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SLudy quesLlons W3310/4310 Sprlng 2013 1

V|ro|ogy - 8|o|ogy W3310]4310 Spr|ng 2013 rof. V. kacan|e||o

Study uest|ons for Lecture 24 - Unusua| |nfect|ous agents

1. WhaL ls a vlrold? Pow does lL repllcaLe? uoes lL encode proLelns? Pow does lL make planLs

2. Pow do saLelllLes dlffer from vlrolds?

3. name a saLelllLe lnvolved ln human dlsease. WhaL ls Lhe helper vlrus and whaL does lL
provlde Lhe saLelllLe?

4. Pow does Puv 8nA repllcaLe?

3. Pow do prlons cause dlsease?

6. WhaL are Lhe Lhree dlfferenL Lypes of sponglform encephalopaLhles?

7. WhaL ls Lhe orlgln of mad cow dlsease and how was lL LransmlLLed Lo humans? Why ls lL sLlll a
LhreaL Lo Lhe food chaln?

8. 1rue or false: all known prlons cause dlsease.