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Civil Engineering Department, UET Taxila, Pakistan | Taxila 47080 | 92-333-4173834 |

To work for a professionally managed organization with effective implementation of various
methods, concepts and techniques especially related to project, Asphalt mixture designs, Structural
Design of Pavements, performance of pavements and traffic management and safety system and in a
most effective and efficient manner.

Summary Of Qualifications

I have sound knowledge of civil engineering. I am expert in Transportation Engineering. I have
master degree in Transportation Engineering. I am good material engineer, pavement design
engineer and road design engineer (Geometrically). I have precious experience in this field. I
Worked at National Level project Asphalt Mix Design Technology for Pakistan that is meant for
developing Standards for Pakistan. I worked directly with National level Experts of transportation
Engineering , I worked with Dr Shahab Khanzada (Pavement Experts NHA,Pakistan ), Dr M.A Kamal
( Member NHA,Pakistan), DR Irfan (HOD ,NUST Pakistan) ,I remained Part of Research team at
highway Research Training Centre Pakistan, I worked on aggregates, bitumen, asphalt mix design
technology that currently being used in Pakistan. Advance Testing also conducted on these
materials. I am perfect Material Engineer according to NHA experts. I have knowledge of Asphalt
Pavement thickness design. Now A days I am working as road design Engineer, I am currently
involve in geometric design of Dassu Hydro Project Roads including Karakoram Highway having
extreme mountainous characteristics, Access roads for resettlement villages etc.

Master of Science In Transportation
UET Taxila, Pakistan

B.Sc. Civil Engineering UET Taxila, Pakistan 2008-2012 Pre Engineering Govt. College Vehari 2006-2008
HSC Science Govt. Model High Scholl Vehari 2003-2005

Computer Skills

Experts in MS Office
Eagle Point

Technical Skills

Sound Knowledge of Civil Engineering
Experts in Aggregate Testing, Bitumen Testing both conventional as well as Superpave.
Aggregate Gradations Designing Utilizing All Approaches Asphalt Institute, Superpave as well as
Practical Approach Bailey Method
Asphalt Mix Designs (Marshall & Superpave)
Advanced Testing of Asphalt Mixes as Per Superpave Criteria
Asphalt Pavement Thickness Design.


I can Communicate fluently in English, Urdu as well as Punjabi

Extra-Curricular Activities

Team Member Of UET Taxila Hockey Team
Played At Youth Festival Punjab
Named to [Organization name.]

Research Assistant
Highway Research Training Centre,NHA
2013 to May 2014

Aggregate Testing ,Bitumen Testing ,Gradation Designing
Formations of Base and Wearing Course Mixes using Gradations from Various Agencies (Asphalt
Institute, Superpave, NHA etc.)
Formations Of Technical Reports

Research Assistant
TITE,UET Taxila, Pakistan
2012 to May 2014

I worked on important Characteristics Of Pavements , aggregate gradation designing, I Studied
all conventional methods of gradations, It was found current methods are trial and error and do
not use source properties so do not give designer any information. First Time I implemented New
Method of gradation Designing, Bailey Method, its a systematic tool. Mixes were

Road Design Engineer May 2014 to Present
Dassu Hydro project Consultant

Development of General Arrangement, Road Layout, Setting out, Typical Cross sections, Longitudinal Sections, Layouts Detailed
Design Drawings & design of project on Road Design software (Eagle Point). Job also involves coordination with client, services/ utilities
concerned departments.
Checking and exploitation of survey data, preparation of digital terrain model, , Earthwork
Processing of field survey data for ground modeling to generate cross sections, contour maps and topographic sheets by using Eagle
Marking of alignments using design software and finally selecting the most economical and suitable route for the alignment keeping
in view the topographical conditions.
Management of drafting section in preparation of drawings and other allied project drawings.
Formation Of work Quantities of entire Road items Earthwork, Asphaltic material, bitumen, Retaining wall, Causeway etc.