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Pradip Kumar Shrivastava

SAP FICO, BI and BPC Techno-Functional Program/Proect !anager

System Development |Customization and Enhancements |Scope Discovery |Systems Integration |Risk Assessment &
Management |uality Assurance |!roposal Development |!rocess Improvement " #est !ractices
Ph" #$%-&%'-()'$
P*OF+SSIO,A- S.!!A*/"
$ver %& years o' e(perience )hich includes %*+ years )ith all pro,ect stages
including !ro,ect assessment- !ro,ect estimating- Re.uirements determination-
/ap analysis- #usiness process reengineering- Issue resolution- Con'iguration-
Custom code speci'ications- 0raining- /o1live assistance and !ost
implementation support2
E(perienced in leading large glo3al teams through comple( program and pro,ect
tasks under onsite 4 o''shore model2 Detail1oriented- delivery1'ocused and a3le to
motivate teams2
E(cellent )ritten and ver3al presentation a3ilities2 E(tensive e(perience )ith
pro,ect proposals- timeline determination- 3udget estimation and sta''ing plans2
Delivered multiple pro,ects under 0ime and Material contract2
Com'orta3le in Steering Committee and 5C5 level discussions regarding SA!5s
'unctional and integration capa3ilities- Return1on1Investment 6R$I7 areas and
overall I0 strategy2
E(pert in )orking on large account 'or running production support-
enhancements and gro)ing accounts 3y identi'ying value ideas and making
recommendation 'or process improvements2
A3ility to 3uild a 'rame)ork 'or the team that encourages hard )ork-
colla3oration- peer veri'ications- periodic revie) and monitor the per'ormance o'
personnel to ensure a productive )ork environment2
E(cellent kno)ledge o' ASA! methodology- As1Is"0o1#e Client process
analysis- 8it and /ap study- #lue !rint- !rototyping and hands on Con'iguration
6IM/7 o' the system2
8ully committed to provide the highest possi3le standards o' service delivery
using e(ceptional pro,ect management- systems analysis and design e(pertise2
9orked in client 'acing role as !ro,ect Manager- Solution Architect- Module
:ead- and Consultant 'or various SA! pro,ects in the area o' SA! 8IC$- MM-
SD- SA! 0a(- #I- SA! Enterprise !ortal- CRM- Integration o' SA! )ith non
SA! applications and e(cellent kno)ledge o' 3usiness 'inance- S$;
re.uirements and industry 3est practices2
<ands1on E(perience )ith #I modeling and reporting- reporting through #I 'or
various modules o' ECC and CRM- A#A! :anguage- :SM9- EDI- SA! .uery-
Report !ainter- =ser E(its- #Adi- 8I integration )ith SD- MM- SM- !S and
E(perience in 'our 'ull1cycle implementations on releases >2*#- >2&C- ECC &2*
and ECC &2>2 E(perienced )ith 'unctionality- implementations and upgrades 'or
releases >2&C through ECC &2*2
SAP Proect +0perience"
Production Support, +nhancements and +0ecution o1 ,e2 Proects 3an %445 6 till date
Client" Advance !icro 7evices 8A!79
Phase" Production Support, +nhancements and +0ecution o1 ,e2 Proects
*ole" Program !anager
Team Si:e" (4
AMD is a glo3al supplier o' integrated circuits 'or the computing- communications- and
consumer electronics markets2 AMD produces microprocessors- 8lash memory devices- and
silicon solutions 'or communications and net)orking applications2 As a program manager I am
responsi3le 'or 'ollo)ing
0o 3uild services relationships )ith clients and manage the per'ormance o' services to clients
as agreed in the contract and ensure that the Service :evels are achieved2
8inalizing S$9 and design technical architecture in consultation )ith 3usiness analysts- key
3usiness users and team mem3ers 'or ne) pro,ects and enhancements2
9orking as 8IC$- MM- SD- Revenue recognition and #I advisor to high severity support
issues and to the various pro,ects across the organization2
!roviding technology update to the client and generating ?alue Ideas to ena3le them to run
3usiness more e''iciently2
Accomplished multiple pro,ects per 'ollo)ing@
C*! 6 !7F 8!ar;eting 7evelopment Fund9 implementation " In order to reduce
total cost o' o)nership MD8 has 3een implemented at AMD2
