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Date : September 18,2008

To : Miss Sajida

From : Syed Suleman Qutb

Subject : Class Timings and Problems to Both Teacher and Students

1. Introduction. The valuable resource, time, affects the way we use our
other resources. It is the only resource that we all have equally. Once used, it’s gone
forever. And, unlike many of our resources, time cannot be stored until we have a plan
for it. What this mean is that we cannot manage time in the same sense that we can
manage money. We need to have some flexibility in our lives to mould it according to
our requirements, commitments, environmental factors and customs.
2. Every one of us is in a way related to class timings of universities, schools and
colleges either in shape of teacher, parent, or student. Therefore, we can conclude that
class timings hold a significant place in directing our lifestyle. A hard-boiled early
morning class schedule may turn life miserable and hectic of directly and indirectly
concerned, which if fabricated in accordance with people friendly design can bring
fruitful results. Following are the factors which support that class timings should be
delayed and flexible to lessen the pressure from concerned.

3. Grounds For Making Class Timings Flexible

a. Zero Period. Educational institutions in developed countries have concept

of first class as zero period which helps student to conjugate their
educational thoughts, complete their assignments and to reach institutions
on time. Moreover, it has also been observed that zero periods also assist
students in widening their social circle and developing of their
interpersonal skills.

b. Medical Aspect. Recently, in America a research was carried out on a

group of schools where the results showed that those institutions which
start at 0900 hours have more attendance and they have far better results
that those of early starters. Medical researchers justified this by a fact that
a particular hormone in teenagers keeps them awake till late nights, so if
they are given roam of waking up an hour late their brain gets the required
rest which assists in strengthening of their cognitive development.

c. Transport Problem. In Pakistan offices and schools normally start at 8

am which is enough reason for clustering of cars and traffic jam on
congested roads. This can be avoided if we separate the timings of the
two making the later start an hour late.

d. Duration Of Lectures. Duration of class in universities/colleges should

be reduced to max 50 minutes. Long and lengthy lectures are not only
tiresome for teachers but students also often tend to lose their
concentration after 40 minutes. Thus stress should be on imparting quality

e. Nocturnal Researchers. Since night is the only time when a student is

free from external impediments therefore, students of higher class
frequently spend their mid night oil on studying and research. In order for
their fresh and active kick off of subsequent day they certainly require
ample rest. Likewise teachers who are working on thesis need cushion of
to waking up late.

f. Restraint Timings. Universities, colleges, libraries and computer labs in

Pakistan have fixed timings, whereas in developed countries these
institutions close on vacations only. Accessibility to these houses of
knowledge is difficult and time restrained in our country which is mainly
the reason for their being deserted.

4. Recommendations
a. Educational institutions should open at 0900 hours.
b. Libraries and labs should remain open for 24 hours.
c. Time table should be so planned that students are compelled to study and
spend least on wasting.

5. Conclusion. We had shibboleths like, “Paraha lakaha Punjab Humra” but these are
mere slogans and were used mainly for political uplift. We should say good bye to
British Royal traditions which are mere pomp and show and interpret education as
colossus. We acknowledge that it is only the education which makes and breaks a
nation so why not make it easy accessible and comfortable so that more people should
get educated. This can only be practiced once there are no hectic and cumbersome
timings of institutions.