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"When I Journey to Spain

Summer Edition 1995



Paul spent most of his life and ministry in the eastern Mediterranean world. But he longed to visit Rome (Romans 1:13,14). However, a deeper look into Romans clearly indicates that Rome was just to be a stopover for the pioneering Apostle. His spiritual eyes were set on Spain, the "end of the world" in the first century where he knew the Gospel had not yet been preached. Acts 28 ends with Paul in Rome in his first imprisonment, but many Biblical scholars believe

that he was released and took the Gospel to Spain (Iberia), and again imprisoned in Rome where he wrote 11Timothy just before his martyrdom under Nero.

"When I Journeyed to Spain and Portugal and Gibraltar"

I learned in December, 1994, that my scheduled teaching and evangelism mission in Nicaragua in January, 1995,

had to be postponed. Billy Loft called from Managua to inform me that he was being called to Spain by his mother, Mrs.

Ginny Loft, widow of Bill Loft, Sr. to assist with an emergency in the church leadership in the churches in Murcia, Spain. I don't handle disappointments easily, so the Ijord took care of that for me. Billy asked if it would be possible to come

to Spain and Portugal in January instead. It resulted in one of my greatest missionary experiences since our first trip

to India in 1971.

Spain and Portugal have been opened to evangelism completely in the last ten years, the first such

freedom in many centuries. From January 2nd to the 15th,








' ^'



pastors, elders, evangelists, teachers and young people from

the churches in Murcia.

I preached in the churches in

Murcia, Lorca and Alicante, Province of Valencia ("birth-

place"ofFloridaValenciaoranges). MymissioninSpainwas

climaxed Sunday night, January 15th, with a two-hour

plus! baptismal service in the church in Murcia.

DDD, with Fernando Juan Vergara on the left and extreme right Jesus

Martinez, co-ministers of the church in Murcia, with "Peppi," just after his

baptism. "Peppi" bad sought salvation in denominational churches for 15 years before meeting Bros. Vergara and Martinez who taught him "the way

of the Lord more perfectly."

(Acts 18:26)

From Spain to Portugal

With Ginny Loft asmy chauffeur, we left Murcia before dawn, January 16 and drove to Lisbon, Portugal. The super highway via Granada and Seville would have been faster, but very little "experiencing the real Spain," so we drove north

through the hills and villages. I never knew there were so many olive trees in the world -- mile upon mile, they cover

the mountain sides.

Ginny and I were welcomed at our late night arrival in Carcavelos (Lisbon) by her old friends,

Richard and Sarah Robison. Dickinformed me that the seminar inEphesians wouldbe held 10:00 to 12:00 a.m., and 6:00

to 8:00 p.m. for ten days.

Francisco Paiz De Monteiro, a former Jesuit, was baptizedJanuary 25,1995 by Missionary Richard Robison after many months of Biblical research and study. He shared in my studies in Eohesians daily,

sometimes coming to the seminar with a Latin Bible, a Greek New Testament, aHebrewOldTestament, the Septuagint(Greektranslation

ofthe O.T.), a Portuguese Bible, the NIV, or a Coptic version, etc. The first day his scholarship was intimidating to me, but the sincerity of his

love for the Word soon erased that barrier.

He became my most

appreciative "student"

(he has

numerous degrees from colleges,

seminaries and universities, including two doctorates).

'You shall be my martyrs


Acts 1:8

Floriano Ucuahamba, wife, and niece, refugees from Angola, now serve in ministry with the Christian Church in Lisbon, Portugal. Floriano was imprisoned and tortured by the communists in Angola

from 1972 to 1984. His family was told he was dead. In freedom from

1984 to 1992, he baptized 4,000 souls into Christ. Tribal warfare in 1992 forced them to flee from Angola to Portugal. Improving conditions now indicate it may be possible for them to return home to minister in

the near future.

Maria Clotilde Machada was one

of my Portuguese

translatora in the

seminar studies

and the preaching



has lived in Mo



English in college,





excellency as an


A 2100^ear-old Roman bridge in Portugal

Julius Caesar led a troop of Roman soldiers across this bridge in 55


It is still in perfect condition and in regular use.

