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Black Triangles: Cornerstone of

USA Space Fleet?

This report voices what I have been suspecting for
a long time that the USA has a secret aircraft program
responsible for the large triangular shape! aircraft that have been
seen at night from time to time in the USA an! occasionall"
elsewhere# The craft emulate USA stealth technolog" an! the"
also show lights t"pical of actual aircraft# In short this is a UF$ of
terrestrial origins#
%a" more important is that the craft&s behavior powerfull"
suggests that the craft has gravit" cancellation technolog"# It is
often travelling wa" too slow to be rel"ing on pure aero!"namics
or so it seems# I coul! be wrong on this' but consi!ering that I
now have a clear grasp of how to a!!ress the gravit" problem it
woul! be no surprise at all# I am alrea!" well convince! it is
possible an! a natural interme!iate step is to place this
technolog" insi!e a large craft along with a real power plant#
This coul! also be the craft appl"ing microwave lasers to make
crop circles# Thus this technolog" has been about for at least
thirt" "ears an! possibl" much longer# The rest of our technolog"
has ha! to catch up in or!er to appl" it as we now see#
%e are also been con!itione! to e(pect such miracles while
ample mis!irection an! outright !enial is keeping huge parts
) Arclein
Special *eports + Black Triangles

b" ,arr" ,owar!
-eneral -eorge S# Brown
.I !on/t know whether this stor" has ever been tol!
or not# The" weren/t calle! UF$s# The" were calle! enem"
helicopters# An! the" were onl" seen at night an! the" were onl"
seen in certain places# The" were seen up aroun! the 012 in the
earl" summer of /34# An! this resulte! in 5uite a little battle# An!
in the course of this' an Australian !estro"er took a hit an! we
never foun! an" enem"' we onl" foun! ourselves when this ha!
all been sorte! out# An! this cause! some shooting there' an!
there was no enem" at all involve! but we alwa"s reacte!#
Alwa"s after !ark' the same thing happene! up at 6leiku at the
,ighlan!s in /37# -eneral -eorge S# Brown' USAF Chief of Sta8'
0epartment of 0efense transcript of press conference in Illinois'
$ctober 93' 97:;#
I often briefe! -eneral Brown when I was an intelligence o<cer at
:th Air Force ,ea!5uarters in =ietnam# After m" >rst brie>ng to
him' he sent me a note sa"ing# .It&s alright if "ou choose to wear
"our glasses#? @ater he became Chairman of the Aoint Chiefs of
Sta8# 97:B to97:4
Black Triangles: The %orst Cept Secret
,arv ,owar! writes' .The US ten!s to t"picall" !evelop a!vance!
aircraft in fairl" full public view in terms of proposals' fun!ing'
!evelopment' 5uantities an! problems# The current F)DD' F);E
an! B)D bomber proFects have procee!e! in that manner# But
when aircraft are e(tremel" top secret' the" get burie! too !eepl"
to trace' from the initial black bu!get allotments through to the
various' aspects of their !evelopment an! well into theaters of
The U)D' S*):9 an! the F)99:A from the !epths of @ockhee!&s
fame! Skunk %orks !i!n&t become known to the public until after
"ears in practical use# To!a" the evi!ence is over whelming'
secrets can be kept b" aerospace in!ustries an! government#
The so)calle! .black triangles? can be a!!e! to the list of secret
black bu!get items# Fun!ing woul! have come variousl" from
.Star %ars? mone"' some of trillion that the 6entagon lost'
programs that never were' an! t"picall" an! easil" !one'
.overruns'? tacke! onto other proFects built such as the ver"
e(pensive B)D bomber an! the F)99:A#
Thousan!s of sightings of the triangles make it har! to 5uibble
with that blanket assessment# The triangles e(ist# =eri>cation
comes continuall" that these min!)blowing craft e(ist# Almost
ever" t"pical American citiGens witness a huge an! !ark triangle
moving low' slow an! silentl" overhea!# Some are so shaken b"
the e(perience that the" pa" particular attention to the vehicles'
enough to make a !ecent !eterminations of the uni5ue
characteristics of the craft# The !i8erences between the new
metho! of hovering an! moving through the air an! that of
conventional aircraft of an" t"pe are unmistakable an! troubling
an! not forgotten to some witnesses# As a conse5uence an! not
so strangel"' we know more about triangles' uno<ciall"' than an"
aircraft ever secretl" pro!uce! in this countr"#
1ost of us intereste! in the term .triangles? know from regular
me!ia accounts that these craft !emonstrate uncann" aerial
!ispla"s to the public in the US an! the UC almost !ail"# *arel"
are these craft reporte! in an" area outsi!e of the US an! Hurope#
Being so publicall" !ispla"e! on %estern soil' wh" is it that after
about thirt" "ears of being witnesse! these craft have not been
reveale! to the American public?
