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Write the past of the verbs. Irregular verbs.

1. Go WENT
3. eet ET
!. Bri"g B#OUGHT
!. $e"% $ENT
&. $pe"% $'ENT
(. )ut )UT
*. +o +I+
,. +rive +#O-E
.. Thi"/ THOUGHT
10. 1"o2 1NEW
11. #ea% #E3+
12. 4eave 4E5T
13. $pea/ $'O1E
1!. $2i6 $W3
1&. Ta/e TOO1
1(. U"%ersta"% UN+E#$TOO+
1*. Write W#OTE
1,. $i"g $3NG
1.. $leep $4E'T
20. Tea7h T3UGHT
21. a/e 3+E
22. 4ose 4O$T
23. #u" #3N
2!. 5orget 5O#GOT
2&. