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Hello Everyone,

I am Amit Das, Computer Science & Engineering Student of MCKV Institute

Of Engineering, Liluah, Howrah in 2007-2011 batch. I am happy to say that , i
got selected in TCS. TCS came to our college on 10
January,2011.In aptitude
test around more than 230 students were there from which near about 160
students cleared the test, out of which 121 selected for TCS. Here i am
sharing my interview experiences with all of you....
The selection procedure as follows:
1.Aptitude test (35 questions,80 minutes---online)
For Aptitude test prepare from barrons GRE book/R.S.Aggarwal can
also practice from,, etc..
I sat for the apti around 11 pm..I answered 33 questions out of 35.The
questions were of the types we had practiced my friends and I had practiced a
lot of aptitude questions from various sites/books. Aptitude test question are
always of the same type as the previous papers, don't memorize the answer..
rather try to fgure out type of question because fgures and question types are
subtly changed . Out of 35 doing 25 questions correctly according to me will
get you through to the next rounds. There is 1/3 negative marking so answer
only the questions you are sure about. Dont guess. The results were declared
at around 2 pm and I came to know that I was selected for the interview.
2. Interview
- Technical Round
- H R
Before interview everybody was given a employee details form form and and we
had flled them out. Shortlisted students underwent technical interview
followed by HR interview by a single panelist. There were around 10 panels
consisting 0f 1 interviewer. They were in diferent rooms and around 4:10 i was
told by the co-ordinator to go to the room for the interview
Here are the questions I was asked.....
Me : May I come in Sir...
Interviewer : ya sure..
I stretch out my hand for him. After shaking my hand he asked me to take a
Me: thank u sir.(sat)
Interviewer : (after watching my form) ok amit,tell me something about
Me: Told.( be prepared for this, this is your chance to impress the interviewer at
the very beginning of the interview). I gave him my introduction, citing my
strong points, my hobbies & I ended my introduction with a question: Is there
anything else you see as essential to success in this position?
Interviewer : No.thats fne.
In my introduction I mentioned a point, adaptability
Interviewer : ok amit,what do u mean by adaptability?
Me: Told,also gave some examples for that.I told suppose My company send me
a place where there is not sufcient water,I can adjust the situation. Believe me
or not this kind of word is necessary to impress the interviewer.
Interviewer : Ok. Do you know about linked lists?
Me : yes sir.
Interviewer: how we can add a node at start of a linked lists?
Me: Told and also write the code.
Interviewer : Diferences between stack and queue?
Me: told.
Interviewer : Diferent type of queues and what is the diferences among them?
Me: Told.
Interviewer: What do u mean by hashing? also diferent types of hashing
Me: Told.
Interviewer: binary search code.
Me: wrote.
Interviewer: diference between selection sort and insertion sort.
Me: Told .
Interviewer: what do u mean by instance and schema?
Me: Told.
Interviewer: diferences among DDL,DML,DCL. delete is which type?
Me: Told.
I: diferences between delete of a table and drop of a table.
Me: Told.
I: ask defnition about 1NF,2NF,3NF,BCNF.
Me: Told.
I: what are primary key, super key, candidate key, secondary key, and foreign
Me: Told.
I: (as I told in my introduction that I teach math)he gave a mathematical prob
in lower standard. The problem is what will be the answer: (x-a)(x-b)..(x-z).
Me: I said instantly with a smile that it will be zero, also explained as there is a
term (x-x),so the product will be zero.
I: now tell me something about your projects.
Me: as I have done three projects,I described briefy all of them.and also
answered the questions he asked about them.The project question mainly-
Which kind of database you have used,
do the user-id and password are confdential to only admin,
how do u connect servlet with database,
also some questions about testing..i.e,if I use diferent test cases then
what will happen..just like this.
main thing is do u have the clear idea about your project or need
to remember the code
I: what is abstract data type and overriding of a method.
Me: Told.
I:Do u have any problem if we send you outside west Bengal?
Me: obviously not sir.
I: Why do you want to join TCS?
Me: Told.
I: Thank u amit. Than he willingly brought his hand forward to shake my hand.
Me: Shook his hand with a smile. Then again saying thank you sir, i came out
of the room without looking backward(dont look backward).
My interview went for about 35 minutes.I came out around 4.45 pm. The
results were declared at 8 pm...and when my name was declared it was one of
happiest moments of my life....More so because almost all of my friends were
selected. But, also feeling bad for some of my friends who did not get through.
But you never know..a much bigger opportunity may be waiting for them.
just remember one thing : You need not prepare all subjects at once. Prepare
those which you are comfortable...
So, all aspirants, prepare well, be confdant & never lose hope.. If you have
failed yet, dont get disappointed. Losers got a chance to correct their mistakes
and winners lost their chance to correct their mistakes. If you are selected,
remember, on that day you are better than those who are participated for that
interview, but not the Best
Finally, I thank freshersworld for helping me a lot during preparation & giving
me the chance to share my experience...
I would also thank my parents, my teachers, and all my friends who always
inspire me, help me and stand beside me all the time. I would also thank ,, which helped me in solving
the aptitude questions.
Lastly, If you face any problem regarding the solution of appti questions or
interview preparation...feel free to mail me at
So do your home work well and keep faith in GOD, best of luck to all of
you...will meet you at TCS one day....