Implementing support pac; +<P& " It includes 'inalizing overall strategy relating to
identi'ying impact and 0C!s- E(ecuting 0est Cycles- De'ect resolution and Cutover
to production2
SAP *e=ate !anagement " In order to manage trade promotions SA! Re3ate
'unctionality has 3een implemented using CRM and SD module2
>lo=al Foundr? Separation " AMD spin1o'' its manu'acturing 8a3s into a ne)
company called 0he /lo3al 8oundries Company and it )ant to remain as a !roduct
company 'ocusing mainly on !roduct design- development and marketing2
Suppl? Chain Trans1ormation " As part o' supply chain initiative AMD is applying
ne) charges to customers relating to Cancellation- restocking and handling 'ees2 As
8IC$ lead I have scoped out e(posure to /:- C$!A and #I reporting2
SAP Technical .pgrade " AMD decided to upgrade SA! 'rom version R"A >2&C to
ECC &2*- CRM >2B to CRM C**D and #9 A2* to #I D2*2 It )as technical upgrade
)ith mandatory 'unctional upgrade2 SA! security roles have also 3een revamped and
upgraded2 Scope o' )ork involved
=pgrade Assessment
I0 In'rastructure and System :andscape Management
!ro,ect 0eam !lanning and !roductivity Management
Change Control and Signo'' procedure
E(ecution o' technical upgrade
=nicode conversion
8inalizing 0esting Strategy - E(ecuting test cases and resolving De'ects
!er'ormance 0esting o' standard and customized programs
/o :ive management and post go live support
S7 Implementation 1or integrating ATI 2ith A!7 April %44@ 6 7ecem=er %44@
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" Full li1e c?cle / Post go live support
*ole" S7-A* Solution Architect / Onsite Coordinator
Team Si:e" %#
0he pro,ect )as 'or integrating A0I SD process )ith AMD on account o' ac.uisition o' A0I 3y
AMD2 A0I )as on SA! 3ut their implementation )as )ay di''erent 'rom AMD2 In order to map
A0I process on AMD SA! instance I )orked on 'ollo)ing@
Documenting As1Is process- !er'orming 'it"gap analysis vis1E1vis e(isting AMD process-
8IC$ Con'iguration- Data Conversion- !reparing testing strategy- !reparation o' 0est Cases-
Monitoring test cycles- !repared cut over task lists and monitored complete go live process
and !ost go live support
S7 Implementation 1or China 7ecem=er %44' 6 !arch %44@
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" Full li1e c?cle
*ole" S7-A* !anaging Consultant / Onsite Coordinator
Team Si:e" $#
AMD decided to create a ne) sales organization 'or China to sell local distri3utors )ithin China2
0here )as ma,or )ork involved 'rom SD18I perspective 3ecause o' strict ta( procedures in
China2 I )orked on 'ollo)ing@
Documenting special need in China 'or availing ta( 3ene'it2
Integration o' SA! system )ith Chinese /olden 0a( System 6/0S7
Creation o' ta( codes 'or end customer invoices and inter company invoices
Settlement o' input 8A!I$ against output 8A!I$2
Special access se.uence 'or capturing condition records 'or meeting re.uirement o' trans'er
A#A! reports 'or reconciling End Customer Invoice- output 8A!I$- Inter Company Invoice
and input 8A!I$2
Setting up customer return process2
!reparation o' 0est Cases- unit testing- Integration testing and de'ect resolution2
!repared cut over task lists and monitored complete go live process2
Implementation on account o1 merger/ acAuisition April %44' 6 ,ovem=er %44'
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" Full li1e c?cle
*ole" FICO -ead Consultant/ Onsite Coordinator
Team Si:e" %#
A0I )as on separate SA! instance and initially AMD and A0I 3oth )ere running on separate
instances2 In order to map A0I 3usiness process on AMD SA! instance- %5 company codes )ere
decided to 3e created across glo3e2 As onsite lead my responsi3ilities )ere to document
re.uirements- delegate )ork to o''shore team and monitor the )hole implementation 'rom 8IC$
>eneral -edger" Mapping A0I chart o' account )ith AMD Chart account and creation o'
ne) /: account 'or meeting A0I reporting re.uirement2
Setting up Special Purpose -edger" Responsi3le 'or setting up all S!:
Interaction )ith corporate accounting 'or 'inalizing S!: re.uirement
Con'igured ledgers 'or =S /AA! and :ocal /AA!
