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Bank borrowing falls far below target
The government's borrowing from the banking system stood at only 21% of its target in the first 11
months of the outgoing fiscal year due to slow implementation of development programmes.
Between July to June of this fiscal year, around Tk63.59b was borrowed from banks against the
revised target of Tk299.82b.
The ADP's revised allocation was Tk600b in the outgoing fiscal year.
Daily Star
Infrastructure, political stability key to high growth: analysts
Adequate infrastructure, energy, skilled manpower, political stability and investment-friendly
climate are the key factors for higher economic growth.
Bangladesh has achieved considerable success in GDP but fell short of the growth numbers
achieved by the other developing countries.
Daily Star, FE
Home Textile sector likely to see growth in Export
According to BBS, for the first 11 months of this fiscal textile sectors export income increased by
0.96% and stood at Tk728m.
At the end of the FY2011-12, export income was $9.6m which is 14.87% over the previous years
export income while in FY2012-13 it came down to 12.64%.
Bonik Barta
Import LC cancellations soar to $910m in Jul-April
Disagreement between importers and exporters and dull business situation in the country amid
political unrest put an adverse impact on the import sector which forced the businesspeople to
cancel their LCs.
The cancellation amount of LCs is 2.97% of the total imported amount ($30.59b) during July-
New Age
ADBs $350m loan to build 1.25m skilled workers
By 2025, Bangladesh is expected to have 78m workers, up from 56.7m in 2010.
The total cost of the governments Skills for Employment Investment Program is estimated at
ADB loans for the program will be made in three tranches as part of a seven-year financing
The Independent
GDP growth of Bangladesh continues to grow at a slower rate than major trading partners
The country registered an average GDP growth rate of 4.8% during the period of 1981-2012 as
compared to 5.9% during 2001-2012.
The average growth rate of GDP per worker fell from 3.4% during 1990-2000 to 2.4% during
2000-2011 while the growth rate of GDP per hour worked fell more sharply from 3.3% to 1%
during the same period.
Dhaka Tribune
WB lends $600m to improve rural electricity supply
Bangladesh received $600m credit from WB to improve the quality of electricity supply for 25m
people in the rural areas of the eastern part of Bangladesh.
The credit for the Rural Electricity Transmission and Distribution Project (T&D) is from the
International Development Association (IDA) the WB Groups soft loan arm with 40 years of
maturity, including a 10-year grace period and carrying a service charge of 0.75%.
Dhaka Tribune
Most merchant banks shun losses in 2013
Of the 38 merchant banks operating their own portfolio investment in the capital market, 27 made
Tk2.12b profits in 2013 and seven others registered Tk397.2b losses, a BSEC report showed.
According to other BSEC data, the total outstanding margin loan of 38 merchant banks to its
clients stands at around Tk77.40b as of April this year.
New Age
Market crash will happen again
Former SEC chairman AB Mirza Azizul Islam stated in discussion that market manipulation is the
main reason behind market instability.
He suggested increasing the number of initial public offerings, as more shares will bring balance
between supply and demand and give more options to investors.
He also stressed out on off-loading 26 state-owned enterprises shares in capital market.
Dhaka Tribune, Daily Star
Commission not updating the case progress
Despite BSECs obligation to notify any development to finance ministry on share market fraud
cases on monthly basis, finance ministry has remained in the dark.
In FY2010-11 total 366 cases were recorded for violating security law which now stood at 429 at
the end of FY2012-13.
Bonik Barta

Investment stagnancy frustrates the Finance Minister
Finance minister stated that sluggish private sector investment and manufacturing activities are
the major roadblocks in the effort to accelerate the countrys economic growth.
The minister also added that infrastructure development and effective land management are
among the priorities to ensure investment growth and accelerate the pace of manufacturing
FE, Prothom Alo, Daily Star
Private savings-investment deviation puzzling
Senior economists found the rate of private investment too low compared to that of national
savings and wanted a balance between the two by offering incentives for the latter.
The economists also focused on curbing and strengthening institutional capacity for fostering
economic growth.
The Financial Express
Thrust on redefining GDP composition
Leading economists yesterday stressed augmenting overall industrial productivity and
employment generation by recomposing sectoral contribution to GDP for achieving sustainable
The Financial Express
More borrowing from foreign sources sought
The government needs to enhance the fiscal expenditure to 26%-28% of GDP from the existing
17%-18% to turn Bangladesh into an upper middle income country by 2030.
The government should go for more borrowing from foreign sources which are much cheaper
than the domestic ones, to bankroll the deficit financing of the national budget.
The Financial Express

