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Lesson: Moon Phases With Oreos

Lauren Henson
Grade _ Gates Elementary

Standards: E.ST.04.24 Explain how the
visible shape of the moon follows a
predictable cycle that takes one month.

Objective: Students will be able to
create, identify, and label the different
phases of the moon.

Prior Knowledge: Students will have
had watched a Bill Nye video on moon
phases and created foldable drawings
where they drew and labeled the
different moon phases.


(10 min)
Review previous lesson. Chorus read moon phases off of
foldable drawings.
Review I can statement
Review moon phases with YouTube song:

Who likes Oreos?
T will explain to S they will be creating the moon phases today with

T will place students in groups of 2. Groups previously decided to
group students at different levels together.
*Group Expectations:
Take turns making moon phases (each do 4)
We do not eat the Oreos until the end of the lesson. Be
responsible with materials

(5 min)
T will demonstrate how to create the new moon phases with
an Oreo and place on moon phase template. S will watch and
participate in giving answers.
o Model using the toothpick how to scrape off the white
filling to make a New Moon with the Oreo.
o T: Why dont we see the new moon we look up into
the sky?
o T: Where would I place the new moon on my moon
phase template?
T will demonstrate how to create the full moon phase with
an Oreo and place on moon phase template. S will watch and
participate when giving answers.
o T: What would the Oreo look like to show when the
moon is on the opposite side of the earth?
o T: How could I show that?
o T: Where would I place the full moon on my moon
phase template?


(15 min)
S will follow T directions to create their own new moon and
full moon phases with their partner.
T will ask: What moon phases occur between the new moon
and full moon?
T and S will create the moon phases between the new and full
moon together and place in correct spot on moon phase

T will ask: How will the moon change after the full moon?
o It will appear smaller
o It will be in the opposite phase from the first part.

(10- 15 min)

T will have S create the rest of the moon phases.
o T will ask S to raise hands when moon phases are
o If moon phases look correct have S complete moon
phases worksheet to be turned in (per individual).
o Students who finish early can practice moon phases
with white boards or playdough.

o As groups are working T will go around and monitor progress
and assist groups who need extra help.
o If S are struggling have them refer to their foldable

(3 min)
Review I can statement
o Did anyone notice the moon last night?
o What did it look like?
o What moon phase will we see next?

Assessment: Informal: T will observe groups to make sure S are on task and
are creating and indentifying the correct moon phases.

Formative: S will turn in moon phases worksheet