Setup 8iscal year variants 'or S!:
Con'igured total ledger and line item ledger
Con'igured 'ields movement to populate in'ormation in S!:
Business Consolidation using +CCS" 9orked on Enterprise Controlling and Consolidation
System 6ECCS7 'or consolidating 3usiness units and producing !&: Statement and #alance
Setting up ECCS :edger
Setting up Data roll up and data validation rules
Setting up inter company elimination 'or receiva3les- paya3les- e(penses and
Consolidation o' investment
Consolidation <ierarchy
8S Items and other master data
Fi0ed Asset Proect 8SAP-FA/A!/AA9" Speci'ic e(perience includes designing the
complete 8i(ed Asset " Asset Accounting " Asset Management processes including
Identi'ication o' 3usiness needs
Con'iguration and !rototyping
Country speci'ic treatment o' Depreciation -8i(ed Asset classes- ta( la)s -special
:ease accounting
Month"year end closing processes
Integration )ith Internal order " IM" !S" 8I modules
Data migration 'rom :egacy System
Cost Center and Pro1it Center Planning using Integrated +0cel upload" Speci'ic
e(perience includes setting up plan versions 'or loading planned cost and revenues@
Intervie)ing corporate planning team 'or gathering re.uirement
Setup !lanner pro'ile and planning versions
!repared planning layout 'or e(cel upload 'or cost center planning and pro'it
center planning
Setting up /eneric 'ile
#usiness Authorization
Reporting using report painter
Pro1it Center Implementation" Speci'ic e(perience includes implementation o' pro'it
center approach 'or calculating pro'it and 'ollo)ing are highlights o' the )ork per'ormed
9orked )ith 3usiness to 'inalize method o' Calculating !ro'its in EC1!CA
8inalizing 3asis o' pro'it center and creating master data
Creating Assessment and distri3ution cycle
Creating drilldo)n reports and Report !ainter reports
9orked )ith 3usiness on 'inalizing !CA roles
Created authorization group 'or restricting !CA reporting across organization
FI Integration 2ith PS, AA, !!, S*!, S7, PP and C*!" I )as responsi3le 'or
mapping integration o' 8IC$ )ith su3 modules and cross 'unctional applications
Con'iguration o' settlement o' pro,ects in pro,ect system2
Creation o' pro,ects 3ased on campaign elements o' CRM2
Con'iguration o' MM accounts assignment2
Con'iguration o' SD accounts assignment2
:oading e(change rates to SRM
SAP Separation 3anuar? %44' 6 !arch %44'
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" Full li1e c?cle
*ole" FICO -ead Consultant
Team Si:e" $#
AMD divested Spansion and there )as need to separate all company codes relating to Spansion2
A'ter considering several approach AMD decided to keep old data and con'iguration o' these
company codes and 3lock" disa3le them 'rom transaction processing and reporting perspective@
#locked all /: accounts at company code level
Removed cross company con'iguration o' Spansion )ith AMD companies
Separated Spansion company codes 'rom ECCS hierarchy o' AMD
Removed Spansion company codes 'rom all sets used 'or reporting
Removed variants relating to Spansion company codes 'rom all SA! ,o3s
Removed Spansion speci'ic Control1M ,o3s
Removed Spansion users 'rom all distri3ution list and noti'ication list
.S 2ithholding ta0 $4)) and ta0 reporting Octo=er %44# 6 7ecem=er %44#
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" +nhancement
*ole" FICO -ead Consultant
Team Si:e" '
