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Libertyville, ILLINOIS PH: 847-361-0200


Seasoned business development manager with over 20 years of cross-functional experience. Qualifications include:
A keen eye for new business opportunities in existing accounts and new markets, including managing valuation,
negotiation, and relationship management;
The ability to forge strategic alliances with product development partners and promote cross-functional
collaboration throughout the business to deliver on business goals;
An outstanding track record of advancing strategic initiatives through leadership of interdisciplinary teams;
The insight necessary to understand customer needs and gain a position of trust among key influencers;
Hands on and project based experience in bringing product to market.
The ability to evaluate competitive positions and capitalize on aggressive markets to create a strong foothold;
Proven results as negotiator and communicator securing optimal vendor agreements;
Significant successes in sales and account management, leveraging expert long-term and short-term planning to
realize revenue growth opportunities;
A strong background in research and development, focused on biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, engineering,
biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, and life sciences, as evidenced by publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Business Development
Account Management
Consumer Behavior
Account Penetration
Strategic Initiatives
Client Relationship Management
Product Development
New Market Entry
Creative marketing strategies
P & L responsibility
Revenue Generation
Partner Alliance Management
Proposals & Presentations
Competitive Analysis

Business Development, Sales & Marketing
Attended business school and graduated with the Marketing specialization to hone & strengthen my business
acumen, finance, and marketing skills to add value and position company products and services for profitability.

ASSUREIMMUNE, Boca Raton, Florida 2009-2011
Served as sales leader to promote cord blood (rich in stem cells) collection, storage and processing services.


BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES USA, LLC, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 2007-2007
Global giant in luminescence measuring technologies for the research and diagnostics sector.
Regional Sales Manager
Coordinated business development and sales strategy for the 9-state region, liaising with sales representatives to
provide direction on prospecting and customer service, coach on sales techniques, and offer technical and product
expertise. Orchestrated product demonstrations, presentations, vendor booths at exhibits, and post-show customer
relations. Followed up on leads to convert to sales and pursue closure. Created sales forecasts. Conducted competitive
analyses and compiled sales information. Contributed to marketing strategy and planning. Prepared customer invoices.
Prepared and presented customer educational materials. Coached team members on issue resolution.

Selected Achievements:
Delivered over $450,000 in gross revenue, outperforming the quarterly sales quota of $250,000.
Addressed and resolved customer order issues and technical problems.
Drove product optimization and enhancement through insightful feedback.

GERSON LEHRMAN GROUP, INC., New York, New York 2006-2007
Worldwide leading network of professional experts in diverse industries.
Technical Consultant
Facilitated development and marketing for high-visibility projects, leveraging expertise in science, technology, and
industry metrics to address development challenges and provide recommendations on bringing a new product to market
applying effective marketing and technical strategies.

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Global health and nutrition company, serving a network of over 300,000 physicians and healthcare professionals.

Account Manager
Liaised with physicians and healthcare professionals for business development, sales, networking, and advertising.
Secured appointments with physicians to discuss products and wellness programs, present PowerPoint shows, and
drive order generation. Leveraged cold calls to create a strong pipeline of sales leads. Expanded business reach by
planning exhibitor booths for healthcare professional meetings, conducting product demonstrations, and generating
leads. Key point of contact for distributor network development, marketing, training, and communications. Answered
physician requests for technical and clinical information. Built business as a member of the overseas team.
Selected Achievements:
Forged positive relationships with physicians, establishing a rapport that led to the consultative insight necessary
to identify physicians problems, present solutions, and support them in making purchase decisions.
Generated up to $1 million in sales, including closing a $40,000 deal in a very short period of time.
Contributed in launching and brining the OTC products to international market.


ABBOTT LABORATORIES, N. Chicago, Illinois 1996-1998
Leading global healthcare products company behind development and distribution of some of the worlds top brands.

Senior Research Scientist
Drove development of diagnostic products for detection of infectious disease agents. Developed, validated, and
implemented cost-effective, scalable processes for purification of large quantities of recombinant proteins. Conducted
analyses of experimental data to interpret information for presentation to key personnel and management. Liaised with
corporate quality and regulatory bodies to create strategies for quality systems regulations in R&D activities, in alignment
with FDA product development guidelines. Authored system operating documentation. Monitored emerging trends and
developments in the industry. Managed vendor negotiations for purchase of special chemicals and equipment.

