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What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Business world, mainly the company's "responsibility" is to always make money to
increase shareholder wealth. In other words, corporate financial responsibility driving force is the
bottom line. However, in the past decade, the broad corporate responsibilities are working
conditions, the environment for the local community, and ethical practices have gathered
momentum and a firm foothold. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is known as a new
drive. Corporate Social Responsibility is often referred as "triple bottom line" of the company
because it is sum of financial, social and environmental performance.
Nowadays, more and more companies associated with the productivity and
competitiveness in a rapidly changing business sense to maintain that, they want to be socially
responsible. In the last decade, the limits of globalization, technology has blurred acceleration
time and distance masked. In view of the great change, in a corporate environment, businesses,
manage their benefits and risks to protect their brand reputation should improve their capacity.
Due to globalization, intense competition, skilled workers, investors and consumers are also
present allegiance. How companies and workers, and its host communities and markets a success
of their business can promote sustainability.
Corporate Social Responsibility of Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton has positioned its marketing strategy by creating a website especially for
young people to help them through engagement with the arts for three years.
The Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project arrange the group of five leading art galaries of
London: Tate, South London Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, Hayward Gallery and royal
Academy of Arts.
Objectives: ~
Their aim is to:
Provide unique access to the art for the young people of London
Develop Arts interest and inspire young people who are interested in career
Make connections with five prestigious art galleries in London
They help young people to create unique websites so that they can work together
with others and explore new projects.
Partnership: ~
The Louis Vuitton Young Arts has been released through four areas:
1. Creative Workshops
Group of young people attend the events throughout the year and share their
experiences with each other in the gallery tour.
2. Louis Vuitton Summer Academy
The five-day course held at Louis Vuitton headquarters and in partner agencies
annually during the summer. Exhibitions and creative workshops, visits of variety of
artists, curators and other professionals from each of the partner agencies participating in
the work of a group of young people.
3. Recreation
To communicate, share and for help they provide a platform for young people so
they can discover themselves.

4. Year-end Celebration
Louis Vuitton and all the partner institutions after completion of the program they
celebrate the achievements of youth groups that organized the event every year.