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Introduction to Automation Testing ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Basics of Automation Testing
Benefits of Automation Testing
Why we need Automation testing
Challenges in Automation testing

2. Test Complete ViewDetails || CloseDetails
Introduction about Test Complete
Test Complete Object Model
How Test Complete works
Checkpoints and Stores
Test Complete license
Test Complete configuration
3. Project Items ViewDetails || CloseDetails

ActiveX Objects
Http Load Testing
Keyword Testing
Low-Level Procedures Collections
Name Mapping
Network Suites
User forms
Web Services
4. Testing Applications on Various Development Tools

5. Introduction about Naming Objects ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Naming Processes
Naming windows
Naming Controls and Objects
5. Modes of Running Tests ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Terminating Tests
Scheduling Test Complete Runs
Running via Remote Desktop
Reboot System and Continuing Tests
7. Recording options and Recording mode
8. Simulating User Actions
9. Different Types of Checkpoints
10. Working with Test Results ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Posting Message and Image to Log
Customizing Log Images format
11. Working with Application Objects and
Controls ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Retrieving Data from Application Objects
Object Mapping
Open Applications
Calling Methods and Properties
Access to Properties
Objects Properties, fields and Methods
12. Developing Scripts on Grid controls ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Borland TDBGrid
Microsoft Data Grid
Microsoft DataGridView
Infragistics Wingrid
Syncfusion Grid Control
13. Web Testing
14.Specific Technologies for Working with
Controls ViewDetails || CloseDetails
Testing with Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA)
Testing Microsoft UI Automation
Text Recognition Technology
Optical Character Recognition

15. Variables ViewDetails || CloseDetails
Project and Project Suite Variables
Network Suite Variables
Keyword-Driven Test Variables

16. Tracing Events and Exceptions
17.Command-Line Arguments and Exit
18. Focused VB Script/Descriptive
Programming ViewDetails || CloseDetails

VB Script Language Overview
VB Script Data Types
VB Script Variables
VB Script Constants
Control-of-Flow language
Iterative Statements
Sample scripts on Creating Microsoft excel object & Creating file system object
Using descriptive programming
19. Scripting in Real-time Environment ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Test complete Coding Standards & Best Practices
Naming Conventions
Coding Rules
20. Automation Frameworks ViewDetails || CloseDetails

Modularity Framework
Library Architecture Framework
Keyword-Driven Framework
Data-Driven Framework
Hybrid Framework