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Moama Grammar takes sport very seriously. We travel
All around the state competing in sports such as cross
country, swimming, athletics and many more. At the
school we compete against each other to win the end
year’s house cup. To win this you must win as many of
these events as possible. Outside of the school we
travel to Wodonga and Yarrawonga for winter, spring
and summer sports. For this we compete in footy,
tennis, softball etc. We come back home with many
outstanding results. When we compete in house
sports. The students that win will move onto the next
level which is Inter-school, then zone and then state.
Very few students have achieved this at our school but
they have great talents. We encourage all students to
get involved in all sports and yet the ones who don’t
really like sport really do well and we encourage that.
Moama Anglican Grammar School
Volume 1, Issue 5

Staff of M.A.G.S 2009

Mr. Andrew Pullar [Principal]

Mr. Ron Couchman [Deputy Principal and P.D.H.P.E]

Mr. Tim Bowles [Chaplin/ RE Teacher]

Mr. Alan Davidson [Grade 5]

Mrs. Jenny Pullar [Grade 6]

Miss. Fiona Gass [Grade 6]

Miss. Amy Barnes [Year 7 home room and English and Hsie]

Mr. Brad Downie [Year 7 home room and English and Hsie]

Miss. Hayley McAllister [Year 7 home room and Science and Maths]

Mr. Adam Snow [Year 8 home room and Maths and Science]

Mr. Michael Zweck [Year 8 home room and Maths and Science]
Miss. Tara Moon [Year 8 home room, Art and Metal tech]

Mrs. Susan Harrison [Art ]

Mr. Greg Cadd [P.D.P.H.E]

Miss. Jenny Wood [P.D.P.H.E]

Mr. Brain Malone [Legal Studies and Hsie]

Mr. Stuart Young [Maths and Science]

Mrs. Michelle Derveraux [Science and Library]

Mrs. Rosie Kier [Italian]

Mrs. Maree Slatter [Italian]

Mrs. Michelle Downie [Food tech]

Mr. David Fenwick [I.T]

Mrs. Judy Danaher [English and Hsie]

Mrs. Maris Carmody [Maths and Science]

This school includes international to Italy and has introduced
trips to East Timor.

The Italy trip is only for year 9 and 10 students studying either
art or Italian the trip includes going to the Rome, Florence,
Sorrento, Pompeii, Orvieto, Venice and Milan. The students will
travel around these places and even go ancient Rome and see the
Colosseum, The Roman Forum, the Victor Emmanuel Monument
and the Leaning Tower of Pisa and these are just a few things you
will see and learn about while you go to Italy.

This year the school has introduced the East Timor trip this trip
will be open for year yr 9 students or above wishing to travel
without their parents the younger students may go with a Parent
or Guardian coming with them. In this trip students, parents,
guardian and other people attending must work and help the
East Timorese people live their daily life and help them how to
build, farm or any other qualities to give the East Timorese people
a better life. and a helping hand. This will teach everyone more
about a third world country and one of our closet neighbours.
Moama Anglican Grammar School

New buildings

The new buildings that have been installed over

2008/09. The recently installed buildings would be the
Art and ceramics room, the library along with two
other classrooms, the food technology room and room
16. The buildings that are currently being constructed
are yet to be finished. A new staff room is being built.
The staff room is the attachment to the administration
building. 5/6 rooms are under construction, they are
going out near the library and rooms, 19 and 20, a new
school canteen is possibly going to be under
construction. The schools master plan is to have a
senior school, a middle school and a primary school.
This is to be accomplished by the year 2012. There will
be a playing field, tennis courts, theatre and an indoor

Moama Anglican Grammar school believes that
all students in the same year should get to
know each other a little bit. So each year
level goes on a different camp each year
other than year 8 and 9 which both go to the
Grampians. The following years go on these

Year 5: Anglesea or Cave hill creek.

Year 6: Anglesea or cave hill creek.
Year 7: Borambola.
Year 8: Grampians.
Year 9: Grampians.
Year 10: Melbourne universities.
Year 11: Moring Glory (leadership camp).
Year 12: N/A.
Moama Anglican Grammar School ranges in different school
performances such as the school play or musical each year. This
year the put on the play of Sherlock Holmes, 2008 was the
musical Bugsy Malone and in 2007 the school put on a Murray
Melodrama written by Principal Andrew Pullar. The school also
has Musical Performances and students learning or studying
music are encouraged to come and play at the schools annual
Spring Time Concert. The school has introduced drama into on of
the elective subjects for students to study. The school also has a
co-curricula program teaching and getting students to learn
instruments such as saxophone, clarinet, piano, guitar, drums
and other woodwind instruments. The school has also this year
have introduced a Moama Grammar School band ran by Mr.
Kevin Kiely and music teacher Mrs. Monique Fruewirth. The
school plays are ran and directed by some of the dedicated
teaching staff of Moama Grammar. The school encourages the
students to participate in these activities.

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