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650 series configured product range

Summary - Product selections

Tender ID: 14Q2269565 Pos: 10
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Country of End User IN
End User - Utili ty Shankar Ratna Sugar Ltd
Station Name Sholapur
Voltage Level - kV 132kV
IED code : RET650*1.1- A01AX00-X00- B1A6- BE- RA-CX0- RA2- AAXX- B
Product description : Transformer protection, RET650,A01A,Single breaker, 2 winding
for configuration alternative A01A
1Ph High impedance differential protection (HZPDIF,87),2pcs
Automatic voltage control for tapchanger, parallel control (TR8ATCC,90),1pcs
Bay control (QCBAY),1pcs
Breaker close/trip circuit monitoring (TCSSCBR),3pcs
Breaker failure protection, 3-phase activation and output (CCRBRF,50BF),2pcs
Circuit breaker condition monitoring (SSCBR),2pcs
Configurable logic blocks ( ),1pcs
Directional Over-power protection (GOPPDOP,32),1pcs
Directional Under- power protection (GUPPDUP,37),1pcs
Disturbance report (DRPRDRE),1pcs
Four step phase overcurrent protection (OC4PTOC,51_67),2pcs
Four step residual overcurrent protection (EF4PTOC,51N_67N),2pcs
Function block for service values presentation of the analog inputs (AI SVBAS),1pcs
Function for energy calculation and demand handling (ETPMMTR),3pcs
Handling of LR-switch positions (LOCREM),1pcs
I nstantaneous phase overcurrent protection, 3-phase output (PHPI OC,50),2pcs
I nstantaneous residual overcurrent protection (EFPI OC,50N),2pcs
I nsulation gas monitoring function (SSI MG,63),2pcs
I nsulation Liquid monitoring function (SSI ML,71),2pcs
LHMI control of PSTO (LOCREMCTRL),1pcs
Negative sequence based overcurrent function (DNSPTOC,46),1pcs
Overexcitation protection (OEXPVPH,24),1pcs
Overfrequency protection (SAPTOF,81),4pcs
Pole discordance protection (CCRPLD,52PD),2pcs
Rate- of-change frequency protection (SAPFRC,81),2pcs
Restricted earth fault protection, low impedance (REFPDI F,87N),2pcs
Station battery supervision (SPVNZBAT),1pcs
Tap changer control and supervision, 6 binary inputs (TCMYLTC,84),1pcs
Thermal overload protection, two time constants (TRPTTR,49),2pcs
Transformer differential protection, two winding (T2WPDI F,87T),1pcs
Tripping logic, common 3-phase output (SMPPTRC,94),2pcs
Two step overvoltage protection (OV2PTOV,59),1pcs
Two step residual overvoltage protection (ROV2PTOV,59N),1pcs
Two step undervoltage protection (UV2PTUV,27),1pcs
Underfrequency protection (SAPTUF,81),4pcs
ABB Standard configuration, X00
Software options No software options, X00
First HMI Language HMI language, English I EC, B1
Additional HMI language HMI language, English US, A6
Casing Rack, 6U 1/2x19 inch, max 4 I/ O+1 TRM or max 2 I / O+1 TRM
and 1 AI M, B
Back plane module, pBPM - basic BPM, 6U 1/2 x 19"
Mounting details Flush mounting kit , 6U 1/2x19 inch case, E
Connection type for power supply, I nput/ Output
and communication modules, pCONI O
Ringlug terminals, R
Power supply, pPSM PSM03, 100- 240V AC, 110-250V DC, 9BO, A
Human machine interface, pHMI LHMI , OL4000, ANSI 6U 1/2 x 19", Basic, C
Detached LHMI No detached mounting of LHMI, X0
Connection type for analog modules, pCONAI Ringlug terminals, R
Analog system slot P2/ X101,X102 TRM, 8I + 2U, 1/ 5A, 100/220V, A2
Binary input/output module slot P3/X321,X324 BI O01, 9 BI , 3 NO Trip, 5 NO Signal, 1 CO Signal, A
Binary input/output module slot P4/X326,X329 BI O01, 9 BI , 3 NO Trip, 5 NO Signal, 1 CO Signal, A
Binary input/output module slot P5/X331,X334 No board in this slot, X
Binary input/output module slot P6/X336,X339 No board in this slot, X
Communication and processing module, pCOM CPM, 14 BI , I RI G-B, Ethernet, LC optical, ST connector, B
User Documentation I ED Connect, containing user documentation
Data sheet - Product Guide, RET650 ANSI Ver.1.1
ABB ltd
Substation Automation Products
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