Fourth century baptistry

in Monforte, Portugal

Jul and Luz- minda CasteL lano and their

five children pose











in Tag-


Dick Robison





baptistry, shaped








with 4 steps each,






NorthAfrica, pre-


Rene Perez, Christian worker, supported by ICM, teaching a class in choirch camp, Island of Bohol, Philippines.

Basilica De Vega Del Mar, on the southern coast of Spain, between

Gibraltar and Malaga. The structure was destroyed by an earthquake in 365 A.D. and just recently excavated. Archaeologists date the original basilica (church) sometime in the 2nd century. If so, it may be

the oldest known church and baptistry in Christendom.

Richard Robi*

son, BillyLoftand

DDD are the only non-archeologists

ever to step into



Christian bap*




Basilica Del Mar.


Roman arena at Merida, the ancient Roman capital of the Province of Iberia (now Spain and Portugal). According to history, more

Christians were martyred in this arena in the early centuries than in

any other place in the Roman empire.

DDD being interviewed on a national cultural television program in Valencia, Spain, with Billy Loft translating.


The pulpit area of the

Basilica Del Mar (c.


300 A.D.), with DDD ready

to preach.

On historic Gibraltar with Dick Robison, January 23, 24, 1996.

Cabo Da Roca (Cape of the Rock), Portugal, westernmost point on

continental Europe.

Puebla De Don Rodrigo

The birthplace of Don Rodrigo, better known as "El Cid," Spain's national hero. (Played by Charlton Heston in the motion picture.) "El Cid" fought the Moors (Muslims), who occupied Spain and Portugal for

700 years, 790-1492 A.D. He conquered Valencia for the Christians in

1094 A.D.

After Ten Years

Eileen and DDD went to Haiti in 1985 and worked with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, Larry and Diane Owen, Directors, in the mountains at Basan Bleu and Port-Au-Paix, St. Louis de Nord and the Island of Torguga. Ten years

later, Februaiy 6-22,1995, two weeks were spent conducting Leadership Training Seminars and preaching in Port Au

Paix and St. Louis de Nord. The onlyhope for the desperate and blightedconditions in Haiti is in the Good News of Christ.

In spite of the witchcraft, voodooism, and the superstitious culture of the masses, many are hungry for the Gospel.

After Forty-three Years

In the spring of 1952, while ministering with First Christian Church, Kissimmee, Florida, DDD made a two-week trip to Nassau, Bahamas (British West Indies then) in the very beginning of what is now Bahamas Christian Mission.

There was not Ihe slightest thought then of ever becoming personally involved in "missions." A week was spent with

Jimmy (Jr.) and Sarah Redmon, April 17-24,1995, teaching and preaching in the Bahamas Christian Youth Camp and

preaching for two churches in Nassau on April 23. (Things have changed; Nassau is now a tourist mecca.)

Now, For the Rest of 1995

April 25 - May 4 Kiamichi Mountains, OK

Men's Rendezvous, April 25-27

Preaching, Broken Bow Christian Church, April 30

Kiamichi Men's Clinic, May 1-4 (DDD's 45th consecutive year) Kiamichi Moimtains Christian Mission Board of Trustees, May 4

May6-9 Tuisa,OK, Osage HillsChristianChurch

May 10-14

May 15-25

Lincoln, IL, Aliimni Homecoming and Commencement

Lincoln Christian Colleg^eminary

Mother's Day, Lincoln Christian Church

Athome inl^eJW^esJ^

May 28 ^Memorial Day and Homecoming, Mason, IL. Special mem

orial service for Doyle E. Debault, 1920-1995, Mason Chris

tian Church

May 29

American Legion Memorial Day Service, Edgewood, IL cem


Jime 4

AM - Evergreen Christian Church, Salem, IL PM - Christian Church, Springerton, IL

