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Here are 200 more obecti!e type sample questions an" their answers are gi!en ust below
to them. #his exam is ust to gi!e you an i"ea o$ type o$ questions which may be as%e" in
&'& Certi$ication (xams. (!en we ha!e ta%en $ull care to gi!e correct answers $or all the
questions but it is recommen"e" to !eri$y these answers.
)n examination* you will get each question one by one on computer screen.
1 +hich o$ the $ollowing is an a"!antage o$ centrali,e" contracting-
1. 'a%es it easier to $in" !en"ors
2. )ncreases company expertise in contracting
3. .i!es more loyalty to the proect
4. /llows a contracts person to wor% on a single proect
/nswer: 0
Hint: / centrali,e" "epartment is create" to bring in processes an" uni$ormity* which lea"s
to "e!elopment o$ expertise.
2 1is%s will be i"enti$ie" "uring which ris% management process 2es3-
5. &er$orm 4uantitati!e 1is% /nalysis an" )"enti$y 1is%s
6. )"enti$y 1is%s an" Control 1is%s
7. &er$orm 4ualitati!e 1is% /nalysis an" Control 1is%s
8. )"enti$y 1is%s
/nswer: 0
Hint: &'056 7 &age 892* :igure 99.9
3 #he highest point o$ 'aslow;s hierarchy o$ nee"s is:
9. &hysiological satis$action
10. /ttainment o$ sur!i!al
11. (steem
12. <el$-actuali,ation
/nswer: =
Hint: 1ea" 'aslow;s theory on hierarchy o$ nee"s. <el$-actuali,ation is on top o$ the
4 +ho is ultimately responsible $or quality management on the proect-
13. &roect engineer
14. &roect manager
15. 4uality manager
16. #eam member
/nswer: 0
Hint: &'056 7 &age 9>* <ec 9.? 1ole o$ the &roect 'anager
5 )n the context o$ estimation* a heuristic is best "escribe" as a::
17. control tool.
18. sche"uling metho".
19. planning tool.
20. rule o$ thumb.
/nswer: =
Hint: &'056 7 &age 20@* <ec ?.2.2 (stimate Costs: #ools A #echniques
6 )$ earne" !alue 2(B3 C 870* actual cost 2/C3 C @00* planne" !alue 2&B3 C 827* what is
cost !ariance 2CB3-
21. 870
22. -?7
23. @00
24. -70
/nswer : =
Hint: CB C (B - /C
7 / proect manager has ust been assigne" to a new proect an" has been gi!en the
preliminary proect scope statement an" the proect charter. #he $irst thing the proect
manager must "o is:
9. create a proect scope statement.
25. con$irm that all the sta%ehol"ers ha!e contribute" to the scope.
26. analy,e proect ris%.
27. begin wor% on a proect management plan.
/nswer: 0
Hint: &'056 7 &age >> <ec @.9 =e!elop &roect Charter
8 Dou are ta%ing o!er a proect "uring the planning process group an" "isco!er that six
in"i!i"uals ha!e signe" the proect charter. +hich o$ the $ollowing shoul" most
concern you-
28. +ho will be a member o$ the change control boar"
29. <pen"ing more time on con$iguration management
30. .etting a single proect sponsor
31. =etermining the reporting structure
/nswer: =
Hint: &'056 7 &age >> <ec @.9 =e!elop &roect Charter
9 #he proect manager is ma%ing sure that the pro"uct o$ the proect has been
complete" accor"ing to the proect management plan. +hat part o$ the proect
management process is he in-
32. &lanning
33. (xecuting
34. 'onitoring an" controlling
35. Closing
/nswer: =
Hint: &'056 7 &age 7? <ec 8.? Closing &rocess .roup
10 #he +0< an" +0< "ictionary are complete". #he proect team has begun wor%ing
on i"enti$ying ris%s. #he sponsor contacts the proect manager* requesting that the
responsibility assignment matrix be issue". #he proect has a bu"get o$ E.<. Floo*ooo
an" is ta%ing place in three countries using 9@ human resources. #here is little ris%
expecte" $or the proect an" the proect manager has manage" many proects similar
to this one. +hat is the next thing to "o-
36. En"erstan" the experience o$ the sponsor on similar proects.
37. Create an acti!ity list.
8. 'a%e sure the proect scope is "e$ine".
