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Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Scope


The food and entertainment tourism craze is big business and is very fast paced.
According to, its impact on travel and tourism is very evident as its likely
future growth in demand has been identified by market research signaling food and
entertainment tourisms future potential. One thing is certain about the tourism industry;
it is fast-growing, infinite in opportunities and possibilities. As tourism has become a
popular global leisure activity, it has played a vital role in the community as well.
Tourism is a major contributor to a nations economy, and a great means to suit ones
comfort and satisfaction through food, travel and entertainment. Due to this demand,
comes the introduction of the different tourism services which definitely appease and
indulge to human needs.

Among the Philippines tourist destinations is the rich province of Bohol. Bohol,
known as the Heart of the Islands, is the 10
largest island in the Philippines. The
province has indeed much to offer. Some call it one of the best tourist destinations in
the country because of its natural resources from the worlds famous Chocolate Hills
to the exotic wildlife down to the refreshing calm beach of Panglao Island. Among the
popular beaches and fresh seafoods destination is the Cainget Beach which reveals
captivating seaside scenery and rich aquatic resources.

Cainget Beach is located at Purok 2, Barangay Booy, City of Tagbilaran. It takes
5 minutes to reach this beautiful beach from the Tagbilaran City Airport and Seaport.
The main reasons most visitors come to Cainget beach is to dine or buy fresh and
mouth-watering seafoods and to witness the beauty of nature. Cainget beach indeed
has a great potential to become a perfect destination for food and entertainment
The researchers are interested to conduct this study because they want to
determine the feasibility to put-up a resto and an entertainment provider which can
accommodate the demands of the tourism industry - to satisfy both local and foreign
Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to determine the feasibility of establishing CAINGET GRILL &
ENTERTAINMENT. These researchers conduct the study in Barangay Booy, City of
Tagbilaran, in the months of January-March 2014.

Specially aimed to answer the following questions:


1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:
a) Type of Customers
b) Sex and
c) Age?

2. What is the feasibility of Cainget Grill in aspects:
a) Market
b) Technical
c) Management
d) Financial Aspect and
e) Socio-Economic?

3. What appropriate strategies can be implemented to make the proposed business


Significance of the Study

The study will benefit the following:

Owners. The owners will be able to earn enough revenue from their investments.

Customers. Cainget Grill & Entertainment will enable the customers to savor and taste
the fresh and mouth-watering seafoods and different types of grill while being
entertained by an acoustic live band or karaoke.

Tourists. The tourist s will experience a new tourist destination to experience different
activities and to variety of options.

Barangay Booy. The implementation of the said business will enable Barangay Booy to
earn more revenues in the form of taxes and licenses. Thus, this will help in the
economic progress of the said barangay.


Local Community / Residents. The local community / residents will be benefitted
because the said establishment can provide employment opportunities to the residents.

Future Researchers. The future researchers may use the results of this feasibility
studies as reference for parallel studies.



The method used in the study is the descriptive survey method. It is a feasibility
study that is aimed to know the feasibility of the proposed Cainget Grill and
Entertainment. The researchers used questionnaire and personal interview guide to
gather the needed information.


Environment and Subject

The proposed location is at 10 Cainget Drive, Graham Road Purok 2, Barangay
Booy, City of Tagbilaran. Cainget Beach is one of the popular beach destinations in
Bohol especially for the locals and weekenders. A regular and famous destination for
many locals makes this beach a very crowded area during weekends but its natural
cove formation makes this area a very unusual but relaxing getaway.


The questionnaires and the interviews were used as instruments in this study.
These questionnaires sought to determine the profile of the customers, as to Sex and
Age as well as, it will also describe the respondents of the proposed business. The
questionnaires were made clear and understandable, so that the respondents would
easily understand each item. There were possible choices provided in every question.


Data-Gathering Procedure

Permission for the distribution of questionnaires about the proposed business
was sought from the office of College of Technology and Allied Sciences, the Campus
Director and the Barangay Captain of Barangay Booy, City of Tagbilaran. The
questionnaires were distributed among the respondents. The respondents were
randomly based on their knowledge and inclination of the topic. They were also
informed of the purpose of the said project. The personal interviews were taken on the
same day. Respondents were requested to fill out the form with their personal
information, their suggestions and opinions. Afterwards, the proponents collected the
questionnaires. Data were then collated, interpreted, analyzed to arrive at conclusions
and recommendations.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The study is intended for the tourists, by-passers and community residents of
Barangay Booy, City of Tagbilaran. The proponents rely upon the respondents honesty.
The researchers encountered few problems due to respondents dissimilarities of ideas,
thoughts and behaviors. There were some instances that the respondents would not

cooperate by declining the interview while others were answering the questionnaires
providing irrelevant answers. The proponents exerted more effort, time and money for
the consummation and progress of the research.