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Oxford University Press 2009

Business Result Pre-intermediate

Students Book Answer Key

13 Future Trends
Working with words




1 to give us food, warmth, chemicals, medicine, and clothing
2 population growth and rapid economic development of countries like China and India
3 investing millions in renewable energy


1 renewable energy 4 energy crisis 7 world supply
2 global demand 5 population growth
3 economic development 6 oil shortage


The effects are heard in this order: d, e, b, c, a


1 estimate 2 run out 3 forecast 4 improve 5 deteriorate


1 estimate 2 deteriorate 3 runs out 4 improve 5 forecast


Possible answers

Poverty we could develop GM crops to feed the poor. We could force rich countries to give
more to poor countries.
The energy crisis we could pass laws forcing people to use public transport / restricting
families to one car each / make cars smaller.
Population growth we could pass laws restricting the number of children to one per
Climate change we could insist on a certain level of carbon emission reduction / spend
more on educating children to the dangers / pass laws insisting on cleaner / greener factories,
Sex equality we could enforce more stringently existing equality laws / pass new laws
making quotas for women in management, etc.
Racism we could conduct anti-racist campaigns in schools and companies / discipline
employees guilty of racist behaviour.

Oxford University Press 2009
Language at work


1 may 2 might not 3 will 4 wont


1 will Example: no 3
2 may / might Example: no 1
3 may not / might not Example: no 2
4 wont Example: no 4


The working population will be older.
There wont be many management positions.
Colleagues might not see each other often.
Most people will work from home.
There wont be a lot of offices in office buildings.
Office buildings might contain a gym.
Employees may not stay with the same company.
Employers will offer better conditions.
Employees may take career breaks.

Practically speaking


The correct order is d - a - c - e - b.


1 c 2 e 3 a 4 b 5 d

Business communication


1 working at home, but remaining in contact with your work by phone / email, etc
2 Possible answers:
Advantages: employees dont waste time commuting; they can be more flexible and
comfortable in their work arrangements; they can get a job even if they live somewhere
remote; the company doesnt need to provide so much workspace and car parking; it can
increase productivity.
Disadvantages: employees can feel isolated; it is more difficult to meet clients; it is more
difficult to build a team; colleagues can be jealous; how can the employer monitor


The correct order is g - c - f - h - d - a - e - b.

Oxford University Press 2009


Asking for predictions: Do you think will ? / Is likely to ?
Making predictions: It probably wont / is unlikely to
Expressing hope: Hopefully will / wont / I hope will

Case study



low productivity, outdated machinery, expensive and impractical production, poor relations
between management and workforce, the main brand could not meet the needs of the


Students own answers