@. Complete ris% management an" issue the responsibility assignment matrix.
/nswer: 0 Hint: &'056 7 &age 9@G <ec >.2 =e$ine /cti!ities
11 1is% tolerances are "etermine" in or"er to help:
38. the team ran% the proect ris%s.
39. the proect manager estimate the proect.
40. the team sche"ule the proect.
41. management %now how other managers will act on the proect.
/nswer: /
Hint: &'056 7 &age 899 1is% tolerance
12 / proect manager is employe" by a construction company an" is responsible $or
the $urnishing o$ the complete" buil"ing. 5ne o$ the $irst things that the proect
manager $or this proect shoul" "o is to write a:
42. +or% brea%"own structure.
43. 0u"get baseline.
44. &roect charter.
45. &roect plan.
/nswer: C
Hint: &'056 7 &age >> <ec @.9 =e!elop &roect CharterH &age 9>* <ec 9.? 1ole o$ the
&roect 'anager
13 Dour company has an emergency an" nee"s contracte" wor% "one as soon as
possible. En"er these circumstances* which o$ the $ollowing woul" be the help$ul to
a"" to the contract-
46. / clear contract statement o$ wor%
47. 1equirements as to which subcontractors can be use"
48. )ncenti!es
49. / $orce maeure clause
/nswer : C
Hint: 1ea" about #ype o$ Ben"or Contracts such as Cost &lus )ncenti!e :ee 2C&):3
14 #he Ihalo e$$ectI re$ers to the ten"ency to:
50. promote $rom within.
51. hire the best.
52. mo!e people into proect management because they are goo" in their technical
53. mo!e people into proect management because they ha!e ha" proect
management training.
/nswer : C
Hint: :law in (xpert Ju"gment when people goo" in certain areas are "eeme" as goo" in
all areas.
15 / proect manager is trying to complete a so$tware "e!elopment proect* but cannot
get enough attention $or the proect. 1esources are $ocuse" on completing process-
relate" wor% an" the proect manager has little authority to properly assign resources.
+hat $orm o$ organi,ation must the proect manager be wor%ing in-
54. :unctional
55. 'atrix
56. (xpe"iter
57. Coor"inator
/nswer: /
Hint: &'056 7 &age 29* <ec 2.9.8 5rgani,ational <tructures
16 /ll o$ the $ollowing are characteristics o$ a proect (KC(&#:
58. #emporary
59. =e$inite beginning an" en"
60. )nterrelate" acti!ities
61. 1epeats itsel$ e!ery month
/nswer : =
Hint: &'056 7 &age 8* <ec 9.2 +hat is a &roect-
17 / team is using a $ishbone "iagram to help "etermine what quality stan"ar"s will be
use" on the proect. +hat part o$ the quality management process are they in-
62. &er$orm quality control
63. &er$orm quality assurance
64. &lan 4uality 'anagement
@. Bariable analysis /nswer : C Hint: &'056 7 &age 287* <ec
L.9.2 &lan 4uality 'anagement
18 #he equi!alent o$ cost reimbursable contracts is $requently terme":
65. 0ac% charge contracts.
66. :ixe" price contracts.
67. &rogress payment contracts.
68. Cost plus contracts.
/nswer: =
Hint: 1ea" about #ype o$ Ben"or Contracts such as Cost &lus )ncenti!e :ee 2C&):3
19 / buyer exten"s a $ormal in!itation containing a scope o$ wor%. #he in!itation see%s
a response "escribing the metho"ology an" results that will be pro!i"e" to the buyer.
#his is calle":
69. )n!itation to bi".
70. 1equest $or in$ormation.
71. 1equest $or proposal.
72. 1equest $or bi".
