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The Mayan Tones

1 (Hun)
Purpose: To initiate
Key meaning: Hun represents the beginning of all things, all that is first, and all that
initiates, sows, conceives
Ruler: The God of Fire and Time

2 (Ka)
Purpose: To create a reaction
Key meaning: Ka represents duality and balance between opposing yet complementary
Ruler: The God of Earth

3 (Ox)
Purpose: To activate
Key meaning: Ox represents action, movement and communication
Ruler: The Goddess of Water and Childbirth

4 (Kan)
Purpose: To stabilize
Key meaning: Kan represents stability
Ruler: The God of The Sun and The Warriors

5 (Ho)
Purpose: To Empower
Key meaning: Ho represents empowerment
Ruler: The Goddess of Love and Childbirth
6 (Uac)
Purpose: To create flow
Key meaning: Uac represents flow and the movement of volume through space, creating
Ruler: The God of Death

7 (Uuc)
Purpose: To reveal
Key meaning: Uuc represents reflection, the source of creation and the flow of divine
Ruler: The God of Maize and Sustenance

8 (Uaxac)
Purpose: To harmonize
Key meaning: Uaxac represents justice, harmony and balance
Ruler: The God of Rain and War

9 (Bolon)
Purpose: To create forward movement
Key meaning: Bolon represents patience, perseverance and completion
Ruler: The God of Light

10 (La Hun)
Purpose: To challenge
Key meaning: La Hun represents manifestation
Ruler: The God of Darkness
11 (Buluk)
Purpose: To create clarity
Key meaning: Buluk represents resolution
Ruler: The Goddess of Birth

12 (La Ka)
Purpose: To create understanding
Key meaning: La Ka represents understanding and communication
Ruler: The God of the Morning Star who rules before dawn

13 (Ox La Hun)
Purpose: To complete
Key meaning: Ox La Hun represents ascension and the completion of all things
Ruler: The Supreme Deity of Creation

The Mayan Glyphs

Alligator (Imix)
Day when new phenomena from the collective unconscious comes to the surface
Key meaning: Primal creation and personal power
Personality: Energetic, creative and initiating. Protective and dominating in a parental
way. Sensitive and private.

Ik (Wind)
Day when the new phenomena are disseminated and communicated
Key meaning: Adoption, the mind and communication
Personality: Communicative, mental, agile, clever and multifaceted. Idealistic and
romantic. Fashion conscious or artistic.
Night (Akbal)
Day of recreated unity and dampened worldly ambitions
Key meaning: Foundations of personal security
Personality: Powerful, logical, organized, deep, thoughtful and conservative. Good
endurance, introspective.

Lizard (Kan)
Day when sustenance naturally manifests and patience is rewarded
Key meaning: Individuality and sexual maturity
Personality: Interested in leadership and performance. Active, dynamic and sexual.
Influential, holds to high standards.

Serpent (Chicchan)
Day of vital energy, instinct and desire for creativity
Key meaning: The challenge of transformation
Personality: Strong-willed, extremist, powerful and charismatic. Has strong emotions or
personal powers that affect others deeply.

Death (Cimi)
Day of transformation and resurrection
Key meaning: Sacrifice for community
Personality: Security conscious, materialistic, sacrificing and helpful. Interest and
concern for the community and politics.

Deer (Manik)
Day to recreate spiritual strength in nature
Key meaning: Fellowship and family versus freedom and independence.
Personality: Peaceful, generous, cooperative, artistic and inspiring. Also nomadic,
outspoken and individualistic. Needs companionship.
Rabbit (Lamat)
Day to appreciate the growth accomplished
Key meaning: Opposition, risk and daring.
Personality: Energetic, busy, nervous, clever and playful. Intelligent, but somewhat
paranoid. Likes to fight.

Water (Muluc)
Day of realizing the complexity and diversity of the divine process
Key meaning: The power of the emotions
Personality: Emotional, imaginative, psychic romantic and fantasy prone. Dominates
others easily by projecting strong feelings.

Dog (Oc)
Day of single minded action and devotion to the highest ideal
Key meaning: Loyalty and participation
Personality: Cooperative, consistent, loyal and helpful. Good team player and joiner, but
also good leader. Needs much variety in life.

Monkey (Chuen)
Day to playfully explore and create
Key meaning: Performance and artistry
Personality: Attention getting, artistic, clever and demonstrative. Multiple interests,
communicative and very curious.

The Road (Eb)

Day for contemplating consequences and safeguarding the future
Key meaning: Cooperative usefulness.
Personality: Relaxed, courteous, careful and useful. Also sensitive, touchy and easily
hurt. Ambitious and hard-working.
Cane (Ben)
Day to generate new energy, organize and take charge
Key meaning: Singleness of mind, integrity.
Personality: Popular, knowledgeable, accomplished and competent. A fighter for
principles, a crusader. Takes on challenges.

Jaguar (Ix)
Day of contact with the inner core of the earth
Key meaning: Investigation and healing
Personality: Secretive, sensitive, intelligent and psychic. Concerned with religion or
spirituality. Aggressive but avoids direct confrontations.

Eagle (Men)
Day of heightened aspirations and taking new aim
Key meaning: Vision - perspective.
Personality: Independent, ambitious and escapist. Scientific, technically inclined, critical
and exacting. Has unique ideas about life.

Owl (Cib)
Day to be receptive to the cosmic forces
Key meaning: Authority and status.
Personality: Serious, wise, deep, realistic and pragmatic. Hardened to life, status
conscious. Sometimes dominated by others. Has very high standards.

Earth (Caban)
Day of innovative intellectual impulses
Key meaning: Pushing the limits.
Personality: Mentally active, rationalizing, clever but practical. Usually liberal and
progressive. Often controversial. Strong convictions.
Flint (Etznab)
Day to choose the better path
Key meaning: Cooperation vs. self interest
Personality: Practical, mechanically inclined, well-coordinated. Social, but struggles in
close relationships. Compromising and self-sacrificing, but suppresses anger.

Rainstorm (Cauac)
Day of enthusiasm and strong energies
Key meaning: The healing of mind and body
Personality: Youthful, restless, friendly and helpful. Multi-faceted, a good learner and
teacher. Drawn to philosophy or religion. Concern for healing and purification.

Light (Ahau)
Day to celebrate the completion of creation
Key meaning: Aiming the mark
Personality: Loving, devoted, artistic, dreamy and romantic. Socially awkward but well-
intentioned. Stubborn and uncompromising.