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Case studies and exemplar materials are produced by

individual teachers working as Lead Practitioners for the

Licence to Cook Programme.

N.B this work is based on the Licence to Cook programme; the

resources may have been changed/adapted to suit local needs.

LP author: Barbara Monks

School: Hitchin Girls’ School, Herts

Product: Quiz activity
Word doc entitled Cooking Safely Quiz
Year group: Year 7 - 8

Topics: Cooking Safely for pairs or small groups

Key focus: Key words to do with cooking safely

Description: 2 pages – one has clues and one has a chart with
beginning letter and number of words given for 30 words based on the
L2C powerpoint for cooking safely Useful for revision or homework
Cooking Safely Quiz – try a countdown style quiz

1 A 2 W 3 R 4 H 5 C

6 W 7 P 8 T 9 M 10 C

11 I 12 P 13 T 14 P 15 J

16 S 17 P 18 C 19 H 20 F

21 F 22 C 23 P 24 R 25 C

26 R 27 R 28 O 29 C 30 L

Clues to completing the grid working from r - l

Slide 1: Preparing ingredients

1A – tell you how often should you wash your hands (6)
2W – fruit and vegetables need this to remove dirt, soil or insects (6)
3R – a type of food that should not mix with cooked food (3)
Slide 2 : Clear and clean
4H – needs to be covered or tied back before starting cooking (4)
5C – cloths should be kept this way (5)
6W – spills and crumbs should be dealt with this way (4)
7P – should be recycled (9)
8T – keep worktops this way (4)
Slide 3: Cooking food thoroughly
9M – a way of measuring the length of cooking (7)
10C – one way of setting degree of heat (10)
11I – stages that indicate ways to make a product (12)
12P – way to ensure the oven is at the correct temperature (7)
13T – the way food should be cooked (10)
Slide 4: Cooking
14P – keep cooking - if this is the colour in the centre (4)
15J – this should run clear if a chicken is cooked (5)
16S – a temperature close to boiling (9)
17P – a word that indicated a product is very hot (6)
Slide 5: Serving food
18C – food should be kept this way if possible prior to serving (7)
19H – indicates food above 63C (3)
20F – degrees below which food is safely cold (4)
Slide 6: Covering food
21F – shiney food covering ( 4)
22C – not a suitable storage container once opened (C)
23P – food that is covered is helped this way (9)
Slide 7: Chilling cooked foods
24R - proper name for chilling equipment (12)
25C – food must only be placed in a freezer when after this process (7)
26R – likelihood of food poisoning reduced by chilling (4)
Slide 8 : Reheating cooked food
27R – best if it done until it is piping hot (6)
28O – the number of times reheating can be carried out (4)
Slide 9: Storing cooked food

29C – food should be this as well as cooled before it is stored (7)
30L – name for food products remaining after a meal ( 9)