Implemented =S )ithholding ta( %*FF and my responsi3ility )as
Interaction )ith corporate ta( team and gather re.uirement 'or %*FF )ithholding ta(
Con'iguration o' ta( code and reason codes
Implement recommendation o' $SS note 'or mass change o' vendor invoices and payment
9orked )ith A#A! team 'or creating %*FF reconciliation report
Documentation o' %*FF process 'or end users
End user training
>ross !argin Proect 3une %44# 6 Septem=er %44#
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" ,e2 Functionalit?/ +nhancement
*ole" Functional -ead
Team Si:e" #
<aving implemented Revenue recognition solution- AMD )anted to generate gross margin report
'rom #I2 0he pro,ect is a Sales " 8inance group pro,ect kno)n as DA::AS )hich aims at
calculating the gross margin 'or various regions- !roduct characteristics & customers2 I have
provided the architecture 'or the gross margin development 3y developing various data models to
calculate the C$S02
Enhanced R"A Cost center master data to capture additional characteristics2
Developed custom e(tractors to calculate the C$/S 'or the resale data 3eing stored in the
CRM system2
Redesigned the current revenue models 'or per'ormance improvements- easy maintenance
and 'or reusing them 'or the gross margin development2
Developed various $DS as staging layer and cu3es 'or reporting2 Designed and Developed
e(tractors & data models 'or the C$!A data validation2
Developed reports 'or reporting as per 3usiness re.uirement2
COPA and *evenue *ecognition Coc;pit Fe=ruar? %44# 6 !a? %44#
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" ,e2 Functionalit?/ +nhancement
*ole" FICO -ead Consultant
Team Si:e" 5
AMD created a revenue recognition cockpit 'or accurate and error 'ree revenue reporting2 0he
solution contains inter'aces o' #I )ith 8I1/:- C$!A and Channel Management system2 I )orked
on the pro,ect as 8IC$ lead and )orked on 8I1/: re.uirements- C$!A con'iguration and #I
Con'igured C$!A 'or populating record type A- # and 82
Setup C$!A derivation rule 'or reporting revenue
Setup C$!A characteristics and integrated )ith SD 'or populating pro'ita3ility segment )ith
all these characteristics
Designed #I data targets 'or capturing data 'rom C$!A and CRM2
Designed multi cu3e and .ueries re.uired 'or 3usiness reporting2
Production Support and +nhancement !a? %44& 6 3anuar? %44#
Client" Advance !icro 7evices
Phase" +nd .ser Support
*ole" FICO -ead Consultant/ O11shore Coordinator
Team Si:e" $&
AMD is a glo3al supplier o' integrated circuits 'or the computing- communications- and
consumer electronics markets2 AMD produces microprocessors- 8lash memory devices- and
silicon solutions 'or communications and net)orking applications2 AMD has SA! Support team
covering $nsite and $''shore2 It has A1tier support system2 As part o' tier C support- I )as
responsi3le 'or resolving day1to1day production issues covering modules AM " /:" S!: " AR"
Inter1Company" 0a(" A!" !S" CCA" !CA and ECCS - month close support- )orking on report
painter reports- con'iguration management- delegating )ork to o''shore and testing o' ongoing
pro,ects2 I e(ecuted 'ollo)ing@
Ensure S:AGs are achieved and client e(pectations are met 6or e(ceeded
Analyze SA! R"A application 'unctionality and architecture2
Interact )ith the client 3usiness o)ners and managers to understand re.uired enhancements
in SA! 8I- C$- #9- Integration o' 8I )ith MM- SD modules2
