With the SAP®Access Control application, you

can move beyond manual processes for
managing access risk. It helps to manage
segregation of duties (SoD), critical and
sensitive access, and superuser access
effectively and efficiently. It automates the
compliant provisioning of users, periodic user
and role certifications, and the maintenance of
compliant roles. This allows customers to
manage access risk on an exception basis and
focus on value-adding initiatives.
Key Functi ons and Features
Access-ri sk analysi s – Accurately identify and remediate SoD
and critical access violations in real time
User access management – Automate access assignments
across SAP and non-SAP software while preventing access
violations with embedded risk analysis
Role management – Define and maintain compliant roles in
business-friendly terms and language
Periodi c certif ication of authorizations – Conduct periodic user-
access reviews and ensure SoD mitigations are effective on a
regular basis
Emer gency access management – Confidently authorize users to
perform superuser activities outside their role using "firefighter"
login IDs in a controlled, auditable environment
Ideal opportunity/customer pain point s
SAP ERP customer and customers with SAP and non SAP
Fragmented approach to managing access risk
Lack of business and IT collaboration
Excessive time and cost of audits
Dealing with audit and/or fraud issues
Manual processes for risk analysis and provisioning
Value Proposition
Reduced access risk, internal fraud, and loss of revenue due to
employee error
Reduced cost of enterprise-wide access management
Effici ent , cost-eff ective audits and ongoing compliance activities
Target Market
Existing SAP ERP customers
Customers in all industries, across all regions, of all sizes
Target Audi ence
Director of IT/SAP Applications
Head of Compliance/Audit
Competit ors
Security Weaver
ControlPanel GRC
Differ enti ati on Versus Competiti on
Real-time, automated risk analysis and remediation
Mobile access approvals for iOS devices
Scalable and sustainable solution
Integration to market leading Identity Management solutions
Embedded SAP BusinessObjects reporting
Cross-Sell Opport unit ies
Attach to SAP ERP purchases as a key differentiator
Attach to SAP ERP upgrades for compliant upgrades while
leveraging one project team
Sell with SAP Identity Management for Compliant Identity
Refer ence Cust omers
Access Control is the leading solution in the market with over 2,300
customers of all sizes. Examples include:
TTX Company
EDF Energy
Bharat Petroleum Corporation
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
Natura Cosmeticos S/A
Pri ci ng and Deal Size Range
Pricing is based on number of monitored users
Monitored users are defined as employees, contract workers or
other individuals whose credentials, permissions, privileges and/or
other user information will be monitored or evaluated
There are two pricing options available for Access Control – new in
J anuary 2012 and Access Control full and Access Control Starter
For More Informati on
Go to the Partner Edge Portal - GRC Resource Library
S e lli n g S A P A c c e s s C o n t ro l
Confidently manage access risk and prevent fraud across the

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