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Spector: Friday Night, Dont Ever Let it

End: Deconstruction

This video was produced to advertise the bands latest single; Friday
Night, Dont Ever Let it End. The video was directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz
and takes a peculiar, art-house style to heart and places the band at a
party whilst cutting between shots of objects. The target audience for
the video is young people who enjoy going to parties and enjoy new,
indie rock.


The video uses many
camera angles and
techniques; the most
interesting being the zoom
shots. When the video
cuts to shots of objects
the camera zooms in
slowly, contrasting from
the jerky handheld shots
that show the party in
action. The zoom shot
puts focus on the object,
making the audience think
how it is related to the
song. The handheld shots
of the party are really
effective at making the
audience feel like they are
there, observing the party
as it takes off.
The director also uses the close ups, mid shots and wide shots
throughout the video showing the bands performance. These are
contrasting to the shots of the party and objects, where either the
camera or subjects are moving fast.


The sound is designed to put focus on the music and lyrics. The only
sound that can be heard is
the track playing; no sound
from the party can be
heard. This connoted to the
audience that the lead
singer is remembering the
night before and is singing
about it afterwards.
Another possible reason for
the minimalist sound design
is to make the viewer concentrate more on the lyrics and message of the
song. Other music videos make the visuals standout more than the
music, meaning the viewer doesnt take as much notice. So when the
director decided to limit the sound to just the track he was really
pushing the music to be in the audiences face.


The pacing of the video is fast, with the camera cutting between shots
every few seconds. This was done to make sure the video progresses
quickly, keeping the audience interested and wondering whats theyre
going to be shown next. The video also cuts on the beat of the song;
establishing the relationship
between the visuals and
music as this shows the video
is following the music.
Between some shots light
bleeds are used as a
transition. These help
establish the style of the
video, modern-vintage as
light bleeds are associated
with old film and photos. This transition is not standard meaning it could
be new to the viewer, intriguing them to see why it was used. The lead
singer of the band is shown to be singing the song in the video. Lip-
syncing is used here to complete the effect. This portrays to the
audience that the singer is singing for them, telling them the story of his
Friday night; establishing a
connection meaning the
audience will enjoy the
video more.


Artificial lighting is used
throughout. During the
band shots high key
lighting is used to remove
shadows from the scene
and create a slight dream
effect as the instruments
and clothes seem to glow
slightly. Also this makes
the band members seem
friendly and approachable.
During the party scenes
low key lighting is used to
establish the atmosphere
as intriguing and
mysterious. The songs
lyrics also accompany the
idea that mysterious things
happen at parties.

The costumes in the video
have vintage vibe to
them, being inspired by
styles from the 50s and
60s. This along with the
light bleed transitions and
short clips of film reel
really sets the tone for the
video. The clothing worn by
party goers represents some
of them as being
stereotypical and then some
of the items represent them
as counter types. One girl is
wearing a jumper that has the
slogan Chevy Thunder
written across the front. This
is a counter typical piece of
clothing to be worn by a
woman. This shows that the
video is taking characteristics
of vintage fashion and
applying them to modern
The video is set in two
locations; one is a party and
the other is a carpeted back
cloth where the band plays.
The party location appears to
be a flat, which has
fluorescent lighting and is
crowded with party goers.
The location is represented as
small but a comfortable
environment to be in as the
party goers are all
comfortable in the
environment. The carpeted
area where the band is performing is set up being bright and clean. The
blue background allows the audience to see the musicians easily and to
concentrate on them. The location is a contrast from the dark party,
showing a difference between the bands performance and party antics.

During the music video the
camera cuts to close up
shots of objects, all of which
are from the 50s and 60s.
These shots are strange as
the objects dont relate
directly to the lyrics of the
song; examples of these are
the tea cups and matches.
These shots add a surreal
feeling to the video, connoting to the audience that not everything is


The band is represented as fun loving. The song is about partying on
Friday nights with friends, connoting to the audience that the band
regularly attends parties. They are also represented as through backs to
the vintage period. This is shown through their choice of fashion and
props and locations in the video.

What will I use?

I like the fact that every camera shot has some form of movement,
making an otherwise boring angle exciting. It also keeps the pace of the
video, keeping the audience interested