!lan the change re.uest and the maintenance activities 'or the so't)are2
Coordinate )ith the client team- and present on a )eekly 3asis to the client the progress and
issues related to the support2
Impart kno)ledge to the 3usiness end users regarding SA! R"A application2
A revie)s and integration testing o' developments done 3y o''shore team2
9ork )ith the o''shore team 'or any A#A! development"enhancements on the
9ork on production issues )hich need to 3e solved on the spot 'or SA! application- i2e2 )ork
on the critical 3ugs that may 3e there in the production system and support it 'rom onsite2
Supporting 3usiness in month close and year close activities2
Act as one point o' contact 'or customer issues"escalation and maintain e''ective
communication 3et)een the customer and o''shore team2
!er'orm onsite testing and deployment o' application in production system2
Bersion .pgrade 1rom &C4 to &C@ 7ecem=er %44( 6 April %44&
Client" !egachem -imited, Singapore
Phase" Full -i1e C?cle
*ole" FICO Consultant
Team Si:e" $%
Megachem is a leading distri3utor and Manu'acturer o' industrial specialty products in Asia2
Scope o' the pro,ect )as technical upgrade and I )as responsi3le 'or scope out 8IC$ testing-
preparation o' test cases- e(ecuting unit testing- de'ect resolution- supporting 3usiness in
integration testing and e(ecuting cut over task lists2
SAP Implementation 3anuar? %44( 6 ,ov %44(
Client" Bhartia Cutler <ammer 8BC<9
Phase" Full -i1e C?cle
*ole" FICO Consultant
Team Si:e" $#
#C< Electric :imited is a ,oint venture o' Cutler <ammer- =SA and Indian !artners2 It had
decided to implement SA! covering corporate o''ice- manu'acturing plant and C* sales o''ices2
Scope o' implementation )as /:- 8A- C$- MM- !! and SD2 As a 8IC$ consultant I )as
responsi3le 'or /: and 8i(ed Assets implementation covering 'inalization o' chart o' account-
con'iguration o' 0a( depreciation related Dep2"calculation Heys- derived depreciation areas -
8i(ed Asset Data migration2
On site Production Support and +nhancement !arch %44% 6 7ecem=er %44%
Client" Dhirlpool <ome Appliances
Phase" Production Support
*ole" FICO Consultant
Team Si:e" @
9hirlpool has )ide user 3ase and as consultant I )as responsi3le 'or day to day support-
con'iguration management- Integration )ith SD- MM- SM and !!- #DC recording and
preparation o' 'unctional speci'ication 'or A#A! Development- !reparation" modi'ication o'
reports using report painter- Month close and Iear close support relating to 8IC$ and !roduct
Post >o -ive +nhancement 3ul? %44$ 6 Fe=ruar? %44%
Client" Dhirlpool <ome Appliances
Phase" +nhancement
*ole" FICO Consultant
Team Si:e" '
<aving implemented standard module o' SA!- 9hirlpool decided to enhance certain 'eature to
meet local reporting need and other 3usiness re.uirements2 I )orked as module lead during the
pro,ect and I )as responsi3le 'or interaction )ith the #usiness !rocess $)ners and gathering
process re.uirement and developing the 'unctional specs2 =nit 0esting- Demo !reparation and
ensured timely completion o' the pro,ect through periodic revie) meeting )ith 3usiness process
o)ners2 Apart 'rom A#A! reports- success'ully implemented
Special !urpose :edger to meet re.uirement o' local reporting
Management reporting using !CA module
SAP Implementation Octo=er $))) 6 3une %44$
Client" Dhirlpool <ome Appliances
Phase" Full -i1e C?cle / Post Implementation Support
