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VRV II Air Conditioning Guide Specification Cooling Only


The VRV plant is installed to maintain environmental conditions within the areas
allocated to be Air Conditioned to the design parameters listed below.
Room Temperature 22CWB .!C "range between #$C to %2C&
Ambient Temperature "'ummer& %!C "ma()%C to *!C in cooling mode&
Ambient Temperature "Winter& *!C "ma(#!.!C to *2C in heating mode&
Room +oise ,evel +R%-
.(ternal +oise ,evel !dBA at #m "R/01#20#B !-dBA at #m&
The VRV33 cooling onl4 s4stems shall be installed to provide cooling to the areas via
individuall4 controlled room units on the same re5rigeration circuit.
The outdoor e6uipment shall be an Air Cooled 2odular 7esign Variable Re5rigerant
Volume "VRV& s4stem as manu5actured b4 7ai8in.
The VRV33 s4stem shall be an 3nverter 7riven 2 9ipe s4stem: which operates on energ4
e55icient R)#A re5rigerant. 'ee attached schedule 5or details o5 e6uipment selected.
.ach s4stem shall be based on one modular outdoor air cooled condensing unit
connected via a single re5rigerant circuit comprising suction and li6uid pipe wor8 5or up
to #$ indoor 5an coil units: o5 di55erent t4pes and capacities. The total load o5 which
should not e(ceed the total outdoor unit;s capabilit4 inde(: "see 7ai8in 7ata Boo8 5or
capabilit4 inde( combinations&.
The s4stems shall be capable o5 operating when ambient temperatures var4 between
)%C and *!C in cooling mode and between *2C and #!.!C in heating mode.
The internal temperature control range is between #$C and %2CWB.
The re5rigerant pipe wor8 circuit can be e(tended up to #! metres actual "#<!m
e6uivalent length& between the outdoor condensing unit and the 5urthest indoor unit on
the circuit and ma4 incorporate a ! metres level di55erence without the necessit4 5or
an4 oil traps.: also not to e(ceed )metres 5rom the 5irst branch. The level di55erence
between indoor units on one s4stem can be e(tended to #! metres.
=peration o5 the s4stem shall permit cooling o5 each 5an coil or all o5 the 5an coil units
serving a common room. .ach 5an coil or group o5 5an coils shall be able to provide set
temperature independentl4 via a local remote controller: an 3ntelligent Controller: an
3ntelligent 2anager or a B2' inter5ace. "..g. Bacnet >atewa4&.
The s4stem shall operate with Re5rigerant ?@C R)#A "R%2AR#2! "!A!&&: the
installation to be in accordance with B' .+%<-B 2 9arts #*) and 7ai8in;s design
and installation instruction listed in the VRV33 3nstallation 3nstructions: and 'erviced in
accordance with 'i.%C*%2.
The units shall be manu5actured and designed to standards relating to 6ualit4
assurance under 3'=C#: 3'=C2 and 3'=#)#. Also be 5ull4 compliant with C.
Regulations #CC! with respect to the 5ollowing areas 2'7-CA%C2A..C D 2achine
'a5et4 7irective: ,V7<%A2%A..C D ,ow Voltage 7irective: and .2C 7irective
.2V-CA%%$A..C D .lectro*2agnetic Compatibilit4: and 9.7 con5ormit4.
2%$-$--%%.doc #
1!(! O)T%OOR )#ITS
The outdoor units are to beB
Cooling =nl4 t4pe selected 5rom the model range R/1 to suit the re6uired capacit4 and
5uture capacit4: "R/1!20#B: R/1-20#B and R/1#20#B&. 'ee attached schedule
5or details o5 e6uipment selected.
The outdoor condensing units shall be completel4 weather proo5ed to corrosion
resistant t4pe .#. @actor4 assembled in a sturd4 weatherproo5ed casing constructed
5rom rust*proo5ed mild steel panels ">albarian 'teel* coated with an electro*painted
oven ba8ed enamel 5inish. Also pre*charged: pre*wired and completed with all
necessar4 electronic and re5rigerant controls 5or ease o5 installation and 5actor4 tested.