/nswer: C
Hint: &'056 7 &age 77L 1equest $or proposal "e$inition
20 / proect manager must ha!e some wor% "one by an outsi"e contractor. #his wor%
has a great "eal o$ ris% associate" with it* an" it has become !ery "i$$icult to $in" a
contractor willing to ta%e on the ob. +hich o$ the $ollowing types o$ contract woul"
o$$er the greatest incenti!e to the contractor-
73. Cost plus percentage o$ cost as an awar" $ee
74. Cost plus $ixe" $ee
75. Cost plus incenti!e $ee
76. :irm $ixe" price
/nswer: /
Hint: 5ption / is most lucrati!e incenti!e while option C also o$$ers incenti!es. 1ea" about
#ype o$ Ben"or Contracts such as Cost &lus )ncenti!e :ee 2C&):3
21 &urchasing insurance is consi"ere" an example o$ ris%:
77. mitigation.
78. trans$er.
79. acceptance.
80. a!oi"ance.
/nswer 0
Hint: &'056 7 &age 8@@ <ec <trategies $or Megati!e 1is%s
22 / cost per$ormance in"ex 2C&)3 o$ 0.LG means:
81. at this time* we expect the total proect to cost LG percent more than planne".
82. when the proect is complete" we will ha!e spent LG percent more than
83. the proect is only progressing at LG percent o$ that planne".
84. the proect is only getting LG cents out o$ e!ery "ollar in!este".
/nswer: =
Hint: &'056 7 &age 29G - Cost per$ormance in"ex
23 )n a matrix organi,ation* which o$ the $ollowing is true--
85. #he proect manager is responsible $or employee s%ills impro!ement.
86. #he $unctional manager is responsible $or employee s%ills impro!ement.
87. #he proect manager is responsible $or the employee.s annual appraisal.
88. #he employee is responsible $or his or her own s%ills impro!ement.
/nswer: 0
Hint: &'056 7 &age 29* <ec 2.9.8 5rgani,ational <tructures
24 Dour program manager has come to you* the proect manager* $or help with a bi" $or
her newest proect. Dou want to protect your company $rom $inancial ris%. Dou ha!e
limite" scope "e$inition. +hat is the 0(<# type o$ contract to choose-
89. :ixe" price 2:&3
90. Cost plus percent o$ cost 2C&&C3
91. #ime an" material 2#A'3
92. Cost plus $ixe" $ee 2C&::3
/nswer : =
Hint: C&:: is the best contract type $rom buyer perspecti!e as the seller is aware that
cost o!erruns may ha!e to be borne by him.
25 #he proect management process groups are:
93. )nitiating* planning* expe"iting* an" control.
94. &lan* organi,e* "e!elop* an" control.
95. &lan* "o* obser!e* commit.
96. )nitiating* planning* executing* monitoring Acontrolling* an" closing.
/nswer: =
Hint: &'056 7 &age @G =e$initions o$ &rocess .roups
26 )n which proect management process group is the "etaile" proect bu"get create"-
97. )nitiating
98. 0e$ore the proect management process
99. &lanning
100. (xecuting
/nswer : C
Hint: &'056 7 &age >9 #able 8-9 &roect 'anagement &rocess .roup an" 6nowle"ge
/rea 'apping
27 +hich o$ the $ollowing con$lict resolution techniques will generate the '5<#
lasting solution-
101. :orcing
102. <moothing
103. Compromise
104. &roblem sol!ing
/nswer : =
Hint: (xcept &roblem <ol!ing* all other approaches are temporary solutions resulting in
recurring con$licts.
28 0rea%ing the maor "eli!erables into smaller* more manageable components to
pro!i"e better control is calle":
9. <cope planning.
105. =ecomposition.
106. <cope base lining.
107. 0ill o$ 'aterials 205'3.
/nswer : 0
Hint: &'056 7* &age 92L* <ec 7.@.2.9 =ecomposition
29 +hich o$ the $ollowing is M5# an input to the initiating process group-
108. Company processes
109. #he company culture
110. Historical +0<s
111. &roect scope statement
/nswer : =
Hint: &'056 7* &age2s3 >9* 90>. <cope statement is output o$ =e$ine <cope process
un"er &lanning.
