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67 Ways to Start Losing Weight Today!

by Stephen Cabral, CSCS, CPT, NS

1. Your Meals Should be the Size of Your 2 Fists
When you are out to eat or a guest in someone elses house it isnt always easy to
pull out your measuring cup or food scale from your back pocket. To practice
good portion control a good rule of thumb is to make your protein the sie of one
fist and your !egetables and fats the sie of your other fist. No tools re"uired#
2. Your Snacks Should Be No More Than 1 Handful of Food
This is the easiest way to gauge how big your snack should be. $ts easy, its
simple, and you can take your hand anywhere % &
3. Reeber You !ill Not Star"e b# Reducin$ %ortion Sizes
'at to li!e, dont li!e to eat# (ll too often eating is social or emotional and it is
easy to lose sight of )ust how much you ha!e actually eaten. Try to use a smaller
plate and dont grae. *id you know that research has shown that filling up a +,
plate of food left people feeling fuller than adding +, worth of food to a -., plate/
The mind is a powerful tool so be sure to measure your snack or meal and eat )ust
what is on the plate. 0ou should feel satisfied1not stuffed#
&. 'rink 1(oz of )reen Tea 'ail#
2reen tea contains high concentrations of catechin polyphenols. These
compounds work with other chemicals to intensify le!els of fat o3idation and
thermogenesis, where heat in the body burns fuels such as fat. ( recent study by
the 4ni!ersity of Connecticut found that mice who were fed green tea e3tract
gained less weight and fat# $ts natural and safe#
*. )o for a !alk 'urin$ +unch
2et out of the stressful office and take a walk. '!en if you try to rela3 while you
scoff down your salad at your desk you cant truly be calm. ( brisk walk will get
your muscles mo!ing and release endorphins% a chemical that relie!es stress and
promotes mental clarity
(. Take the Stairs ,nstead of the -le"ator
$t may seem like an ob!ious tip but think about how many times you actually opt
for the stairs. $t is a great way to get a "uick spike in your heart rate and acti!ate
your glutes. Try stepping and pushing off with your heels to take the weight off
your knees.
.. -at /e$etables at -"er# Meal
'specially green ones## They will keep you fuller longer with their high fiber
content and lea!e you energied. 5roccoli, kale, spinach and collard greens
pro!ide essential !itamins and minerals and also reduce inflammation within the
0. -at Nutrient 'ense Foods
$ts important to be getting the most of e!erything that you put into your stomach.
$f you are eating nutrient dense foods you can be sure that you are getting energy
and !ital !itamins and minerals.
+. Sta# 12a# Fro %rocessed3 Refined Foods 4 bo5es and ba$s
Not only are these options not ideal for weight loss but they are )ust plain
unhealthy. They promote internal inflammation, which has been connected to
most of our countrys health problems including heart disease, (lheimers and
stroke. Not only will you feel better after eliminating processed and refined foods
but you will see a dramatic difference in commonly bloated features such as your
face and abdomen.
16. +iit Your )rain 7onsu8tion
Were made to belie!e that we need this mass consumption of whole grains
e!eryday1 howe!er, nothing could be further from the truth and now e!en the
67ood Pyramid 2uidelines, ha!e changed to reflect that. The real truth is that
most grains we find in the grocery store ha!e been o!er processed and therefore,
our bodies cant properly digest or assimilate the food. (s a result, we end up
with high le!els of inflammation in our body that leads to weight gain, water
retention, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many other
treatable health issues. 7ind out more about these inflammatory foods in my free
!ideo at http899www9lose:in;.com9secret .
11. %rioritize Your 'a# and Your Schedule
$f you fail to plan then you are planning to fail# Write down what you are going to
ha!e for your : meals the night before and make sure they are all prepared. <ake
sure all of your fresh !eggies are washed and cut. 0ou will be more likely to grab
a healthier option in a rush if it is prepared and scheduled.
