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Basic building block of a Managed Object Model is an MO.

Parameters associated with MO are called MO attributes. They are categorized as

1. Configuration Management: Stored permanently e.g. administrative state
2. Fault Management: Not stored permanently e.g. availability status
3. Performance Management: Not stored permanently e.g. pmNoReqDeniedAdm

MOs are organized in a hierarchical structure. Below, string at the left is known as MO Class and
at the right is MO Identity. Classes can have more than 1 subclasses.
Launching AMOS:
WRAN Explorer: Tools  AMOS
Login using RNC Name or IP address
Accessing AMOS via Telnet
> Telnet <OSS IP Address>, Then launch AMOS
> moshell CLMASCPQRNC001
Loading & Unloading MOs
> lt all
> lc all
> lu all
Loading MOs of a particular class
> lt utrancell
> h Help menu
> h pmr
> q Quit
Commands History
> hi
Data Storage:
By default data is not stored by AMOS.
Following command saves the logs.
> l+
> <Command>
> l-

Displaying all CM & FM attributes (params)
> get UtranCell=SCCLU02217
Displaying value of a specific attribute
> get Utrancell=SCCLU02217 CPICH
Displaying more than 1 attributes
> get UtranCell=SCCLU02217 CPICH|qQualMin
Displaying value of RNC level HO params
> get handover
Displaying Operational State
>get UtranCell=SCCLU0001 OperationalState
Getting current no. of Radiolink (Cell)
> get radiolinks
Display RBS Local Cell Parameters (Cell)
> get rbslocalcell

Changing CPICH of a cell
> set Utrancell=SCCLU00018 PrimaryCpichPower 310
Changing GSMThresh3a value to -93 (RNC)
>set uemeascontrol gsmthresh3a -93

Printing state of all UtranCells in an RNC
> st UtranCell
Printing state of cells with prefix SCCLU
>st Utrancell=SCCLU
Printing state of a particular MO
> st Utrancell=SCCLU0221
Printing state of all disabled utrancell MOs
> st utrancell dis
Printing state of the channels
> lst utrancell=SCCLU02217
Printing state of RU (cell level)
> st RU (RAX, TX, FU)
Printing Modules and Iub links status (RNC)
> str
Print State and BW usage of ATM Ports
> stv

Overview of active alarms
> al
Print active alarms chronologically
> alt
Print active alarms with info
> ala
Print active ack and unack. alarms
> alk
Printing PM counters list for Utrancell class only (RNC)
> pmom Utrancell
Printing description of a particular counter
> pmom utrancell pmTotNoRrcConnectReqCsSucc
Displaying a counter value during the last ROP
> pmx UtranCell=SCCLU02217 pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdm
Displaying counter values during last 3 hrs.
> pmx UtranCell=SCCLU02217 pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdm –m 3
Displaying accumulated counter value during last 1 hr
> pmx UtranCell=SCCLU02217 pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdm –m 1-a
> pmr
This command produces list of available KPI reports.
Important reports include:
1) RNC Node Traffic performance
7) RNC UtranCell RRC Performance
8) RNC UntranCell Speech Performance
10) RNC UtranCell PS Data Performance
12) RNC UtranCell HSPA Performance
13) RNC UtranCell IRAT Performance
15) Worst 20 Cells for RRC Failure Rate
16) Worst 20 Cells for Speech RRC Fail Rate
17. Worst 20 Cells for PS Failure Rate
18) Worst 20 Cells for Speech RAB Setup
19) Worst 20 Cells for PS RAB Setup
20) Worst 20 UtranCells for Speech DR Contribution
33) UtranCell Availability Report
Stats during the last 3 hrs.
> pmr –m 3
Stats from 5 hrs ago and 3 hrs from there on
> pmr –m 5 -p 3
Stats during an absolute time span
>pmr –s 20080908 –e 20080909

Getting Started
Getting States of MOs
PM Attributes: Info and Stats
CM & FM Attributes
Fault Management
Getting KPIs
Class Identity
Getting No. of T1s and error seconds
>pget t1
No. of T1s and their state
> st t1
Configuration of Iub Links and Subracks (RNC)

Changing Parameters
Introduction to AMOS Ericsson Internal