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The Davis News 07/09/2014

July 10, 2014 2:17 pm /

Dougherty Baptist Church
Sunday ~ School 9:45 a.m. ~ Church 11 a.m.
Sunday and Wednesday Evenings 6 p.m.
You are welcome at
Dougherty Baptist Church
Now what? by Alisha Thompson, guest columnist
Fall Enrollment, Saturday, July 19
at the Studio ... 917 W. 5th, Sulphur
New Students - 10-11 a.m. New Students - 10-11 a.m. New Students - 10-11 a.m. New Students - 10-11 a.m. New Students - 10-11 a.m.
Continuin Continuin Continuin Continuin Continuing Students- 11 a.m.-noon g Students- 11 a.m.-noon g Students- 11 a.m.-noon g Students- 11 a.m.-noon g Students- 11 a.m.-noon
Call Kathy for more information, (580) 220-1069
Building Character
Leading by Example
Standing in Grace

Paintings by Keith Murray

of Sulphur will be on display
during July at the Artists of the
Arbuckles Jean Carr Gallery.
Murray, a native of
Healdton, graduated from
Southwestern Oklahoma
State University with a degree
in art and attended graduate
school at West Texas State
University in Canyon, Texas.
Despite these years of study
in the field of art, Murray at-
tributes the fruition of his quest
for creating life beyond the
image to his study with clas-
sical realist, Kirk Richards, in
I spent the next six years
unlearning much of what I
had been taught in the sys-
tem. Technical ability is
very important to me, he
said. But even more impor-
tant is that special some-
thing that has to be seen, felt
and held in the heart that the
artist hopes to channel onto
the canvas.
He attributes the real blos-
soming of his work to this rig-
orous training, and the results
seem to prove his point from
the wide array of galleries,
shows and exhibits that have
included his work over the
past years.
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After moving to Sulphur,
he was invited to exhibit his
work at the Oklahoma State
Capitol, where he had a one-
man show in the Governors
Murrays work has been
shown at galleries in
Fredericksburg, Texas; in
Cape Cod, Mass., and in
Naples, Florida, as well as the
Leslie Powell Gallery in Law-
ton. His paintings were dis-
GREASE premiers Thursday, July 17, at the Goddard Center in Ardmore. Members
of the production from Davis are (from left) Blair Gee, Truly Branstetter, Paul
Bransttetter and Paris Branstetter.
Blair Gee, Paul Branstetter
and Paris Branstetter, all of
Davis, will perform in the
musical Grease, Ardmore
Little Theatres special sum-
mer production, which
opens next week at the
Goddard Arts Center.
Truly Branstetter is assist-
ing the stage manager.
Grease, with a story about
high school memories for
the class of 1959, is a com-
ing-of-age classic that pro-
vides a ... fun flashback to
the music, dance, clothing
and lifestyes of the late
50s, according to the
shows director, Brian Gun-
ter, a former Lone Grove
Though the play opened
in New York in 1972, it re-
mains a popular standard for
community theatres and
school productions. The
movie based on the play still
reigns as the highest gross-
ing live-action film musical
in the U.S. Both stage and
screen versions won multiple
awards, and the play has re-
turned for revival Broadway
runs and national road tours.
Being onstage is a new
experience for Gee, she
makes her acting debut as a
member of the shows en-
Branstetter will portray the
adult role of Eugene, who
was the nerdish valedictorian
for the class of 59, while
daughter Paris will work with
the ensemble. The three-
member Branstetter father-
daughter team all performed
together previously in an
ALT production of The Best
Christmas Pageant Ever, and
Paul also has experience
with other community the-
Opening night will be
Thursday, July 17. Perfor-
mances will be at 7 p.m. on
Thursday, Friday and Satur-
day, July 17-19 and again on
July 24-26, with one mati-
nee show at 2:30 p.m. on
Sunday, July 20. The box
office opens for public ticket
sales at 11 a.m. on Monday,
July 14. Admission is $15 for
adults, $8 for students.
For more information, go
to http://www.ardmorelittle or call the of-
fice at (580) 223-6387.
Davis thespians perform at Ardmore
played at the Goddard Cen-
ter in Ardmore after winning
Best of Show.
A Meet the Artist recep-
tion will be Thursday, July
17, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.,
at the Jean Carr Gallery lo-
cated at 330 W. Muskogee,
The gallery will be open
Thursday, Friday or Satur-
