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~~ .o) .o) a8) ue} © re Co Tn the Stinking Three Sub-Levels “The second thing I'm going todo," Thomas decided, “is ull myself Tis iss penance and punishment for the horrible sin oflitening to what you had to say. Perhaps if do chat, then cut lady Gaia will redeem and forgive me, and accept me back to Her breast as Her loving child” ‘The basement, which was bereft of any machinery or fur. ture, or indeed anything besides leaking pipes above and cold concrete below, seemed to have been constructed for the sole reason that someone had decided there should bea basementhere. Poor ventilation forced anyone inside to struggle for breath. Haddled in the middle of this, sttingback toback, werea man and monster Theman grippedapistolightlyin one hand andastring ‘ofbeadson the other. Each bead hada phase ofthe moon engraved init, and hanging from the beads were an obscure symbol chat signified “Clashing Boom Boom” and another symbolconstructed from two long looping ares, the elyph for Gaia, arranged into an approximation of across. The monster breathed heavily hisclaws and fur slick with blood and an anger growing in his eyes as the small lump of flesh leaning against his back finished his litte dlawibe. “The first thing I'm going to doi ill you.” Castors." The report flopped onto the desk, the end result of two weeks of surveillance, as Isaak Bockhold gave the executive suramary forthe cell. “They make industrial wheels, used on trolleys. Most of their money comes from several asement; Chcthehon accounts with hospitals, making extremely laundry and food trolleys, as well as gurneys." Around the room, eight people either paid complete atention to the background story of their current operation, of ignored the boring repetition of what they already knew. The chirp end buzz of a the comer of the broomclset third floor apartment made for a subtle accompaniment to Bockhold’s monologue. "Now, what's Interesting i that we know they've begun illegally dumping the oi they us in the manufacture oftheir product. On its own! Not cause foran operation, That escribeshalf the companiesin town, Butthen, you get Edward Ditmar.” (Opening the folder, he pulled outa picture of a balding, ‘overweight man perhaps in his ealy fifties. “Used to work for, the hospital. Before that, he worked for three different phar: maceutical companies, all three suspected to be under the control or influence of Wyrm entities.” let wheels for “And it's awfully suspicious that he gets employed a ‘month before the illegal dumping begins,” added Hinetze, a petite dark-haired girl barely seventeen years old. No doubt she thought it was profound, but most of the rest of the table barely paid any attention. In this situation, itwasa statement of the blindingly obvious. “"Now you're reading the book, Hinetze. And a contact of mine that works for Genereader and her mob did a bit of fact checking for me. He turned up on a database they have, along with a complete profile. Ditmar here is always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Listen to the job titles: ‘Assistant Director of, Glass Walkers