30 +or%aroun"s are "etermine" "uring which ris% management process-
112. )"enti$y 1is%s
113. &er$orm 4uantitati!e 1is% /nalysis
114. &lan 1is% 1esponses
115. Control 1is%s
/nswer : =
Hint: &'056 7* &age 878* <ec 99.>.8.2
31 / person who is in!ol!e" in or may be a$$ecte" by the acti!ities or anyone who has
something to gain or lose by the acti!ity o$ the proect is calle" a:
116. #eam member.
117. Customer.
118. <ta%ehol"er.
119. <upporter.
/nswer : =
Hint: &'056 7* &age 7>8* =e$inition o$ <ta%ehol"er
32 4uality is:
120. meeting an" excee"ing the customer;s expectations.
121. a""ing extras to ma%e the customer happy.
122. the "egree to which the inherent characteristics $ul$ill requirements.
123. con$ormance to management;s obecti!es.
/nswer : C
Hint: &'056 7* &age 77>* =e$inition o$ 4uality
33 / sche"ule per$ormance in"ex 2<&)3 o$ 0.?> means:
124. you are o!er bu"get.
125. you are ahea" o$ sche"ule.
126. you are only progressing at ?> percent o$ the rate originally planne".
127. you are only progressing at 2@ percent o$ the rate originally planne".
/nswer : C
Hint: &'056 7* &age 22@* #able?-9 <&) "e$inition* usage an" interpretation
34 Contract closure is "i$$erent $rom a"ministrati!e closure in that contract closure:
128. occurs be$ore a"ministrati!e closure.
129. is the only one to in!ol!e the customer.
130. inclu"es the return o$property.
131. may be "one more than once $or each contract.
/nswer : /
Hint: &'056 7* &age 900* <ec @.> Close &roect or &hase
35 =uring the $ull li$e cycle o$ the proect* a plot o$ the proect.s expecte" expen"itures
will usually $ollow a characteristic ..<.. shape. #his in"icates that:
132. #here is a cyclic nature to all proects.
133. &roblems will always occur in the execution phase.
134. #here are high expen"itures "uring closeout.
135. #he bul% o$ the proect bu"get will be spent in the execution phase.
/nswer :=
Hint: &'056 7* &age 29@* :igure ?-G Cost 0aseline* (xpen"itures* an" :un"ing
36 /n output o$ a"ministrati!e closure is the creation o$:
136. proect archi!es.
137. a proect charter.
138. a proect management plan.
139. a ris% analysis plan.
/nswer : /
Hint: &'056 7* &age 900* <ec @.> Close &roect or &hase
37 / temporary en"ea!or un"erta%en to create a new pro"uct or ser!ice is calle" a:
140. Mew pro"uct "e!elopment.
141. &roect.
142. &rogram.
143. (nterprise.
/nswer : 0
Hint: &'056 7* &age 778* =e$inition o$ &roect
38 /n example o$ scope !ali"ation is:
144. 1e!iewing the per$ormance o$ an installe" so$tware mo"ule.
145. 'anaging changes to the proect sche"ule.
146. =ecomposing the +0< to a wor% pac%age le!el.
147. &er$orming a bene$it-cost analysis to "etermine i$ we shoul" procee".
/nswer : /
Hint: &'056 7* &age 988-98@ <ec 7.7 Bali"ate <cope
39 +hat con$lict resolution technique is a proect manager using when he says* I)
cannot "eal with this issue nowNI
148. &roblem sol!ing
149. :orcing
150. +ith"rawal
151. Compromising
/nswer : C
Hint: /!oi"ance or procrastination to "eal with an issue comes un"er +ith"rawal.
40 /ppro!e" Change 1equests are an input to:
152. Control <cope an" Bali"ate <cope.
153. =irect an" 'anage &roect +or%.
154. "e!elop proect management plan an" "e!elop proect charter.
155. =e!elop &roect 'anagement &lan an" =e!elop <che"ule.
