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Statement of Purpose

People dream all the time and do everything to make their dreams to be true. I also
believe that dream is the fuel that drives people to live. I have started my undergraduate
class commenced on February 2003 in Department of Chemical ngineering in
!angladesh "niversity of ngineering and #echnology $!"#%& !angladesh to make my
dream factual. During first t'o levels $( levels in ( years% I studied Physics& !asic
Chemistry& )athematics& !asic Chemical ngineering& Chemical ngineering
#hermodynamics& Fluid and *olid mechanics& etc. I came to kno' about chemical
processes as 'ell as the application of some theories and e+uations in chemical
During third and final levels I 'as introduced to core chemical engineering areas& i.e.
,eat #ransfer& )ass #ransfer& Particle *eparation #echnology& "nit -perations& .eaction
ngineering& #ransport Phenomena& Corrosion ngineering and Process Control etc. and
ac+uired deeper kno'ledge of sophisticated chemical processes. I reali/ed that in a
chemical process industry& more than 001 process e+uipments are different types of
separator and un+uestionably separation plays a key role. ,ence& for designing a
separator 'e& chemical engineers& have to gather kno'ledges about the insight of a
chemical process.
During final level our group decided to design 2,ydrogen Per3-4ide Plant5 as part of
final year design pro6ect. *ince I 'as interested in separation process& I designed
e4traction to'er consisting sieve trays with downcomer 'here hydrogen per3
o4ide 'as separated from o4idi/ed solution using de3ioni/ed 'ater in an e4tractor.
Furthermore& I accomplished t'o 'eeks training at 7ia Fertili/er Company 8imited&
!angladesh as part of final year dissertation 'hile I practically got the opportunity to
learn more about the different process units and e+uipment involved in producing urea.
9fter graduation I had 6oined in a chemical industry $hydrogen per3o4ide production
plant% as production engineer 'here I had to perform different activities to ensure highest
production standard. During this period I had practically learnt a lot about the operation
and operational problem of chemical processes and became more interested to learn about
chemical processes& especially separation processes and e+uipments.
ventually& I decided to have higher studies $graduate programme% in a 'orld class
university 'hich can provide me the opportunities to become skilled of process fields&
particularly separation processes. 9nd I found "niversity of .egina as one of my friends&
!ipro .an6an Dhar& 'ho is a postgraduate student there& informed me. #hen I searched its
'ebsite and I got my place of dream. I became tremendously motivated by its research
e4cellence $especially Industrial *ystem ngineering% and the portfolios of the
distinguished faculties 'ho 'ork there. 9fter that I made contact 'ith Dr. 9disorn
9roon'ilas and he encouraged me to fulfill my dream. I 'ill be glad if I get the uni+ue
chance to 'ork 'ith him. I believe that this school is that desired one by 'hich I can
pursue higher studies in a internationally recogni/ed university 'ith high potential in
research field and participate in national development as 'ell as to contribute in the
global stream of engineering.
I hope that you 'ould find me as a deserving and creditable student for the )asters
program 'ith ade+uate funding and scholarship in your reno'ned "niversity.
*hihab "ddin $shihab:che02;
December& 200<