June 10

PM -- Bible Grove Opry, celebrating DDD's birthday

June 11

AM - Christian Chimh, Louisville, IL PM ~ Redbrush Christicm Church, RFD, Louisville, IL, cele

brating 55th anniversary of first sermon in Redbrush church

June 18

AM —Hardinville Christian Church, RFD, Robinson, IL PM -- Central Christian Church, Newton, IL



PM - MaCoupin Coimty Christian Men's Fellowship (family

night), Scott^le, IL Christian Church



PM - Wedding, Rachel Priesi/Michael Haste (Lincoln Chris

June 25

July 2

July 9

tian College students), Lincoln Christian Church

AM - West Burlington Christian Church, LA

PM - West Burlington Christian Church, lA

AM - Hebron Road Church of Christ, RFD, Robinson, IL

PM - North Harter Christian Church, RFD, Flora, IL

AM - Riverton Christian Church, IL

PM ~ Christian Church, Alma, IL

July 15 AM ~ !^ard of Directors, Int'l DisasterEmergency


PM - Kempton, IN


c> (/)


July 16

AM~PleasantRidgeChristianChurch, RFD, Lawrenceville, IL

July 16-20

North American Christian Convention, Indianapolis, IN

July 23

AM -

Mt. Byrd Christian Church, Milton, KY

Aug. 7-23

PM - Bunker Hill Christian Chxirch, RFD, Salem, IN

Russia (Trip Tentative)

Sept. 4 - Oct. 21 CentralAmerica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica&Pan ama

Nov. 3

PM - Board of Directors, Int'l Disaster Emergency Service

Nov. 4

AM - Services, Kempton, IN

Nov. 7

AM " Chapel, Lincoln (IL) Christian College

Nov. 22-26

Thanksgiving at the Debault homestead in Lake Wales, FL

Dec. 4-11

Haiti, Reggie Thomas, White Fields Evangelism (Tentative)

Dec. 21-27

Christmas in the PINES, Sutton Road, Forsyth, OA, with

Dec. 31

Debault, Mettler, Davis and Craig festivities

NewYearsEve at home. LakeW^es, FL

International Christian Ministries, Inc.

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Delmar and Eileen Debault, Directors

Louise Garden, Sec'y and Treasurer

August 10,1995






James 4:13,14: "Now listen, you who say 'today or tomorrow, we willgo to this or that city, spend

a year there, carry on business and make money.'



Why, you do not even know what will happen

The EPISTLE OF JAMES has been called 'THE COMMON SENSE GOSPEL." How true!

You will recall that last December I was all set to spend January, 1995, in Nicaragua with Billy and

Bette Loft.

The thought of teaching and directing a Leadership Training Seminar in the city of

Manag^ua was exciting. At that time, Billy had baptized 700 souls in less than three years (many more

now). With LAM (Latin American Missions) Billy had organized 90 house churches in the city of Managua. What a challenge to assist in the training and instruction in the Scriptures leaders from

among these 90 house churches.

But you know it was necessary to postpone those plans. How true the words ofJames in Chapter

4, verse 14. It all worked out to the Glory of God. HE wanted me in Spain, Portugal and Gilbraltar in January, 1995, instead. That experience opened doors of opportunity and service that I may not

live long enough to fulfill.

Now, THE LORD WILLING!. I am getting set to go to Central America in September and

Instead of Nicaragua alone, the opportxmity has widened to include Honduras, Costa

Rica and Panama. The expansion and progress of New Testament Christianity in Central America

in the last decade is phenomenal.

October, 1995.

I will fly from Miami, Florida, to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, September 8, and work with American missionaries Tom and Carol Jeffries and Roger and Elaine Twitchell. When Eileen and I came through Tegucigalpa in October, 1987, there was no missionary work in progress among our missions. Now hundreds have been baptized, and the need for Leadership Training Seminars is great. After being accompanied to the border, I will be met by Billy and Bette Loft for the drive

through Nicaragua to Managua. Billy informs me by telephone to be prepared for a compact program

of teaching, training and preaching (all in the city of Managua). After these seminars, I will travel by bus on the PAN AMERICAN HIGHWAY to San Jose, Costa Rica where we have several churches.