Selected Achievements:
Took an instrumental role in the development and launch of a $5-10 million diagnostic product.
Reduced annual costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars by substituting in-house reagents for commercial sources.
Contributed to creation of a process for development of a critical reagent for the $1+ billion HIV diagnostic market.
Characterization of protein MALDI-TOF to improve the sensitivity of the immunoassay..
Promoted rapid advancement in product development processes via cross-functional collaborations with diverse
Established test methods for product purity evaluation and authentication.
Developed LC and HPLC method for purification of recombinant protein for immunoassay development.

Chicago, Illinois 1990-1996
Renowned national inter-professional medical and healthcare educational institution.

Research Instructor, Chicago Medical School (1994-1996)
Taught courses on molecular biology and biochemical laboratory techniques, focused on skills such as DNA and
RNA isolation, producing recombinant DNA, RNA protection assay, bacterial culture cultivation, protein purification,
western / northern / southern blots, and PAGE. Provided tutoring, coaching, and support to students. Authored a
laboratory manual offering key data on technologies and available faculty expertise. Performed experimentation into
cloning phospho fructo kinase genes from Entamoeba Histolytica.

Selected Achievements:
Provided comprehensive leadership, guidance, and technical expertise to senior graduate students throughout
laboratory course in LC, biochemical and molecular biology techniques.

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Simultaneously managed a gene cloning project while acting as instructor, producing a final result with status as
a potential drug candidate and results that were published in peer-reviewed journals.
Raised the schools passing rate in the USMLE by providing excellent tutoring and student coaching.

Research Biochemist, Veterans Affairs Medical Center (1993-1994)
Conducted rat liver perfusion, as well as isolating hepatocytes to identify and study the molecular mechanisms of the
thyroid hormone. Coordinated lab operations, with authority over inventory monitoring and budget control. Procured
chemical and equipment supplies, managing relationships and negotiations with vendors as needed. Contributed to
grant preparation and submission. Performed reviews of research protocols submitted for VA merit reviews.
Established and enforced radiation safety standards in the R&D labs. Key member and chairperson of the equipment
and space committee.
Selected Achievements:
Overcame the shortage of funds to successfully complete sophisticated experiments by forming partnerships with
management personnel to gain access to necessary equipment and facilities.
Secured a $40,000 refund by returning unused equipment, as chairperson of the equipment and space
committee. Subsequently re-allocated these funds for purchase of capital equipment for the R&D department.
Obtained publication in a peer-reviewed journal by conducting liver perfusion and molecular mechanism of the
thyroid hormone.

Research Associate (1990-1993)
Handled large-scale purification of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), as part of coordinating experiments for investigating
the role of NGF in neuronal differentiation. Prepare and harvest cultures of PC 12 to prepare cellular fractions for
PKC assays, protein assays, PAGE, and western blotting. Prepared bacculo virus cultures for expression of
recombinant NGF and Cos-7 cell cultures for recombinant DNA experiments. Evaluated results to extract relevant
data and determine the next course of action for investigations. Translated data into computations and presentations
for weekly meetings. Authored materials for publication in international peer-reviewed journals. Oversaw the tissue
culture lab. Provided training to new graduate students and lab personnel.

Selected Achievements:
Cut hundreds of dollars in chemical purchase costs per month by streamlining a costly, time-consuming critical
experimental procedure, which resulted in greater accuracy and shorter time to complete.
Eliminated more than $30,000 in costs for the chief investigator during budget shortfalls.
Reduced expenses by $3,000-$5,000 through effective negotiations on the purchase of capital equipment.
Facilitated the research activities of 8-10 researchers in the lab by adapting to the large-scale NGF protein
purification processes necessary to produce in-house product.
Extensive experience in purification of native protein by LC.

Master of Business Administration in Marketing
Benedictine University Lisle, Illinois
Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry
Master of Science in Biological Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Biology & Zoology
University of Mysore, Karnataka

Pharmaceutical Sales Certification Program American Pharmaceutical Sales Association (APSA)
SAP Training & Education Certification Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Certification Program
Presentation Skills Certification Abbott Concepts in Chromatography Certification Pharmacia Biotech
SAS Report Writing & SAS Programming Certification SAS Institute, Inc. Clinical Research Associate Training
Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Regulations & Safe Practices Certification US Department of Veterans Affairs