,000 N, has a wing area of 50m2 and
the drag polar is Cn
0.016 + 0.048C1' . At sealevel a rate of climb of 1200n/min is
obtained at a speed of l50m/min. Calculate the rate of climb at the same speed when a
rocket motor giving an additional thrust of 10,000N is fitted to the airplane. (06 Marks)
a. Obtain the expression for V,.,
and Y,^
ir rerms
f+.' ),
K, Cno and p* and
l cJ' *
l ?:1",,
compare the variations graphically with flight velocity for these cases. (10 Marks)
b. Discuss the different types of airfoil stall with relevant graphs. (05 Marks)
c. What are high lift devices and its requirements, list down the various types of leading edge
and trailing edge devices and show their aerodynamic characteristics graphically. (05 Marks)
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From the quantitative formulation derive the generic expression for endurance and also
obtain the endurance expression for a
engine propelled airplane and discuss the
parameters for maximizing the endurance. (08 Marks)
Estimate the endurance for an airplane flying at sealevel with a velocity of 165 m/sec. The
gross weight is 33142 kg, usable fuel weight is 3393kg and the thrust specific fuel
consumption is 1.917
other airplane characteristics are : K
88. 3m' . (07 Marks)
Discuss the effects of
wind' and tail wind on the airplane range and enduran.tia
Describe the various phases of take-off flight and derive the expression to estimate the
take-off ground roll distance of an airplane and also discuss on the various methods to
reduce the take-off distance. (12 Marks)
Estimate lift-off ground roll distance o1'airplane having the following characteristics:
p. : 0. 02; C. , nu*
=1. 0;
b: 16. 19m; W: 8000 kg. Densi t y at seal evel
: 1. 225
kg/ m3,
: 28m2;
v: 250 kmph and usi ng hei ght above t he ground i s 1. 83m. (08 Marks)
Describe the various phases of landing flight and derive the expressions for estimating
approach distance and flame distance. (12 Marks)
b. Estimate the landing ground roll of lr irirnlane at SI-
nr: thrust ier,ei'sai. iiowever,
spoiiers are used suchthat L
0. The spoilers increase the zero lift drag coeficient by l0%.
The fuel tanks are empty, so neglect the weight of any fuel carried
the airplane. The
maximum lift coefficient is 2.5. The other characteristics are:
W: 5601. 63 kg; S
: 29. 55m2t
: 0. 02;
F, :
8 a. Derive the expressions for the following maneuvers:
(08 Marks)
i ) Level t urn
i i ) Pul l -up and
i i i ) Pul l -down
And also obtain the expressions for
in level turn. (12 Marks)
Define load factor. What are its values in i) level flight; ii) free tall; iii) in a turn radius of
200m at a speed of 100m/sec and iv) at the bottom of a loop of radius 200m at a speed of
100 m/sec.
(08 Marks)
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