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Match The Following

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Advise stating dividend collected on your Issued by the Bank
Bank Book Maintained by the trader/ businessman
Pass Book Maintained by the Bank
Bank reconciliation statement Prepared by the organization
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Flexible budget More elastic and practical
Managerial tool which increases effectiveness of managerial control
Advantage of budgetary control system
Difficult to implement in fast changing industrial scenario
Fixed budget
Restricts the efforts of the managers to the budgeted targets
Disadvantage of budgetary control system
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Liabilities All the amount owed by the business
Drawing Withdrawn for personal use
Journal Book of original entry
Ledger Maintain all types of Accounts
Assets All the properties owned by the business
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Balance-sheet Financial status
Book-Keeping Books of Accounts
Financial statement Profitability statement & Balance-sheet
Accounting Process of analyzing & interpretation
Profitability statement Indicates the amount of profit earned
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Freight inwards Manufacturing account
Sales Trading account
Freight outwards Profit and loss account
Dividend paid Profit and loss appropriation account
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Plan of investment in fixed assets Capital Expenditure Budget
Plan for surplus/shortage of cash Cash Budget
Operating income Cash Sales
Non-Operating income Issue of shares
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Real A/C Debit what comes in, Credit what goes out
Trade Discount Not accounted for in the books of Accounts
Cash Discount Accounted for in the books of Accounts
Rs.1 Personal A/C Debit the receiver, Credit the giver
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Scope of uniform costing
Advantageously applicable in similar industries
Spirit of mutual trust Requisite for uniform costing
Avoids cut throat competition Advantage of uniform costing
Treatment given to research and development Fields covered by uniform costing
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Increase in contribution will lead to Increase in profits
Increase in fixed cost will lead to Increase in break even point
Decrease in variable cost will lead to Increase in profit volume ratio
Decrease in selling price will lead to Decrease in contribution
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Personal A/C Debit the receiver, Credit the giver
Real A/C Debit what comes in, Credit what goes out
Nominal A/C Debit all the expenses, Credit all the incomes
Tangible assets Building, Machinery
In tangible assets Patents, Trade marks
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Daily Time sheets Time spent by worker on job is recorded
Time Keeping Department Recording of workers time
Time booking department Job-wise booking of time
Time Recording Clock Method Ticket number & clock card allotted to worker
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Drawings Proprietor's account
Deferred revenue expenditure Real account
Deferred revenue expenditure written off Nominal account
Loan Personal account
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Any supplier from the global market can fill the tender
Global Tender
Single Tender Tender from only one supplier
Limited Tender Tenders from reliable but few suppliers
Any supplier from the local market can fill the tender
Open Tender
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Fixed overheads Variability wise classification
Abnormal overheads Normality wise classification
Indirect Material Element wise classification
Administration overheads Function wise classification
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Transport facilities to employees Preventive cost of labor turnover
Relationship between supervisor and worker Avoidable cause of labor turnover
Dismissal of employee Unavoidable cause of labor turnover
Increased spoilage and defectives Replacement cost of labor turnover
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Normal Standards Anticipated to be achieved in future
Basic Standards Established for a longer period of time
Current Standards Established for a shorter period of time
Expected Standards Anticipated to be achieved in the budget period
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Purchase budget Forecast of quantity and value of materials
Analyses the performance of different budget centres
Budget committee
Cash budget Assists in predicting shortage of cash
Budget Objective is performance evaluation
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Total cost Cost of finished goods
Non operating income Profit on sale of investment
Selling and distribution overheads Advertisement expenses
Factory overheads Repair for factory building
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Non-operating Income Profit on sale of shares
Non-operating Expense Dividend on shares
Selling & Distribution Advertisement
Factory Cost Repair for factory building
Total Cost Cost of finished goods
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The level above which actual stock should not exceed
Maximum level
The level below which actual stock should not reduce
Minimum level
To take the step for procurement of further lots of material
Re-order level
Danger level Below minimum level
Fixation of inventory level Initiating proper action for movement of material
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Straight Piece rate system The rate of payment is fixed per piece
Diemer system Halsey system & Gantt System
Worker is paid on the basis of time attended by him
Time rate System
Workers are paid according to the production achieved by him
Payment by Result
Different hourly rates are fixed for different levels of efficiency
Differential Time rate
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Fixed cost + variable cost Total cost
Total cost – fixed cost variable cost
sales- variable cost contribution
contribution – fixed cost profit
Total cost + profit Sales
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Error of Principle Trial Balance does not get affected
Error of Omission The transaction is totally omitted
Error of commission Wrong Posting
Compensating Error Wrong classification
Difference in trial balance Transferred to suspense account
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Opportunity Cost Cost can be controlled
Differential Cost Historical Cost
Sunk Cost Cannot be controlled
Controllable Cost Increase or Decrease in cost
Uncontrollable Cost Return or yield
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Henceforth, there shall be no difference in overdraft balances
Closed the account with State Bank of India
Overdraft as per bank book Overdraft as per pass book
Debit side of bank book is overcast
Interest on debentures directly credited by Overdraft as per bank book Overdraft as per pass book
Overdraft as per bank book = Overdraft as per pass book
Received sanction for a loan of Rs.10 lakhs
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Ledger Maintain all types of accounts
Audit Reviewing internal control system
Accounting Process of analyzing & interpretation
Journal Book of original entry
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Advance Not related in current year
Application Increase in Assets
Outstanding Amount still payable in current year
Prepaid Amount paid for next year
Drawing Amount of personal use
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Discount received Suppliers
Outstanding expenses Liabilities
Depreciation Assets
Interest on capital Borrowed capital
Discount allowed Debtors
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Ordering cost Associated with administrative efforts
Carrying cost Cost of holding the inventory
Total cost Ordering cost + carrying cost
Inventory control Maintain the inventory of any kind
E.O.Q Economic Ordering Quantity
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Bills Payable Amount payable to supplier
Bills Receivable Amount received from the customer
Trade Discount Not accounted for in the books of Accounts
Cash Discount Accounted for in the books of Accounts
Bad debts Amount not received from customer
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Cost Centre Facilitate the fixation of responsibility
Cost Control Process of controlling costs of operations
Differential Cost Increase or Decrease in cost
Sunk Cost Historical Cost
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Cash budget Interest on loan
Selling and distribution budget Cost of demand creation
Administration budget Salary of CEO
Materials budget Carriage inwards