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1% &y'rain(hark
The site allows you to upload PowerPoints and then to add voice narration to them.
)raining *ideos +or my'rain(hark
(hort *ideo
-onger *ideo
.. /resent me
0 only 1ust discovered this tool which allows you to add up //), 2ord and /34
documents and then to add your web cam and voice so that you can create presentations
that you can then share over the internet or embed. )his is really interesting.
Russell Stannard
)raining *ideos +or /resent &e
)ools that allow very !uick audio recordings
5ne o+ the simplest voice recording and sharing sites on the internet.
)raining *ideos +or *acaroo
.. &ail*u
6 really simple tool that allows you to record both your voice and the camera
)raining *ideos +or &ail*u
Collaboration and (haring
1. )oday7s meet
Russell Stannard
Simple tool that in seconds can have your students collaborating and working together.
Great for in class use and for homework too.
)raining *ideos +or )oday7s &eet
.. )ricider
!ne of my favourite collaboration tools. Set up a "uestion# get the weblink and share it with
your students. Great way of getting students working and collaborating together and
commenting on each others ideas. $ery powerful and simple to use
)raining *ideos +or )ricider
8. 9dmodo
6ma:ing +ree virtual learning environment that can do many o+ the things that &oodle
can do but it is +ree and has an inter+ace like 4acebook
)raining *ideos +or 9dmodo
;reat tool where students can upload and share all their content and keep it all in one
place and a really easy tool to use.
Russell Stannard
<elp videos +or -ive'inders
)he recent website that now let7s you develop learning content around 6N>
>ou)ube video
)raining *ideos +or 9d.ted
<ow to look +or Copyright 4ree 0mages
'ou can simply watch these videos which show you how to search for images on the internet
and select copyright free images
)raining *ideos
Russell Stannard
Russell Stannard