Volume: 01
Issue: 25
Date: 22
June, 2014
D Da ai il ly y N Ne ew ws s L Le et tt te er r

Stock & Corporate

Economy Today (continued)

Economy Today


DS30 1,603.46 (2.82) (0.18)
DSES 992.97 (6.95) (0.69)
DSEX 4,328.41 (12.06) (0.28)
CASPI 13,381.43 (33.57) (0.25)

Code YCP Close %
SANDHANINS 79.00 84.60 7.09
RUPALILIFE 64.40 67.80 5.28
BANGAS 493.00 517.80 5.03
PRAGATILIF 136.40 143.00 4.84
6THICB 61.00 63.80 4.59
ACI 249.90 261.00 4.44
UNITEDAIR 11.30 11.80 4.42
STANDARINS 27.80 28.90 3.96
DELTALIFE 179.10 185.60 3.63
ARAMITCEM 40.70 42.10 3.44

Code YCP Close %
KOHINOOR 418.00 397.70 (4.86)
MARICO 1,011.60 965.10 (4.60)
NITOLINS 28.90 27.60 (4.50)
BSRMSTEEL 89.80 86.00 (4.23)
1STICB 950.00 910.00 (4.21)
SHYAMPSUG 7.30 7.00 (4.11)
WATACHEM 274.50 263.80 (3.90)
ARGONDENIM 48.70 47.00 (3.49)
LAFSURCEML 84.60 81.70 (3.43)
AL-HAJTEX 172.80 167.40 (3.13)

Issues Advanced 138
Issues Declined 115
Issues Unchanged 45
Total Issues Traded 298

No. of Trades 64,940
Volume (Nos.) in mn 57.19
Value (Tk) in mn 2,660.18

Equity 2,277.67
Mutual Fund 33.21
Debt Securities 555.39
Total 2,866.26

Date Code Record Date FY 2013 FY 2012
04-May-14 GOLDENSON 15-May-14 25%B 5%,15%B
04-May-14 MERCINS 15-May-14 10% 12%B
04-May-14 CMCKAMAL 29-May-14 12.5%B 15%B
04-May-14 RUPALIBANK 14-May-14 15%B 10%B
04-May-14 LEGACYFOOT 12-May-14 5%B 5%B
04-May-14 BDTHAI 25-May-14 5%B 5%B
04-May-14 MEGHNACEM 14-May-14 15% 25%
05-May-14 ISNLTD TBA 0% 5%B
08-May-14 SALVOCHEM 25-Jun-14 10%B 5%B
11-May-14 PURABIGEN 21-May-14 15%B 10%B
11-May-14 ORIONPHARM 21-May-14 15% 20%
14-May-14 MBL1STMF 6-Jun-14 3% 0%
14-May-14 AIBL1STMF 6-Jun-14 5.5% 0%
18-May-14 AMBEEPHA 28-May-14 15%, 20%B 33%
02-Jun-14 WATACHEM 11-Jun-14 30%B 0%
09-Jun-14 ASIANS 19-Jun-14 15%, 5%B 10%, 5%B
10-Jun-14 LAFSURCEML 30-Jun-14 5%*** 0%
15-Jun-14 DELTALIFE 25-Jun-14 11%, 25%B 30%, 20%B


Tk in mn
Open Close
Aug 08 Aug 14 Tk35 100 2.09 40.27 1,575 157.5
Saif Powertec
July 06 July 10 Tk30 200 2.01 24.29 360 36
Ratanpur Steel
Mills Limited
July 13 July 17 Tk40 200 5.63 53.69 1,000 100
* Based on YCP & Close Price
**Declared on May 4 to June 19, 2014
***Company declared interim dividend for 31
Dec, 2014

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