The outdoor units model - "2%8W& and # "2-8W& shall have a minimum o5 two
compressors and able to operate even in case that one compressor is out o5 order. The
model ! "#).!8W& 2odel shall have a single scroll compressor.
+eat E,c-anger
The heat e(changer on the condensing units shall be manu5actured 5rom ?i*/
seamless copper tube with +*shape internal grooves mechanicall4 bonded on to
aluminum 5ins to an e*9ass 7esign. The 5ins are to be covered with an anti*corrosion
Acr4lic resin and h4drophilic 5ilm t4pe .#. The pipe plates shall be treated with
powdered pol4ester resin 5or corrosion prevention.
The compressor shall be o5 the high*e55icienc4 ?ermeticall4 'ealed Reluctance 7C
"7igital Commutator brushless motor& 'croll t4pe emplo4ing neod4mium magnets with
gas 5ed directl4 to the compression process. The motor is cooled b4 pressuriEed gas
and has no accumulator.
.ach outdoor unit shall have at least one inverter driven compressor electronicall4
controlled and capable o5 changing the speed linearl4 to 5ollow the variations in cooling
loads. 3n the cases o5 two or more compressors there shall be dut4 balancing. This
shall be b4 the use o5 ?37.C' circuit "?i 3nverter 7rive and .lectronics Control
'4stem& together with independent multi*variable 93 "9roportional 3ntegral& control 5or
the precise monitoring o5 status o5 the s4stem. With optimum capacit4 control o5 one or
two standard drive compressors in accordance with load.
Capacit4 control o5 the outdoor unit shall be inverter controlled with #% steps 5or model
! and min o5 2 steps 5or all other models: then with b4*pass 5or minimum capacit4
control o5 #)F on model ! and -F on the other models. The 5re6uenc4 o5 inverter
control shall be determined electronicall4 b4 sensing ambient temperatures: operational
pressures and monitoring the e(act re6uirement o5 all o5 the connected indoor units.
The outdoor electronic 9CB;s shall be lead 5ree and have selection switches 5or the
length o5 pipe wor8: ambient range selection: emergenc4 operation switches: and
service mode switches: together with ,.7 indications 5or the number o5 5an coils
connected: the 5re6uenc4 status and operationalA5ault indication. The control circuit
shall have a pump down 5acilit4 to enable collection o5 the entire re5rigerant charge in
the s4stem at the outdoor unit.
The units shall have microprocessor control s4stem incorporated to enable oil return:
stabilit4 o5 re5rigerant 5low and capacit4 balancing.
The 5ollowing sa5et4 devices shall be part o5 the outdoor unitG
2%$-$--%%.doc 2
?igh and low pressure switches:
Control circuit 5uses:
Cran8 case heaters:
Thermal protectors 5or compressor and 5an motors:
=ver current protection 5or inverter
Anti rec4cling timers.
The condensing units shall be capable o5 se6uential start when more than one unit is
installed and have an auto restart capabilit4 a5ter power 5ailure as standard.
Refrigeration Circuit
The re5rigeration circuit o5 the outdoor unit shall include a 'Ce*Bridge Circuit complete
with solenoid valves: ) wa4 valve"s&: distribution headers: capillaries: 5ilters: shut o55
valves: service ports and receivers.
Oil Reco0ery
The oil recover4 c4cle shall be automatic: occurring # hour a5ter start o5 operation and
then ever4 - hours o5 operation. =il separators are standard with the e6uipment
together with oil e6ualiEation s4stem between compressors.
The outdoor 5an impeller shall be o5 aero spiral t4pe: designed 5or low noise operation
with manipulation on the 5an blade edges to reduce turbulence and have a aero 5itting
discharge grill. The 5an motor shall be 7C "7igital Commutator brushless motor&
inverter speed control to maintain constant head pressure control in all ambient
conditions and modes o5 operation. @an motors shall have e(ternal static pressure o5
!-9a "$mm ?2=&. The outlet can be ducted using 7ai8in Air 7ischarge 7uct
"H9@2$B#$A2-A)!& provided air volumes are maintained.