/nswer : 0
Hint: &'056 7* &age L2* <ec @.8.9.2 /ppro!e" Change 1equests
41 / group o$ relate" proects that are manage" in a coor"inate" way that usually
inclu"e an element o$ ongoing acti!ity is calle" a:
156. 'aor proect.
157. &roect o$$ice.
158. &rogram.
159. .roup o$ proects.
/nswer : C
Hint: &'056 7* &age 778* =e$inition o$ &rogram
42 #o control the sche"ule* a proect manager is reanaly,ing the proect to pre"ict
proect "uration. <he "oes this by analy,ing the sequence o$ acti!ities with the least
amount o$ sche"uling $lexibility. +hat technique is she using-
160. Critical path metho"
161. :lowchart
162. &rece"ence "iagramming
163. +or% brea%"own structure
/nswer : /
Hint: &'056 7* &age 78>* =e$inition o$ Critical &ath 'etho" 2C&'3
43 / proect manager has assemble" the proect team* i"enti$ie" 7> ris%s on the
proect* "etermine" what woul" trigger the ris%s* rate" them on a ris% rating matrix*
teste" their assumptions an" assesse" the quality o$ the "ata use". #he team is
continuing to mo!e through the ris% management process. +hat has the proect
manager $orgotten to "o-
164. <imulation
165. 1is% mitigation
166. 5!erall ris% ran%ing $or the proect
167. )n!ol!ing o$ other sta%ehol"ers
/nswer : =
Hint: &'056 7* &age 89G-829 <ec 99.2 )"enti$y 1is%s
44 Con$iguration management plan is:
168. Ese" to ensure that the "escription o$ the proect pro"uct is correct an"
169. #he creation o$ the wor% brea%"own structure.
170. #he set o$ proce"ures "e!elope" to control changes.
171. / mechanism to trac% bu"get an" sche"ule !ariances.
/nswer : C
Hint: &'056 7* &age 98L* <ec 7.>.9.9 - Con$iguration management plan
45 / rough or"er o$ magnitu"e estimate is ma"e "uring which proect management
process group-
172. &roect planning
173. &roect closing
174. &roect executing
175. &roect initiating
/nswer : =
Hint: &'056 7* &age 209* <ec ?.2 (stimate Costs
46#he wor% "e$ine" at the lowest le!el o$ the brea%"own structure to estimate as well as
manage time an" cost is calle" the:
176. /cti!ity.
177. #as%.
178. +or% pac%age.
179. Cost account.
/nswer : C
Hint: &'056 7* &age 7>?* =e$inition o$ +or% &ac%age
47 /ll o$ the $ollowing are examples o$ the cost o$ noncon$ormance (KC(&#-
180. 1ewor%
181. 4uality training
182. <crap
183. +arranty costs
/nswer : 0
Hint: &'056 7* &age 287
48 +hat type o$ contract "o you not want to use i$ you "o not ha!e enough labor to
au"it in!oices-
184. Cost plus $ixe" $ee 2C&::3
185. #ime A material 2#A'3
186. :ixe" price 2:&3
187. :ixe" price incenti!e $ee 2:&):3
/nswer : /
Hint: C&:: woul" in!ol!e au"iting in!oices presente" by the !en"or to account $or the
costs incurre".
49 / proect manager has ust been assigne" to a proect. #he "ocument that
recogni,es the existence o$ the proect is calle":
188. #he statement o$ wor%.
189. #he proect assignment.
190. #he proect charter.
191. #he pro"uct "escription.
/nswer : C
Hint: &'056 7 &age >> <ec @.9 =e!elop &roect Charter
50 #he +0< $or the proect represents:
192. /ll the tangible items that must be "eli!ere" to the client.
193. /ll the wor% that must be complete" $or the proect.
194. #he wor% that must be per$orme" by the proect team.
@. /ll the acti!ities o$ the proect. /nswer : 0 Hint: &'006 7* &age 7>?*
=e$inition o$ +or% 0rea%"own <tructure 2+0<3