day from 3 to 7 p.m. in July.
Admission is free.
Buy or Cry
The last few months my
family has moved into new
territory budgeting. I can
just see Dave Ramsey smil-
ing now.
I know, I know. NO ONE
GET. The word budget
ranks high on my list of
words that make me
sweat. Heck, its right up
there with TSA or IRS.
However, budgeting is a
necessary evil for families in
this day and age.
I went into a total flop
sweat when hubby said it
was time to iron out our bud-
get. When it comes to
money, hes wound tighter
than the poster child for
Type A personality. Money
is his kryptonite. I know this
all too well, so I expected us
to argue. Sad, huh?
The problem weve al-
ways had was justifying the
purchase. Hes totally con-
tent with saving and making
one big purchase. I tend to
lean more toward the side of
if I like it, Ill buy it. Op-
posites attract, right?
Well, this time, our talk
was painless. We agreed on
the structure of our budget,
amazingly. That hour and a
half we sat talking has saved
us from a lot of heartache
and frustration. I feel like the
saving grace of our budget
was the fact that we each
have a certain amount of
discretionary funds.
Money I can spend on
myself? What? This is going
to be FUN!
I have fallen victim to the
when I lose weight men-
tality that plagues most
moms. Because of this, my
wardrobe has suffered. I
have a handful of outfits that
I feel comfortable in when I
have to leave the house.
But, every time I get dressed
I see the when I lose 10
pounds wardrobe that takes
up most of my closet.
Sadly, its taken me quite
some time to realize that
when you look good, you
feel good. Not to mention if
you take care of those
clothes when you shed
those lbs. there are magi-
cal places called CONSIGN-
take those clothes and resell
them. Can I get an AMEN for
consignment stores?
Well, I have had my eyes
on this super cute maxi
dress. Black and coral. Re-
ally pretty and forgiving in
all the right places. It was a
little more than I wanted to
pay but I LOVE THIS
So, I ordered the dress
knowing that this company
ships really fast, and Id
have it in just a few days.
A few days came and went
with no dress. So, I checked
the email, tracked the pack-
age and saw PACKAGE
Normally, that would make
me very happy but I never
got that package. I called the
Post Office and the nice man
told me hed look for the
package and asked me to
call back on Monday if I
didnt see the package in
Mondays mail delivery.
Now What?
Its ironic that I buy some-
thing for myself and (as of
right now) Im not sure if Im
going to get what I wanted.
This has happened to me a
lot lately.
The dress was a buy or
cry item. Meaning buy it
now or cry later. I wanted
that dress. I ordered that
dress in record time.
Funny thing was, buyers
remorse set in quickly. The
cost of the dress was half of
my money for the month.
Jean Carr gallery displays Murrays art
As thousands of campers
visit the Falls Creek Baptist
Conference Center in Davis
this summer, AT&T is boost-
ing network coverage to help
its customers have a great
wireless experience.
This improved system has
greatly enhanced cellular cov-
erage for our staff and guests
on the grounds, showing just
one more way that Falls Creek
offers the best of camp expe-
riences with first-class facili-
ties and amenities, said James
Swain, Falls Creek Conference
Center director.
The company has de-
ployed a Cell on Wheels
(COW) to accommodate ex-
Caring Christian Women
will meet at 11:45 a.m. Fri-
day, July 11, in the United
Methodist Church, Sulphur
The speaker is Jeanie
Hazell from Durant, who has
a heart-stopping testimony, and
John Scaggs and PJ Stewart
will present patriotic music.
Make reservations by call-
ing Denise Brown, (580) 618-
2895, or Doris Row, 618-1043.
women meet
AT&T boosts Falls Creek coverage
pected increased wireless
network demands from high
concentrations of smart-
phone users in and around
Falls Creek.
Falls Creek generates
memorable experiences that
our customers will want to
share with friends and family
through text messages, photos,
status updates on social net-
works and calls from their
mobile devices, said Steve
Hahn, president of AT&T
Oklahoma. We know parents
want to be able to check in
with their kids, and thanks to
this technology, the cell ser-
vice should be there to pro-
vide great connectivity.
You dont
wanna miss out
Doors open at
8:30 a.m. on
Tuesday, July 15
105 W. Main 369-5180
off the retail price