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Level: 3 MS Eldjedida Middle School - 1 -

Timing: 1h.30
First term English exam
My name is Jenny Clift. Im an English student at Victoria Middle School; where
Ive een studying for three years. Im !uite tall with lue eyes and dar" rown hair. I
ho#e eing a #ilot one day ecause I li"e traveling y #lane. I li"e watching $V% too
es#ecially documentaries which #resent the wild life of animals. Im !uiet and calm ut
not shy. My room is small and often in disorder ecause I never care where I #ut my
&eans and $'shirts.
Section I: Reading Comprehension
(' What does the underlined ord in the text re!er to" # 1 $t %
)' &ead the text care!ull' then anser the (uestions. # ) $ts %
a- *hat does Jenny loo" li"e+
*- *hat does she li"e doing+
,' &ead the !olloing statements and rite +True+, +False+. # ) $ts %
a- Jenny Clift is a third middle school year student.
*- She is a messy girl.
-' -exis.
a- .ind in the te/t a word that has the following definition: # 1 $t #
' 0 #erson who o#erates the flying controls of a #lane
*- .ind in the te/t words that are o##osite in meaning to the following: # 1 $t %
noisy 1 222 hate 1 222.
Section II. Mastery of Language
(. /lassi!' these adjecti0es in the ta*le: # ) $ts %
3 (uiet - sh' - tall - mess' 3
4hysical a##earance 4ersonality
). /om*ine the !olloing statements into a ne one using a relati0e $ronoun # 3 $ts %
a- Jenny is a girl.
She li"es traveling y #lanes.
*' She li"es meeting #eo#le.
4eo#le are !uiet and calm ut not shy.
c' She doesnt li"e watching films.
$he films show violence.
,' Find in the text !our ords that ha0e the !olloing 0oel sounds. # ) $ts %
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Section III: Written Expression
2ou are meeting 'our classmates !or the !irst time. # 3 $ts %
5se the following details to introduce yourself in 6 ' 7 lines:
8our name 9 age.
4hysical a##earances 9 #ersonality.
:i"es and disli"es.
; 45: 5se the coordinators <and = *ut> and a relati0e $ronoun?