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Write an essay on importance of computer education

(Information Technology)
1. Interdiction
2. Uses and benets of computer
!. Internet"our companion and teacher
#. $ comprehensi%e means of ac&uiring 'no(ledge
). *ombines 'no(ledge (ith pleasure
+. ,ituation in -a'istan and other de%eloping countries
.. *onclusion
*omputers are slo(ly but steadily creeping into our li%es. They ha%e completely
changed the comple/ion of our (or' and leisure. 0o( architects design our houses
(ith the help of computers. Our pay bills and utiity bills are prepared by computers.
Today scientists1 doctors1 engineers1 musicians1 accountants1 soldiers1 businessmen1
ban'er and almost e%erybody belonging to any eld of life are using them in their
day to day (or'. 2%en the boo's (e are reading no( has been typeset by
computer1 (e can easily predict that (ithin a fe( years (e (ill come into contact
(ith this fact and intelligent electronic 3brain4 in e%ery o5ce1 on the (ay to and
from (or' an in the home. *omputers are no( considered the most e6ecti%e1
accurate and comprehensi%e means of a ac&uiring 'no(ledge on any topic. 7rom
our computer (e can ta'e an aerial tour 8isneyland. We can get information from
the 9ritish :useum ;ibrary or from the ;ibrary of *ongress in $merica. With the
proper e&uipment (e can sit at our computer and communicate (ith someone any
(here in the (orld. We can also use the internet to access %ast amount of
information including te/t1 graphics1 sound and %ideo in any part of the (orld. With
the help of our computers (e can send e"mail1 recei%e electronic ne(sletters e%en
chat (ith others on line. *omputer combines 'no(ledge (ith pleasure. -lay is a
natural method of learning about something. :ost of the computer programmes are
such as teach children di6erent languages and scientic facts through interesting
games. 9y playing these games they learn ho( to ma'e fantastic graphics1
animations and sounds at the touch of a nger. ,ome programmes are so splendid
that they 'eep 'ids glued to computers for hours1 playing and learning at the same
time1 the day is not far (hen computers (ill replace boo's becoming the
companions and teachers of the generations to come. In spite of the fact that
information age has set in due to the in%ention of computers the situation in
-a'istan is not so encouraging. 0ot only ad%anced countries li'e $merica1 9ritain1
7rance but also de%eloping countries li'e India and *hina ha%e 3computeri<ed4
themsel%es by ma'ing e%erything short and precise through computers sa%ing time1
money and energy. 9ut in our country =o%ernment has not so far opened
institutions (here people can get computer education nor has it pro%ided proper
>obs to the computer e/perts. The need of the time is that (e should use all our
resources to spread computers education in the country. The rst step in this
direction should be the introduction of computer as a compulsory sub>ect at all
le%els in schools and colleges.