12. 1i For 369(6 Minutes a 'a# of -5ercise
That may sound like a lot of time to dedicate to your e3ercise, but if you think
about it you get -,-=> minutes a day to use as you please. The unfortunate thing is
that many of us choose watching T? or sleeping in later than we need to as
priorities o!er our e3ercise routine. <y suggestion is to start out small with ->
minute workouts done right at home. 0ou can e!en do these right before you get
in the shower in the morning to start your day @ that way it is done and o!er with
and can you began your day by boosting your metabolism to help you burn body
fat throughout the ne3t .= hours. To find out more about my short, at home
e3ercise workouts check out http899lose:in;.com
13. 1 !orkout Should Not 7ause You %ain3 But ,t Should Be ,ntense
7orget the old saying no pain% no gain. $t would seem a little counterproducti!e to
be hurting yourself in the pursuit of good health. 0ou only ha!e one body1you
want to challenge yourself to the point that you are working your absolute hardest
without pushing the limit. No e3ercise should cause pain while it is being
performed but a little soreness the ne3t day is ok especially if it is a new routine.
1&. You )et :ut of 1 !orkout !hat You %ut ,nto ,t
0our body is only going to respond to the demands you place on it. $n order to
transform your appearance you must workout with a purposeful intensity that will
shock your body to change.
1*. 7hoose 7hallen$in$ !ei$hts :"er -as# :nes
$m often asked what holds people back from getting results in the gym and lifting
light easy weights o!er hea!y ones is definitely at the top of the list. Too many
people ne!er go up in the weights they lift and think that a light resistance will
tone their muscles instead of build them up1 nothing could be further from the
truth. Anly challenging weights will force your body to change and strengthen
your muscles and your bones. This is crucial for speeding up your metabolism.
Trust me, unless you are taking testosterone enhancing supplements you will not
bulk up @ $ repeat, you will NAT bulk up, but you will burn body fat at a much
faster rate. 7ind out other myths that are holding you back at http899Bose:in;.com
-C. Hi$h Re8s 'o Not -;ual Better <Tonin$= Results
This is another one of those myths that )ust wont die1 where did it e!en come
from/ $ highly recommend beginners start in a higher rep range, but while lifting
challenging weights and making steady increases each week. Dowe!er, after you
ha!e been lifting for awhile you need to use all rep ranges E:, FG->, and -.G-:
reps& to get ma3imum toning and weight loss results. $f you dont, youre missing
a lot of the results you could be getting.
1.. :8t For 7o8ound3 Multi9>oint Mo"eents
0our body is a comple3 mo!ing machine. $t mo!es as a whole and functions as a
whole1so train it as a whole# 7orget one arm isolated e3ercises that in!ol!e little
mo!ement. $nstead incorporate your core by doing e3ercises in an unstable, but
controlled en!ironment. 0oull not only get a smaller, better looking stomach and
abs, but youre entire body will be firmer. 7ind out more about this re!olutionary
formula in my 7atlossity, Bose:in; Weight Boss System.
10. 7runches !on?t )et You )reat +ookin$ 1bs
This could be the most powerful abs myth e!er# Seriously, e!en if you de!elop
phenomenal abs you still wont be able to see them without stripping off the belly
fat that is co!ering them1 (nd did you know that youHd need to do about .:,>>>
crunches to e"ual -lb of weight loss/ Truthfully, the best way to see your abs is
by working them less and spending more time completing multiG)oint e3ercises
that burn way more body fat and keep your metabolism ele!ated for hours. The
last piece of the pule is focusing your efforts on a specific antiGinflammatory
and lowGglycemic diet plan that will allow you to burn belly fat and trim, tone,
and tighten your waist.
1@. !ork on Your Fle5ibilit# 4 ,ncreased R.:.M
$ncreasing your fle3ibility is not only great to realign your posture and decrease
)oint pain, but it really does help with weight loss too. The reason is that if you
can get deeper into a s"uat, lunge, deadlift, etc then you will hit more muscle
fiber. (s a result, you will burn more calories, increase your heart rate, and
de!elop better definition to your physi"ue. 0ou can get all this from :G-> minutes
a day of stretching#
26. Take a Before %hoto and Measureents
$ say this for one reason and its to warn you1 Ne!er start a body transformation
program without taking measurements and photos. $ cant tell you the number of
people who ha!e told me they regret not taking their stats and before photos# The
reason is they get amaing results from their new workouts and they cant belie!e
the new person they see in the mirror. 0oud be amae at how "uickly the
transformations take place too1 so trust me, e!en though you may not lo!e the
photos you see now, youll definitely want some before and after shots to show
off to friends, enter into my body transformation contests, or )ust to look at
pri!ately and be proud of your accomplishments.
