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All planes need air to presure under their wings to stay up in the air. As they move
forward. The higher air pressure underneath their wings pushes them upward and gives them lift.
The smooth, streamlined shape of the plane allows the air to flows easily over its surface. It helps
to reduce the drag caused by the air pushing against the plane and allows it to move rapidly
through the air.
Planes move forward using engines. This movement is called thrust. Moving forward keeps a
stream of moving air passing over the wings. If the engines fail, theplanes will begin to descend
very quickly.
The air above the wing moves faster, so it is at a lower pressure than the air under the wing.
The air under the wing moves more slowly and is slightly squashed, so it is at a higher pressure
than the air above the wing.

1. What does the text describe?
a. How the wings of a plane work
b. How the plane move forward
c. How the plane is made
d. The engine of a plane
e. How a plane flies
2. The planes stay up in the air when..
a. A stream of moving air passes over their wings
b. There is air pressure under their wings
c. The wings move forward
d. The engines move faster
e. The engines fail
3. This helps to reduce the drag caused by the air pushing against the plane and allow it to
move more rapidly through the air(Paragraph 2) the underlined word can be replaced by..
a. Slowly b. Quickly c. Smoothly d. Gradualy e. Immediately

4. What is the use of air pressure under the planes wings?
a. To go down
b. To keep moving
c. To squash the wings
d. To stay up in the air
e. To reduce their weights

5. To tell the readers, writer using..
a. Past tenses
b. Perfect tenses
c. Past perfect
d. Present tense
e. Continous tense

The sense of taste is one of a person's five senses. We taste with the help of taste-
buds in the tongue. There are four main kinds of taste: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. All
other tastes are just mixtures of two or more of these main types. The surface of the
tongue has more than fifteen thousand taste-buds (or cells). These are connected to the
brain by special nerves which send the so-called 'tastes messages. When the tongue comes
into contact with food of any kind, the taste-buds will pick up the taste. The nerves then
send a message to the brain. This will make us aware of the taste. All this happens in just a
few seconds.
There are four kinds of taste-buds, each of which is sensitive to only a particular
taste. These four groups are located in different parts of the tongue. The taste-buds for
salty and sweet tastes are found round the tip of the tongue and along its sides. Sour tastes
can be picked up only at the sides of the tongue. The taste-buds of the bitter taste are
found at the innermost edge of the tongue. There are taste-buds at the centre of the

The senses of smell and sight can affect taste. The good smell of food increases its
taste. Similarly, attractive colours can make food appear tastier and more delicious. If food
does not smell good or is dull-coloured, it will look tasty and may not taste good at all. Very
hot or cold sensations can make the taste-buds insensitive. Food that is too hot or too cold,
when placed in the mouth, will have no tastes at all.

6. Why we can taste any kind of foods?
A. the good smell of food
B. the four main kinds of taste
C. the taste-buds in the tongue
D. the senses of smell and sight
E. we have money
7. There are four main kinds of taste, except..
A. sweet
B. sour
C. salty
D. bitter
E. spicy
8. When we eat very hot or cold food, what will happen?
A. the food will lose its taste
B. the food won't smell good
C. the taste of the food increases
D. the taste-buds will be sensitive
E. the taste-buds will be very, responsive
9. Why the senses of smell can affect the taste?
A. increase the your satisfaction
B. because attractive colours can make the food tastier and more delicious
C. make food more delicious
D. make the food look bad
E. the good smell of food increases its taste

10. What is the purpose of the text?
A. to explain how we can taste any food in the mouth
B. to give a report about the sense of taste
C. to inform how important the tongue is
D. to describe the use of the tongue
E. to tell the taste of the food
Unit 1
Tesa : "Hey, sandra whats up? you look confused if i come to your room!"
Sandra : "uh, eh tesa, its okay,.... (she look like keeping a secret)
Tesa : "oh, i know you are being like this because of stalking in my account right?"
Sandra : "oh nooo!, it can't be, its not me!"
Tesa : "just relax please, don't lie to me!"
Sandra : "emmm, sorry its my mistake, i'm being stalker because of curious with your
relationship with someone"
Tesa : "oh my god, sandraa!"
Sandra : "hahaha"
1. What sentence that refers to admitting expression?
A. hahaha
B. oh nooo, its not me
C. its your fault
D. oh my god, sandraa
E. sorry its my mistake
Jane : Who should be responsible to this?
Maid : Sorry miss, I have to admit that it is my fault.
Jane : So, what will you do now??
Maid : Yes miss, so I will replace the food with the new one.

2. What is the kind of dialogue?
A. Admitting
B. Promising
C. Blaming
D. Accusing
E. Denying
3. What sentence that refers to admitting expression?
A. Im sorry this is my fault
B. I dont know but Im sure
C. It must be you
D. That should be me
E. I promise you
4. What sentence that refers to promising expression?
A. Im sorry this is my fault
B. I doubt it
C. I promise I will help you
D. Stop, dont blame me again!
E. I think youre right
5. Helmi : I needed a help to prepare my presentation on Friday.
Valen : I could help you with that
Helmi : Are you sure you have the time?
Valen : __________. If I didn't, I wouldn't offer to help.
Helmi : What would be the best time for you to help me?
Valen : Tomorrow night would work for me.
You should fill the blank with. . .
A. Its amazing
B. Not me
C. Im not sure
D. I doubt it
E. I promise you that I have the time to do this

6. Laras : Could you help me prepare for my presentation on Saturday?
Ario : I would love to help you prepare for your presentation.
Laras : I hate to ask you to do something like that.
Ario : This will not interfere with my work. __________.
Laras : Umm, okay if you arent disturbed with it. When could we get together?
Ario : I could easily give you some time tomorrow night.
Laras : Would you like to meet at the coffee house?
Ario : Yes, and could you write down anything you might be having trouble with?
Laras : I'll come prepared.
Ario : Goodbye until then.
Laras : Okay, thanks.
You can fill the blank with. . .
A. I promise you that
B. You are so annoying
C. I hate you
D. May I ask your phone number?
E. See you soon
7. What is the expression of blaming?
A. I think you are the one who could have done it.
B. You copied my homework
C. Im sorry
D. I can believe you
E. Dont do it again. Promise.

8. Riyan : It seems we will miss the movie. This way is so crowded.
Ego : We still have some minutes to reach the theater.
Riyan : This is your mistake. I shouldnt follow you to ride through this street
Ego : Sorry, sorry.. Now, stop blaming me and lets find some solution
Riyan : Nothing, we can only wish that the movie wont be played until we come.
Sentences in bold means that Riyan _____ Ego
A. Ask for apologize to
B. Love
C. Blame
D. Admit
E. Denied
9. How your response when someone blame you?
A. Shut up
B. Please, stop blaming me
C. Go out from there
D. Its not your business
E. Hooooraay
10. Arih : You broke my pencil, didnt you?
Helmi : No no no, I didnt.
Arih : Yesterday, you borrowed my pencil. You must have broken it.
Helmi : Yes I borrowed it, but I didnt break it. Why dont you try to ask Ario? He
may know something.
We know that Arih ______ Helmi.
A. Accuse
B. Blame
C. Denied
D. Admit
E. Love

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