+ight set bac8 control o5 the 5an motor 5or low noise operation b4 wa4 o5 limiting the
ma(imum speed will be permitted.
1!1! I#%OOR )#ITS
The basic components o5 the indoor units are a 5an: a heat e(changer and an
electronic proportional e(pansion valve which shall be controlled via computeriEed 937
control which constantl4: ever4 2 seconds measures and assesses the status o5 the
return air temperature: re5rigerant inlet and outlet temperature.
The indoor units shall be selected 5rom the 5ollowing t4pes o5 7ai8in units using
Ceiling 2ounted Cassette T4pe "7ouble @low& @/C1*2
Ceiling 2ounted Cassette T4pe "2ulti @low& $ ( $ @/I1*2
Ceiling 2ounted Cassette T4pe "2ulti @low& @/@1*2
Ceiling 2ounted Cassette Corner T4pe @/H1*2
Ceiling 2ounted Built*3n T4pe @/'1*2
Ceiling 2ounted Built*3n T4pe "'mall& @/71*2
Ceiling 2ounted 7uct T4pe @/21*2
Ceiling 'uspended T4pe @/?1*2
Wall 2ounted T4pe @/A1*2
@loor 'tanding T4pe @/,1*2
Concealed @loor 'tanding T4pe @/+1*2
'ee attached schedule 5or details o5 e6uipment selected.
2%$-$--%%.doc %
7uring the cooling operation the electronic e(pansion valve shall control the degree o5
re5rigerant superheat at the evaporator outlet. 7uring the heating operation it shall
control the degree o5 re5rigerant sub cooling at the condenser outlet.
The indoor unit printed circuit board shall be complete with power input 5using: address
switches 5or a variet4 o5 operation controls: emergenc4 operation switch and
5aultAoperation indication ,.7Js. @an motors shall be thermall4 protected.
The indoor unit casing o5 ceiling concealed and cassette t4pes: shall be 5ull4 insulated
and sealed to prevent condensation. The insulation shall con5orm to B')<$ 9art < 5ire
The controls s4stem shall include all necessar4 7ai8in remote controllers and inter5ace
=ne remote controller "BRC#7!#& shall be provided per room or 5an coil as speci5ied
and be capable o5 controlling an individual 5an coil or group o5 5an coils: up to #$ indoor
The controller shall have a li6uid cr4stal displa4 and provide the 5ollowing 5acilitiesB
Temperature setting
@an speed setting
2ode setting 5anAcooling
=nA=55 control
7iagnostics @eedbac8
< 7a4 Timer @unction
Remote air sensors HRC'#*# shall be provided 5or local room sensing where 5resh air
is introduced to the 5an coil unit. To be positioned within the room or close to the return
air grill in the ceiling.
Intelligent Touc- Controller %CS2!1B11
All the air conditioning s4stems shall be controlled b4 an intelligent Touch Controller
s4stem with 5ull colour ,C7 touch panel and 3con displa4 as manu5actured b4 7ai8in:
optional with 9ower 9roportional 7istribution @unction "997& 5or individual billing. With
the 5ollowing 5unctionsG
Automatic coolingAheating changeover
?eating optimiEation
Temperature limit
0earl4 schedule
9ower 9roportional 7istribution "optional&
@ire emergenc4 stop control
@le(ible timer 5unctionalit4 "several schedules up to a 5ull 4ear&
@le(ible grouping in Eones
?istorical data
9assword securit4 levels
Connectable to 7ai8in '84 Air K 'plits via an inter5ace adapter
=peration o5 up to $) groups o5 indoor units "with ma(imum #2- indoor units&
Intelligent Manager %AM2!$A1141$41&
2%$-$--%%.doc )
All the air conditioning s4stems shall be controlled b4 an 3ntelligent 2anager s4stem as
manu5actured b4 7ai8in that shall be controlled via a 9C recommended b4 7ai8in: with
optional 9ower 9roportional 7istribution @unction "997& 5or individual billing. With the
5ollowing 5unctionsG
Control: =peration and 'etting
0earl4 schedule
7ata 'torage and Reports
.mergenc4 stop control
9assword securit4 levels
9ower 9roportional 7istribution "optional&
=peration o5 up to #:2) indoor units
BACnet Gate5ay %MS1!$A11
3nter5ace unit to allow communications between VRV and B2';s. B2' read4 to run
and monitor the air conditioning s4stems through BACnet communications.