%hat is the point of hi!ing such remarkable craft if the
intelligence agencies of potential enemies an! even the man)on)
the)street can easil" >gure out that these fabulous craft are our
government&s utilit" replacement for the !ismisse! space shuttle
an! manne! rockets? %h" allow the American public to puGGle
upon wh" our lea!ers an! planners have faile! us' lost our e!ge
in space to nations using rocket technolog" that we have
aban!one! for the most part an! "et seemingl" have force! us to
purchase ri!es to the ISS for our e5uipment an! crew from
others? It !oesn&t make goo! sense unless there is an ace up
Uncle&s sleeve#
There are aspects to the situation that are not so simple to
e(plain# But >rst' we nee! to establish the importance of the
triangles to our real worl! situation# The triangles Ian! similarl"
powere! craftJ are the greatest !evelopment in the histor" of
mechanical !evices since the invention of the wheel# These
machines are not true aircraft# The" !o not use the atmosphere
IairJ for lift or propulsion# Their basic feature si!esteps the e8ects
of gravit"# That totall" !i8erent metho! of locomotion will allow
us to literall" transform human activities on earth an!
e(plorations into space# Basicall"' there are a mo!e of 5uick'
reliable an! low)cost transportation that will replace several other
t"pes currentl" use! inKon the air' lan! an! sea#
In a!!ition' their almost miraculous ben!ing of ph"sics contrar" to
conventional views automaticall" gives them the !istinction of
being the greatest weapon ever place! in the han!s of a worl!
power# That feature alone is enough to e(plain wh" the" remain
top secret !evices#
,ow that secret is han!le! is something else entirel" an! seems
puGGling on the face of it# Seeming to move in impossible an!
unbelievable wa"s is the ke" to wh" we are allowe! to see them
performing in e(actl" such a manner# The secret keepers want us
to notice the biGarre shapes an! antics# Let' wh" !ispla" the
triangles so publicall" an! not bring them forth after at least three
!eca!es of being reporte! in our skies?
Because it is all a chara!e' ai!e! an! abette! b" all areas of
aviation' both militar" an! civilian# The segments of societ" that
shoul! be most intereste! in such reports are mum on the
triangles' ignoring all inci!ents an! l"ing about those the" cannot
ignore# +Soun! familiar? ,aven&t we en!ure! over half a centur"
of the IapparentJ lack of o<cial acknowle!gment an!
investigations into the UF$ phenomena?
The strateg" behin! that continue! !eceit is brilliant' even if a
carr"over of how o<cial!om has alwa"s !ealt with the UF$' but it
has another ke" component# An! that is that the sightings of the
triangles !ovetail into an! help perpetuate the on)going UF$
!rama that we live with ever" !a"# I*egar!less of what man" of
"ou want to think' genuine UF$s' alien craft' present a ver"
serious situation to all of Harth that eventuall" must conclu!e in
some form of publicall" announce! contact with HTs which will
onl" be the beginning of the intervention#J
As it stan!s' a m"sterious triangle e(hibiting UF$)like capabilities
is un!erstan!abl" labele! as a t"pical UF$ sighting Ianother non)
eventJ an! with that classi>cation assigne! all nee! for further
investigation evaporates# Broa!cast T= news: .6ut on "our tin)foil
hats' folks' another m"sterious triangle reporte! hovering over
Boston last night#? A follow up sentence will a!vise that the
suppose! event shoul! not be taken too seriousl" as government
o<cials showe! little interest in the public&s reports of the obFect#
So it was something or nothing' but !e>nitel" not a secret
government triangle)shape! craft because the" !on&t M" them
aroun! in public like that# *ight? After all' allowing a top secret
craft to !eliberatel" hover low over Boston on a Satur!a" night to
be seen in all of its glor" is totall" absur!# Such an event goes
against the basic rules in an" pla"book for black bu!get proFects#
The !amne! thing shoul! be out %est someplace' Area E9'
ma"be' not shocking the earl" night bar crow! in Boston# An! so
it goes' a t"pe of UF$ is witnesse! but onl" civilians take notice#
1ost of the worl! knows what the Hnglish letters of .UF$?