Since I have not met our missionaries anchor church leaders in San Jose, Kevin and Kim Dooley,

missionary friends in Panama, are making the arrangements for the Costa Rica seminars and


The last leg of the Central American mission trip will be in Panama. We first met Kevin and Kim

Dooley in the Dominican Republic in 1990whenwe travelled with Dr. Dennis Pruett and worked with

Billy and Bette Loft (who were then in the D.R.). In addition to serving with the Dooleys, I am keenly anticipating getting to know Narciso Rodriguez, Panamanian evangelist. I know who he is from my

association as a member of the Board of Directors of IDES (International Disaster Emergency

Service). IDES has helped fund several trips by Brother Rodriguez into Cuba when he has taken medical supplies, teaching materials and SPANISH BIBLES. I cannot publish details for OBVIOUS reasons. Suffice it to say, when the "banana curtain" falls, we will be ready to move in, with "the fields white unto harvest." I hope to be on the first plane into Cuba when (not if) that

happens, (nuffsaid).

My schedule is almost firmed up.

I will fly from Miami to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Friday,

September 8. That allows two Simdays for preaching and five days, with 2-hourAM, PM and evening

sessions for the Seminar.


JOHN for the Biblical material -- probablyJ OHN because ofthe short seminar. Billy and Bette Lioft will meet me at the border Monday, September 18, for two weeks in Nicaragua. He has requested

my EPHESIANS lectures.

The bus to SanJose, Costa Rica, will leave Managua Saturday, September 30, for a repeat ofthe

Tegucigalpa program, probably using I, II, III John again. I will have two Sundays for preaching.

I will continue by bus, leaving SanJose, Costa Rica, Monday morning, October9, for the trip to David,

Panama, where I will be met by Kevin and Kim Dooley. They requested a longer Seminar, so I will

use EPHESIANS again. I have reserved three days at the end of the sessions for a visit to the

Panama Canal, and hopefully, a ride through it. (Aw, shucks, folks, a guy has got to have a little fun.) My flight will return to Miami October 24 or 25.

My total expenses should be a little under $2,000.00. I plan to drive to Miami, Florida, park my

car at the WORLD MISSION TOURS headquarters, Miami Springs, just a 10-minute drive to the

Miami International Airport. $2,000.00 will cover all my travel, food and incidentals. Eileen and

I have ALWAYS more than paid our own way. We DO NOT free-load on missionaries. We know

many are on a tight budget and we know some who have a hard time making ends meet.

I awakened at 5:30 this morning, brewed a pot of Maxwell House, and turned my thoughts toward

God's purpose in my life. I need $2,000.00 for this mission adventure. I know there is no balance

in the account ofINTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN MINISTRIES that is not designated for other

services. I just prayed, 'LORD, I atti starting today, August 10,to raise $2,000.00 by September 8,

in just one month." The Lord seemed to remind me, "Whyshould we doubt?" We have never had to

cancel a mission trip due to the lack of travel funds because our friends, God's people, failed to

respond. As Gideon put out the dry fleece for assurance in JUDGES 7, God's people have alwavs

proved to us that HIS promises are secure.

Today in the mail, GODbeganHIS answers. Acheck came from a dear fidend for $50.00. That

—UllO Tlx rl U OTlTirj OTi uli O



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J. jJXrw CtWirAV



Church in Eldorado, Illinois. I came to know a fine couple, Mrs. Lahoma Trigg and her late husband.

Thank you, Lahoma. I am on my way.

Will you consider having a part in my mission trip to Central America? Will you remember in

prayerthis specialproject? I can't make it without you. Myticketmust be pre-purchased, but I won't

fret about "eatin"' money until departure time. Our Mission, INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN

MINISTRIES, is a tax-exempt mission incorporation for checks and IRS purposes.

Eileen and our Missions Sec'y/Treasurer, Louise Carden, willkeep the "homefires burning" while

I am gone. May God bless you and love you always.

Lighting candles through HIS Word,

Delmar D. Debault


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