21. 'rink 16A )lasses of !ater a 'a#
0our body needs ade"uate hydration to perform all bodily functions efficiently. $f
you dont pro!ide the water then your body will kick into panic mode and retain
fluid, resulting in bloating of the legs, ankles, and abdomen.
22. Substitute 1ll Su$ar# 'rinks3 Sodas3 and >uice for !ater
$f you only change - thing in your diet you must cut out all forms of sugar
Eespecially li"uid sugar&. Not only will you lose belly fat at a faster rate, but youll
begin to e!en out your blood sugar le!els and energy crashes. Theres about
another thousand reasons why you should cut out sugar, but youre going to )ust
ha!e to try it out for yourself to see the difference it makes in your life.
23. Ne"er Ski8 Breakfast
People skip breakfast for many reasons, but most of these e3cuses can be done
away with by )ust getting into the habit of ha!ing a light meal to wake your body
and metabolism back up. Da!ing a small breakfast will set you up for proper
energy maintenance for the rest of the day and less food cra!ings around midG
morning. Plus, your body is star!ing if you wait a whole -C hours from when you
ate last night for dinner to when you eat a late morning snack or lunch. $f you wait
that long it means you!e gone more than a half a day without eating. Think about
what that does to your energy and metabolism#
2&. 'rink 1(oz of !ater ,ediatel# B8on !akin$
(fter sleeping for ;GF hours you will naturally wake up dehydrated. $f you drink a
full -C o of water upon rising you will replenish some of the hydration lost while
you slept and start your day with a )olt of hydrated energy.
2*. 7ut Your 7offee 'o2n to 1 7u8 %er 'a#
Trust me, $m no coffeeGhater. $ personally lo!e sipping on a cappuccino at a "uiet
cafI or drinking my morning cup of coffee. Dowe!er, )ust because $ lo!e it
doesnt mean $ should go o!erboard. $f youre always drinking coffee then your
adrenal glands are going to get depleted and youll ne!er e3perience natural highs
and lows. 0oull also ha!e a more difficult time getting into a sleep schedule
which will only force you to drink more coffee to 6wake up., <y
recommendation is that you start your day with a cup of green tea or a coffee and
then stick to an after lunch green tea or nonGcaffeinated be!erage after that. $t may
take a couple of weeks, but after that youll ha!e more energy and better sleep#
2(. Substitute Your 1fternoon 7offee 2ith a Tea and Health# Snack
0ou can get the same energy and afternoon pick me up from a handful of nuts and
a green tea that a 6cup of Joe, will offer. The nuts will gi!e you energy and fill
you up while the green tea keeps up your metabolism and also )olts your energy.
2o for a loose leaf green tea if you can, it offers whole green tea benefits with a
bit more caffeine#
.;. Bse -5ercise to Boost Your -ner$# +e"els C Burn More 7alories
5y now you may ha!e heard that e3ercise has thousands of benefits1 but did you
know that most people who begin a new e3ercise program report increases in
energy/ Not only that, but $ get emails all the time from my online clients letting
me know that they no longer ha!e afternoon energy crashes or trouble dragging
themsel!es out of bed in the morning. Plus, scientific studies now confirm that
short, intense workouts burn more body fat than longer, slower ones. $snt it time
you made the switch/
20. 'itch +on$3 Borin$ 7ardio 4 15 2eek
Bong, slow cardio refers to hopping on an elliptical, treadmill, arc trainer, or bike
for K> @ C> minutes and maintaining the same steady pace the whole time.
(lthough this is perfectly acceptable for increasing your cardio!ascular capacity,
it is horribly inefficient when it comes to losing weight and burning body fat. (nd
did you know that most e!ery cardio machine fools you into belie!ing youre
burning more calories than you actually are/ $ts true, but this trick only leads to a
false sense of how many calories you are actually burning. What $ recommend is
keeping in - long day of cardio per week if you really en)oy doing that type of
workout. $f youre not attached to it and youre ready to burn body fat in a more
efficient manner then its time to switch o!er to inter!al training for ma3imum fat
burning potential#
2@. 7hoose Short ,nter"al 7ardio
Sprinting not only burns a huge amount of calories, it also keeps your metabolism
ele!ated for days after. Sprinting combined with )ogging will deli!er amaing
results. Try taking it out doors onto a track1.sprint the straight away and )og the
36. 'on?t Take Your Health C Fitness Ti8s Fro Rando 1rticles
When you read all those magaine and online articles offering tips, tricks, and all
sorts of other information, how do you know that the source is reliable/ $ always
recommend doing a background check on the writer to make sure that their
philosophy and credentials match up. 0ou cant be too careful these days since
anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can post 6stuff, online.