'O#6OR7S Gate5ay %MS1!(B11
3nter5ace unit to allow communications between VRV and B2';s. B2' read4 to run
that can be controlled via a personnel computer
and monitor the air conditioning s4stems through ,=+W=RH' communications.
'uppl4: install: test and commission all interconnecting re5rigeration pipe wor8 between
the outdoor unit and the connected indoor units.
The pipe wor8 installation: charging: testing and commissioning shall be carried out b4
R.@C=2 registered re5rigeration engineers: who shall be 5ull4 trained in the sa5e
handling o5 re5rigerants and C3TB trained in braEing techni6ues.
The installation shall be 5ull4 in accordance with British 'tandard B' .+%<-B 2
9arts2*% and 7ai8in;s design and installation instructions listed in the VRV33 3nstallation
All pipe wor8 installations shall be carried out in re5rigerant 6ualit4 so5t or hal5 hard
drawn copper tubing to B'2-<# 9art 2B #C<2 and complete with the appropriate Re5net
headers and Re5net Loints "as manu5actured and supplied b4 7ai8in&.
,ongest possible lengths o5 copper pipe shall be utiliEed to minimiEe the number o5
Loints on siteG appropriate re5rigeration installation tools must be utiliEed to avoid the
use o5 elbows. =(4gen 5ree dr4 +itrogen "=@+& must be in the s4stem during braEing
"no cold braEing is allowed&.
9ipe wor8 shall be properl4 and neatl4 5i(ed and supported at a minimum o5 2 metre
intervals and where possible should be run on galvanised cable tra4. All pipe wor8 to
be tagged with 37 number "Condensing Mnit re5& at % metre intervals.
9ipe supports shall not restrict e(pansion or contraction o5 the pipe and restraint must
not be applied to Re5net Loints or ?eaders.
All pipe wor8 "suction and li6uid& to be insulated with slip on close cell electrometric
pipe insulation "as manu5actured b4 Arma5le( or e6ual and approved&: 5ire rated to
2%$-$--%%.doc !
Class N=N Building Regulations #C-!: with a wall thic8ness o5 not less than #%mm.
3nsulation must be protected when e(posed to atmosphere b4 special paint or covered
b4 an enclosure.
All Loints: a5ter pressure and lea8 testing: are to be properl4 glued and or taped as to
provide a complete seal to prevent an4 condensation: and shall be clearl4 mar8ed 5or
ease o5 identi5ication.
A5ter installation o5 pipe wor8: prior to connection to the condensing units: sealing o5
insulation Loints and starting o5 e6uipment: pipe wor8 should be pressure tested using
o(4gen 5ree dr4 nitrogen as out lined below to %- Bar "!!# 9si&: held 5or 2) hours and
chec8ed 5or lea8s.
'tep # 9ressuriEe to #.% Bar "#)C 9si& % minutes or longer Allows discover4 o5
maLor lea8s
'tep 2 9ressuriEe to 2#.! Bar "%#2 9si& ! minutes or longer
'tep % 9ressuriEe to %- Bar "!!# 9si& Appro( 2) ?=MR'
Allows discover4 o5
minor lea8s
units shall be
using a tor6ue
wrench to
tighten to the
speci5ied to6ue
"see table below& where appropriate.
The s4stem shall then be vacuumedAdeh4drated to .2 torr "*<!!mm?g& and held at
that setting 5or # hour "minimum& to ) hours depending on pipe length using a 2*stage
vacuum pump.. All o5 the above wor8s shall be carried out be5ore electrical connection
is made to the 5an coil units.