represent an! what the" mean in some fashion# That
un!erstan!ing' that concept in itself' is a worl!)wi!e phenomenon
of some note# *ecognition an! acceptance of the true meaning
behin! alien UF$s is a natural an! re5uire! progressive step for
humanit" to travel because the triangles Ione wa" or anotherJ
were !erive! from the biGarre ph"sics of the UF$s an! that
foun!ation secret must be kept as long as possible even as the
triangles become commonplace in our lives# So we have a rigge!
para!o( surroun!ing the trianglesKUF$ relationship saga#
The secon!
reason wh" the strange wa"s of the triangles is also strategic is
Fust as important an! twiste!# @ess than frien!l" countries will
have note! for "ears now the reports of triangles in the %estern
me!ia an! have pa" close attention to the !etails that clearl"
eliminate the craft from being conventional' even a!vance!' true
aircraft# ,ow !o the" react to such news? The" know full well
that UF$s are real alien craft' an! the" note that our machines
mimic UF$s# An"thing but fools' the" know that we know'
somehow' the secret of the UF$ metho! of power# The"
feverishl" work on their theories if not protot"pes# The" woul!
make bol! an! varie! attempts to steal highl" classi>e! !ata in
an" wa" imaginable# The" are masters at it# If the Hnglish hacker
-ar" 1cCinnon can learn important but not critical !etails about
our space Meets with a little perseverance an! computer skill' so
can an" countr" with a !ecent sp" program# ,ave the" ha! an"
luck? %e can imagine that the" have obtaine! a substantial
knowle!ge of our operations#
As a result of our best capabilities being in full view to our
potential enemies' the current situation in the worl! is generall"
stable because of the e(istence of the triangles# ,owever' it is a
ver" unbalance stalemate of course# As our black secret is known
on far shores' it is !oubtful that an" maFor e8ort of an" kin! will
be starte! b" the laggar!s that coul! provoke the wrath of a Meet
of space)capable' UF$)like triangles carr"ing a variet" of
%ith the capabilities inherent in the triangles' without a !oubt' we
control all near)earth space' o8)planet e(ploration an! an"
serious surface wars that woul! be !irectl" against us# Not until a
countr" announces a similar craft will we be force! to make our
own a!mission an! !ispla" our true !ominance for the public to
see# The longer it takes our enemiesOan! potential competitors))
to buil! their versions of the mass less triangles' the better the
o!!s against their ever gaining parit" on that score alone#
0espite what the" suspect or know about our triangles' the smart
potential a!versaries woul! keep 5uiet as the" !o their own
intense work#
As state! earlier' the new principles of ph"sics in the triangles is
the greatest weapon ever" !evelope! b" man for warPan! we
must a!!' also the greatest thing for commerce' as also was true
for the wheel#
An" use of the new secret craft woul! not be left to the whim of
militar" comman!ers' or even top government o<cials fuele! b"
their own politician agen!as but from a larger' more benign'
general strateg" of the worl! not base! on ol! versions an!
visions of worl! con5uest# It will be more of a philosophical
i!eolog" than being politicall" base!# The so)calle! .coming of
the saucers? in 97B: has !isturbe! the usuall" forces that rule
Initiall"' the earthlings in control panicke! a worl! war ha!
recentl" en!e! an! political i!eologies were running rampant
across the worl!# These !a"s' evi!entl" the HTs have tol! Harth&s
lea!ers what the" must !o# %e see signs ever"where of the
changes an! earnest e8orts to transform the population of the
planet from one state of min! to a more rational state of mine an!
The New %orl! $r!er' a !ream for some an! a nightmare for
others' is being social engineere!# 0one in some countries b"
their own initiative an! force! onto others b" the UN to bring to
fruition the plan# The maFor intent is to save the worl! from the
!estructive e8ects of mankin!&s boun!less consumption of
resources before it sickens an! !ies as a living planet# *escuing
humanit" from its own restless nee! for war an!Kor economic
con5uest is secon!ar"#
The eventual intro!uction of the triangles an! similarl" powere!
craft into commercial avenues an! e(pan!e! but benign militar"
use will ease man" of the approaching bur!ens aroun! the worl!#
But as the ships go about their !uties carr"ing ai! in those !ark
!a"s' man" >sts will be raise! an! shaken at them in futile anger#
@et it not be more than that !ispla"# $therwise' a ship with
troops will be 5uickl" summone!# Complete free!om will be
remembere! as a term brieM" use! in the foun!ation of the
Unite! States of American' but it was short)live! an! was onl" a
!ream an"wa"# 6erhaps a reset of the human apparatus of
e(istence isn&t such a ba! plan# 1a"be there is a better wa"#
Thanks to ,arv ,owar!
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