31. +iit Your -ner$#D%rotein Bar ,ntake to 1 a 'a#
(lthough they are cheap and "uick, protein bars arent your best option and
should be limited. They come in hundreds of fla!ors and often times can sound
like your fa!orite dessert but they are processed and often contain unnatural
sugars and syrups that may cause a spike in insulin and prompt later cra!ings.
Sa!e them as a 6lesser of two e!ils, when you are without a snack or meal.
32. 1re You +actose ,ntolerantE
$ come from a family of lactose intolerant people so $ know firsthand how they
suffer when eat too many dairy products. *id you know though that if you stick
with foods that are lower in lactose Eor lactose free& that you can still en)oy many
dairy products/ 0ou may want to gi!e whey protein isolate, goat cheese, some
cheddar cheeses, and other lower lactose items a chance. Plus, they now make
hundreds of dairy substitutes made from rice and other products that are a nice
33. -at More Food3 But +ess 7alories
Can you really eat more without gaining weight/ 0es, but theres a specific way
to do this. 0ou need to concentrate on foods that burn more calories as you eat
them. Theyre called 6highGthermogenic, foods and they actually burn up to K>L
of the calories off what youre eating. Therefore, if youre eating -,>>> calories of
a highGthermogenic food it only comes out to be ;>> calories# Pretty cool, right/
7ind out the whole list of these foods in my 7atlossity, Bose:in; Weight Boss
3&. Shoot for a Salad -"er# 'a#
'at it for lunch or dinner Eor e!en breakfast#&. Da!e you e!er had breakfast foods
for dinner/ $ thought so# So you could ha!e a salad for breakfast/ $ts a great way
to start the day with a clean, nutritious and antiGinflammatory meal. $f it seems a
bit much to eat it in the (< then make the choice to pass on the free office pia
and order one for lunch.
3*. 'on?t >ust !in$ ,t !ith Your !orkouts
(gain, a failure to prepare will prepare you to fail. $f you dont ha!e a written
workout program you may lose your focus and interest after a few minutes of
being at the gym. $f you dont ha!e to think 6whats ne3t/, you are more likely to
)ust get through a solid =: minute workout. Plus, you need to make steady
impro!ements each week in your e3ercise routine to see results and if you dont
remember what e3ercises you did then how can you make that happen/ 2et your
guaranteed, stepGbyGstep, -. week fat loss workout program at http899lose:in;.com
3(. 7han$e Your !orkouts B8 -"er# & !eeks
Just like your body adapts and gets used to a lot of en!ironmental factors it will
also begin to get comfortable with a workout routine. Changing up your plan
e!ery four weeks will ensure that you are not gi!ing yourself a chance to plateau.
7or optimal results you always want to keep your body guessing as to what kind
of intense routine you will be putting it through this time#
3.. Yo$a is )reat3 but Bse it 1s a :ne ToolF Not a 7ure 1ll
(s far as replacing fat with muscle and increasing your metabolism, yoga wont
get the )ob done. Dowe!er, it is a great way to stretch and impro!e balance. 4se a
few sessions a week to reduce stress le!els and increase o!erall mobility.
30. Find a !orkout %artner
Bets face it, on certain days you )ust lack the moti!ation to e3ercise1 these are
the days that a workout partner can really come in handy. 0ou )ust need to make a
pact with another person to gi!e you a spark on the days you need it and youll do
the same for them. $ts also a fantastic way to be held accountable.