*ole" FICO Consultant
Team Si:e" %#
In late %FFF 9hirlpool decided to implement SA!- ER! system- to have real time data 'or
3usiness analysis and reporting2 It )as decided to have in1house consultants apart 'rom having
implementation partners2 I#M )as identi'ied 'or implementation partner2 A'ter initial
preparation- training SA! implementation started in Jan C***2 I )orked as 8IC$ consultant and
my speci'ic responsi3ilities )ere
Intervie)ing 3usiness o)ners and document As1Is process2
!er'orming 'it"gap analysis and )orking )ith 3usiness o)ner 'or 'inalizing 0o1#e process2
Setting up proto type2
8inalization o' all master data relating to /:"AR"A! and AA2
0horough testing o' various module and su31module o' 8I"C$2
!reparing testing strategy2
Monitoring De'ects and taking corrective action2
8unctional speci'ication 'or A#A! development
Integration testing2
Con'iguring 'i(ed Assets
Data Migration 'or 8I- AR- A! and 8i(ed Assets 'rom legacy systems2
De'ining and con'iguring end1user roles2
End =ser 0raining2
!ost /o live Support
Functional +0perience"
*ole" Corporate !anager 6 Finance E Accounts April $))' to Septem=er $)))
9hirlpool <ome Appliances is in the 3usiness o' manu'acturing and marketing home appliances
across the glo3e2 9hirlpool India is manu'acturing and marketing home appliances like
Re'rigerator- 9ashing machine- Air1conditioners and Micro )ave ovens2
I )as designated as Manager 6Accounts & 8inance72 My ,o3 responsi3ilities )ere@
Consolidation o' Accounts as per =S /AA!2
Compliance o' Statutory Re.uirements- Company :a) and 0a(ation2
Managing Capital E(penditure 6CA!E;7 #udget
Arrangement o' 8unds and monitoring Cash 8lo)2
!reparation o' #udget- 8inancials and other daily purpose MIS reports2
!reparation o' !ro'it !lan- $perating !lan- uarterly 'orecasts and Strategic !lan2
Cost Control measures
*ole" Senior Commercial +0ecutive 3ul? $))& to April $))'
#!: :imited is an Indian company2 It is in the 3usiness o' manu'acturing and marketing
Consumer Electronic !roducts in India2

I )as designated as Senior Commercial $''icer2 My ,o3 responsi3ilities )ere@
Managing and monitoring #ranch Sales Accounting including 3illing- collection- credit limit-
scheme e(ecutions and trade partnerGs reconciliation2
C&8A management and perpetual physical veri'ication o' stocks2
Creditor5s Management including #udget and 3udgetary controls- #ank Reconciliation
*ole" Cost Accountant Octo=er $))( to 3ul? $))&
8ilate( India :imited is an Indian company2 It is in the 3usiness o' manu'acturing and marketing
!oly 8ilament yarn in India2

I )as designated as Accounts $''icer2 My Jo3 responsi3ilities )ere2
Maintenance o' Accounts
!reparation o' MIS Reports
!roduct Costing
K #achelor o' Science 8BCScC9
K Certi'ied !u3lic Accountant 8Associate !em=er o1 Institute o1 Cost and Dor;s
K SAP FI Certi'ication 'rom SA! Alliance partner Academy
K SAP CO Certi'ication 'rom SA! Alliance partner Academy
K SAP BI Certi'ication 'rom SA! Academy
K SAP FA 8Fi0ed Assets9 0rained
K SAP SP- and ,e2 >- 68unctionality and Migration 'rom S!:7 0rained
K SAP +CCS 8+nterprise Controlling and Consolidation S?stem9 0rained
K SAP PS-I! 8Proect S?stem and Investment management9 0rained
K SAP S7-A* 8Sales and 7istri=ution Account *eceiva=le and integration 2ith FI9 and
SAP Inter Compan? 0rained
K SAP Portal and C*!-!7F 0rained
K SAP BPC 6#usiness !lanning and Consolidation7 0rained