The additional re5rigerant "?@C R)#A& charge shall be calculated and weighed to
accommodate the actual installed and measured length o5 pipe wor8 all in accordance
to 7ai8in recommendations and instructions listed in the VRV33 3nstallation 3nstructions.
The charging should be carried out with an appropriate charging station in the li6uid
phase and under supervision.
1!9! CO#TRO' 6IRI#G
All control wiring is to be carried out in 2 core .<!mm
* #.2!mm
9VC non screened
C0 5le(ible control cabling to B'$#)# and B'$! "To compl4 with C. Regulations
#CC!& colour coded and separatel4 mar8ed at % metre intervals 5or ease o5 identi5ication
and maintenance.
@lare +ut 'iEe 'tandard Tightening Tor6ue
#A) #))O#<$ #)2O#<2
%A- %%%O)< %2<O%CC
#A2 !)O$#$ )C!O$%
!A- $%O<< $#-O<!)
%A) CCO#2# C2<O##-$
11!! I#STA''ATIO#
The installation compan4 shall be Approved 7ai8in 3nstallers: whose installation
engineers shall have attended the relevant 7ai8in e6uipment courses. 9roo5 o5
compliance ma4 be re6uested be5ore commencing wor8s. Approval is given b4 a 7ai8in
7istributor. The tendering contractor must state on his tender return submission the
name o5 the specialist 7ai8in approved sub*contractor to be emplo4ed to carr4 out the
VRV33 installation.
The installation o5 all internal and e(ternal units: re5rigerant pipe wor8: inter*connecting
wiring: testing shall be carried out b4 the above stated approved 7ai8in 3nstaller.
The approved 7ai8in specialist re5rigeration installer orAand a 7ai8in 7istributor;s
representative shall carr4 outAor witness the commissioning o5 the VRV33 s4stem and
5inal inspection and record data as listed belowG
Record 9ressure Test "?olding 9ressure&
Con5irmation o5 Record 7rawings
Record 9ipe ,engths
Record 9ipe 7iameters
Additional And Total re5rigerate Volumes
Addressing o5 @an Coils
Cooling 'tart Mp Chec8
Complete and issue 7ocuments and Certi5icates to ConsultantAClient.
'hould it be deemed necessar4 5ull access should be a55orded to the site during the
installation o5 the VRV33 to allow a 7ai8in 7istributor;s representativeAengineer to veri54
that the installation methods being used compl4 and are 5ull4 in accordance with the
7ai8in VRV33 3nstallation 3nstructions: re6uirement in order that the e6uipment
warranties will not be invalidated.
A list o5 nominated Approved 7ai8in 3nstallers is available 5rom the 7ai8in 7istributors.
The sub*contractor shall suppl4 all the speci5ied e6uipment complete with one 4ear;s
warrant4 on both materials and labour commencing on satis5actor4 hand*over o5 the
complete s4stem.
The sub*contractor shall include 5or a one*4ear maintenance contract on the complete
installation: with guaranteed ma(imum 2)*hour response time. The sub*contractor
shall ensure that the warrant4 and maintenance contract he provides is underwritten b4
a 7ai8in 7istributor: and shall provide to the emplo4er documentar4 evidence o5 the
The maintenance contract: which must be in place within three months o5 proLect
completion: shall include 5or all wor8s necessar4 to ensure that the three 4ear
e6uipment warrant4 given b4 7ai8in is not invalidated: and shall provide documentar4
evidence to this e55ect.
The sub*contractor shall suppl4 and install a 7ai8in Re5rigerant Containment ",ea8
7etection& '4stem "H@,72$B A H?,72$A& as indicated B' .+%<- to provide a
comprehensive coverage 5or an4 potential lea8s. 'hould there be a lea8G the s4stem
will raise an alarm at the building management s4stem i5 supplied.
2%$-$--%%.doc <
The sub*contractor shall suppl4 and install a condensate drainage s4stem to conve4
condense waste 5rom each 5an coil unit. The s4stem shall be installed with all
necessar4 pumps and 5i(ings to ade6uatel4 drain to the rainwater s4stem.
2%$-$--%%.doc -