3@. -nlist Your Fail#?s Su88ort
$ dont recommend telling the world when youre starting a new weight loss
program because there are a lot of 6haters, out there who dont want to see you
succeed. 0ou see, if you lose the weight and keep it off then it makes them feel
bad about themsel!es1 so to protect themsel!es and not look bad theyll try to
pull you down to their le!el. $nstead, "uietly go about your business and )ust ask a
few close friends and family to support you in your efforts. (sk them to remind
you of your goals when youre about to cheat or ha!ing a 6down, day.
&6. 'o 1erobics 7lasses !orkE
(erobics classes work in terms of burning calories, but they "uickly lose their fat
burning power after about F @ -. weeks. Why/ 0our body adapts !ery "uickly to
this form of cardio. 0ou also dont end up progressing in these types of classes
and they end up amounting to going for a run on the treadmill for =: minutes or
so. 0ou can definitely get better results in less time concentrating on the
ma3imum fat burning, metabolic workout programs $ recommend.
&1. Bse 'ail# 7hecklists
$f theres one thing my clients lo!e most about the weight loss programs $ gi!e
them, its that theyre super easy to follow. $ firmly belie!e all goals become
easier to achie!e when your plans are clearly laid out for you on a single sheet of
paper. <y Cabral checklists allow people to )ust choose foods and meal plans off
my simple to use, daily, nutrition )ournal sheets. $ also use a single page workout
sheet showing you the K fat burning e3ercises $ want you to do for that day. $t
couldnt be easier to follow and thats why it works so well#
&2. 7arr# 1round a !ater Bottle 4 -"er#2here
(lthough $ now use one of those hip and cool 6Sigg, water bottles made of
stainless steel, the same principle still applies1 Water is best consumed
throughout the day and not chugging it all at once. 0oull absorb it better and
drinking D.A throughout the day will sta!e off some of those hunger pangs and
will boost your energy le!els. Plus, if you ha!e water handy you wont be tempted
to grab a sugary drink instead#
&3. 1l2a#s Ha"e a Snack Stash
We ha!e all been in the position where you are running late, or things come up
that get in the way of your preferred schedule. Whether you are carting the kids
around after school or sitting through a long lecture, it is important to always ha!e
a healthy snack on hand so your star!ation doesnt tempt you to cheat. ( stash of
almonds or walnuts is a great option#
&&. Should You 7ount 7aloriesE
(bsolutely not. Who has time to count calories anyway/ The trick is eliminating
all the inflammatory and highGglycemic foods and focus on healthy, natural
options instead. $ts the "uality of the food that youre eating that counts, not the
"uantity Eremember the e3ample of the high thermogenic foods/&.
&*. 'on?t )i"e B8 1fter Messin$ B8 on Your 'iet
0ou messed up on your diet @ so what/ Theres nothing you can do about it now
so theres no sense in dwelling on it. Bets )ust get you back in the saddle and not
let it happen again. $n my program $ recommend that you hold strong to your
initial 6Calm, phase for -= @ .- days and then ha!e a fantastic cheat meal. $ also
recommend - @ . cheat meals per week Eafter the initial -=G.- day 6Calm Phase
-, to restore natural hormone le!els&. This cheat meal will help with weight loss
by restoring a hormone called 6leptin, which tells your body youre not star!ing
so 6keep on burning body fat#, $ also think it helps to ha!e a Wednesday and
Saturday cheat meal as something to look forward to and help you stay moti!ated
to be good the rest of the time.
&(. !hen To Ha"e a 7heat Meal
The absolute best time to cheat is directly after your workout. 0our body is ready
to soak up sugar, nutrients, and e!erything else you send its way. *ont abuse it,
or go o!erboard, but ha!e some fun with it % &
&.. 'on?t 7o8# !hat :thers 1re 'oin$ at Your )#
This concept is actually scary and its been coined 6the blind leading the blind.,
The reason its so scary is that if one person copies another because they think
that person knows what they are doing they could end up getting hurt# Deres how
the cycle starts8 Someone is watching a guy or girl in good shape complete an
e3ercise and they say that that person must know what they are doing because
theyre in good shape Ebig mistake&, so they copy that e3ercise. Well, how do you
know that the in shape person is using good form or doing an e3ercise for a
specific reason that doesnt apply to what youre after1 trust me, this one )ust
isnt a good idea for your own personal safety.
