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Edit the news sentences using your own symbols.

Make sure to check the punctuation,

sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecedent agreement, and other

During the 1990s, a nine year old girl in Ruston Louisiana won a trophy, 5000 dollars, and a trip to the
United States Capital Bl;dg.
ho!as Shri"er #unior an e!ployee o$ the Roess Co!pany in %air&an's (las'a has a )h.D. in
e*ono!i*s and will &e here +on, ues., , -ed.
)ro$. Re&e**a +alone o$ %orty.two %i$th ("enue wor's in the /istory Depart!ent and shares an
o$$i*e in R!. 012 o$ the /u!anities Bldg.
($terwards, 2 persons, all United States *iti3ens, testi$ied that the US na"y payed the -estinghouse
Corporation 411,000,000 dollars.
5he -ashington )ost6 reported ue. hat the suspe*t is -hite, in her 708s, a&out 5 $t., 0 in*hes tall,
and weighs a&out one hundred pds.
9nly one !edia reported that the )resident o$ the :ational Ri$le (ssn. !et with si;teen !e!&ers o$
the US Congress on (ugust 07, 000<.
During the 19=08s, a *o!!ittee o$ the United States Congress esti!ated that the progra! would *ost
42 to 4<.1 &illion dollars.
he &oy, age 2, had 10 *ents and said his !other, the +ayor, will attend the )..( !eeting :o". 0< i$
the te!perature re!ains a&o"e 0.
>t was an unusual pheno!ena. During the twentieth *entury, the odds were 9 to 1 that <0 ? o$ the
+ayors would &e reele*ted to a 0nd ter!.
Moving backwards, the 14 yr old babysitter in martin Tn. Said goodbye, then picked up
the bible and ran towards her home on Roe St.
Exercise I. Copyreadin Sins and Sy!"o#s
Direction: Illustrate through signs and symbols the following copy fixers actions/remarks.
Copy $ixer%s Ac&ions'Re!ar(s To )e Edi&ed
1. Delete; take out lways mark all proofse
!. Insert space lways markproofs properly.
". Insert letter#s$ or word#s$ lways mak profs properly.
%. &ranspose letters or words lways proofs makr properly.
'. (lose up; no space lways m ark proofs prop erly.
). lign with left margin lways mark proof
*. lign with right margin lways mark proof
+. (enter ,ark -roofs
.. /tart new paragraph lways mark proofs properly.
10. Do not start new paragraph lways mark proofs.
,ark them properly.
11. Do not start new line lways mark proofs
1!. Do not make correction; lways mark proofs properly.
1et stand as written
1". &his is wrong; see copy lways mark proof
1%. &his is 2uestionable; 3e4er mark proofs properly
(heck or 2uery author
1'. Insert comma -roofs if properly marked
1). Insert period lways mark proof properly
1*. Insert apostrophe &he proofs in the proof mark.
1+. Insert 2uotation marks 5e said6 ,ark proofs properly.
1.. Insert hyphen &he writer editor marks proofs.
!0. Insert dash lways not sometimes marks.
!1. /pell out -roofing is a no. 1 priority.
!!. lign lw ys mark oofs properly.
a pr
Exercise II. Edi&in a Copy
Direction: 7dit the feature article using the copyreaders editing marks.
W*en O"s&ac#es Ge& Yo+ Do,n
Do obstacles get you down when trying to get something doone8 (onsider the following
fter 9red staires first screen test6 a 1."" memo from the mgm testing director said: (ant
act. /lightly bald. (an dance a little.: staire kept that memo o4er the fire place in his ;e4erly 5ills
n expert said of famous football coach <ince1ombardi: =5e possesses minimal football
knowledge. 1acks moti4ashun.:
1ouisa ,ay lcott6 the author of 1ittle >omen6 was ad4ised by her family to find work as a
/er4ant or seamstress.
;eetho4en handled the 4oilin awkwardly and prefered playing his own personal
compositions instead of impro4ing his techni2ue.
5is teacher called him utterly hopeless as a composer. &he teacher of famous opera singer
7nrico (aruso said (aruso had no 4oice at all and could not sing8
>alt Disney was fired by a news paper for lacking ideas. 5e also goed backrupt se4eral
times before he build Disneyland.
7ighteen publishers turned down ?ichard ;achs 10000 word story about a soaring seagull before
,acmillan finally published it in 1.*0. ;y 1.*'6 @onathan 1i4ingston /eagull had sold more than *
million copies in the A./. alone.