&0. Hire a %rofessional
Why do Alympic and professional athletes hire professionals/ They do it because
playing a sport is their )ob, but in order to get better they need someone with an
ad!anced knowledge of the technical side of things. '!en - or . sessions with a
highly rated coach will teach you more than you could ha!e e!er learned in ->
years on your own. Why/ Thats their )ob and they!e been doing this one thing
for -> years or more# 0ou can also follow a stepGbyGstep program that teaches you
as you go through it like the one $ put together after successfully completing o!er
-.,C:; pri!ate sessions. $ts o!er -- years worth of my best nutrition, e3ercise,
and healthy lifestyle keys to success @ plus a complete, -. week weight loss
program. 0ou can find it at8 http899lose:in;.com
&@. Ne"er Sto8 +earnin$
This may seem pointless to you, but $ still do C> minutes of research e!ery day.
(lthough $ run a sold out weight loss studio in 5oston and help thousands of
people online, $ promised myself many years ago that $ would ne!er stop learning
how to best help to people. 0ou can do this same thing by reading a "uick article
on nutrition, e3ercise, or health lifestyle. $ think youll find this -> minute daily
reading helps to keep you on track and moti!ated to continue reaching for your
*6. Gee8 #ourself ,nterested b# Tr#in$ Ne2 Thin$s
'!eryone gets bored of doing the same thing o!er and o!er, so why not try
something new e!ery month or so/ The first thing you should do is switch your
e3ercise program up e!ery = weeks to continue getting ma3imum results, but also
to pre!ent boredom1 0ou can also try yoga, group e3ercise, kickbo3ing, or any
other type of class that may gi!e you a spark.
*1. !rite 'o2n Your 'reas and )oals Before You Start
*ream big and see yourself achie!ing that goal. Picture what will it feel like, look
like, taste like, and smell like. The more specific the goal is, the better. *ont
write down $ want to lose -> pounds. Write down e3actly what you want and how
youre going to do it. Write down, 6$ lost -K.: pounds by July K-
, and then go
look at that goal e!ery morning, noon and night. <ake it happen#
*2. Set a 'ate To 1cco8lish Your !ei$ht +oss )oals
0ou know what they say1 6a goal without a deadline is )ust a dream.,
*3. B8date Your )oals 1s You %ro$ress
Meep track and congratulate yourself with e!ery new accomplishment. $ts
important to remember that your goals may change along the way and thats okay.
0ou may find that you are now looking to lose another : pounds or that you
would also like to work more on a certain area of your body. The real key is to
)ust get started % &
*&. Re2ard Yourself 1fter 1chie"in$ a )oal
The reward could be a cheat meal or a drink with friends but try a spa treatment or
new slimmer fitting clothes# Not only will you sa!e the e3tra calories but you will
be contributing to future success. ( massage will loosen you up leading to
impro!ed performance in the gym and the new set of clothes will ha!e you
looking more fabulous than you already do#
**. -ulate Those You !ant to Be +ike
*ont copy, but learn from those who ha!e already done what you want to do in
healthy way. 7ind out what it took to succeed and if they ha!e any tips they could
share with you. (ttack your goals from e!ery angle @ do that and you cant fail#
*(. -at To +i"e3 Not +i"e To -at
$f you could !isualie the food as fuel for your body, then $ belie!e you wouldnt
put all sorts of )unk into it. 7ood gi!es you energy and sustains life1 not the
other way around.
*.. Focus on 7reatin$ a Health# +ife and Not :n 'e8ri"in$ Yourself
*ieting is not about depri!ation, its about making healthy choices that make you
feel good. $ts nice to know you are creating the ultimate lifestyle for yourself that
will allow you to li!e a longer more fulfilling life. 0ou shouldnt be miserable or
think you ha!e to sacrifice so much @ its )ust simply not true.
*0. Make Yourself 1ccountable
This is critical for the first .- days @ you <4ST chart your daily )ournal checklist
sheets with the results of the food and workouts you did that day. (fter -. years $
can tell you that those who wrote down e!erything had more than *A45B' the
success rate of those that didnt. $f you want you can use all -. weeks of my
Cabral Checklist sheets here8 http899www.lose:in;.com
*@. Read 'ail# to ,8ro"e Your !ei$ht +oss Mindset
$ touched on this earlier, but $ recommend waking up and first thing in the
morning reading o!er your goal sheet, as well as a short article on healthy li!ing.
$t may gi!e nutrition or e3ercise tips or )ust be something to keep you moti!ated.
This will put you in the proper mindset to achie!e great things that day#
(6. Focus on !orkin$ the +ar$e Muscle )rou8s in Your +e$s
<ost people think doing cardio on a bike, treadmill, or elliptical is working their
legs, but its simply not the case. Cardio machines predominantly work your heart
and lungs @ not your legs. Af course, your legs ha!e to mo!e during those
workouts, but it doesnt work them effecti!ely. To effecti!ely boost your
metabolism you must work large muscle groups like your hamstrings, "uads,
glutes, chest, and back close to failure during resistance e3ercise. That way, you
can burn ma3imum calories while permanently boosting your metabolism.
(1. Think Metabolis3 Not Burnin$ 7alories
<ost people like the feature in cardio machines that spits out a 6calories burned,
figure. $t pro!ides a concrete number that someone can translate into success like,
6$ burned .>> calories which is basically that cookie $ ate at lunch,. The reality is
that if you work hard to replace stubborn fat with lean muscle by weight training
then you wont ha!e to worry so much about that occasional cookie. 0our higher
metabolism will burn the calories of that cookie on its own. Sound too good to be
true/ Well its not1so pick up those weights#
(2. 7onsistentl# 19B8 Yourself
'!ery week you should be looking to impro!e upon last weeks workout. 0ou can
do this because youre switching your e3ercise program up e!ery = weeks to
stimulate new results and not plateau. 7or e3ample if youre doing a -: pound
deadlift this week you could try doing a .> pound deadlift ne3t workout. Meep
pushing yourself Ewith proper form& and youll accomplish great things in much
faster time.
(3. Mo"e in Multi8le %lanes
*id you know your body burns more fat when you mo!e in the frontal and
trans!erse planes/ The reason is that you are e3ercising with mo!ements that your
body isnt used to. Were all used to mo!ing forward and back, not side to side, or
rotationally. Try adding some of those mo!es into your fat burning workout
program for optimum results#
(&. Bse a Full Ran$e of Motion
( few years ago people were talking about partial range of motion e3ercise1
what this means is that you would only use a portion of the range of motion
typically used in an e3ercise. 7or e3ample, if you were performing a s"uat you
would only s"uat down a "uarter or half way. $ can tell you that the origin of this
type of training came from rehabilitation patients in physical therapy clinics. $m
not sure how it made it to the mainstream media, but it is one of the worst ways
you can train for weight loss. 4sing a 74BB range of motion will not only get you
better results Eat least double& since you are acti!ely in!ol!ing <AN' muscle
fiber, but you will be less likely to in)ure yourself outside of your workouts as
C:. Se5# 1bs C a Flat Stoach 'on?t 7oe fro Tons of 7runches
5elie!e it or not we all ha!e abs# The only thing that is hiding yours is body fat.
(s mentioned, abs do not come from tons of crunches, they come from burning
body fat and increasing your metabolism. (nd as the most popular research has
shown, the fastest and most efficient way to burn fat and increase muscle is to
complete total body weight training# 5urn the fat1see the abs#
((. You Ha"e to Belie"e
OThe power which a manHs imagination has o!er his body to heal it or make it sick
is a force which none of us are born without. The first man had it% the last one will
possess it.O G<ark Twain. 5asically, your body will only achie!e what you
belie!e it is capable of. Constant affirmations of self doubt and ridicule will only
keep you from your weight loss goals. 5ut )ust as easy as you can think
sabotaging thoughts, you can imagine your success and weight loss !ision. Try
meditation or )ust "uieting your mind for :G-> minutes a day where you en!ision
yourself li!ing inside the body of your goal weight#
(.. Ha"e Soe FunH
Bets be honest, no one will be able to commit to something boring and miserable
for !ery long. $f you are serious about li!ing a healthy lifestyle and achie!ing
your weight loss goals then you need to find it en)oyable. Workout with a best
friend, hire a great personal trainer, change up your workouts often, or enter a
contest. 7ind creati!e ways to incorporate some fun into your e!eryday routine, it
will keep your days feeling fresh, your energy le!els soaring, and your moti!ation
at peak le!els#
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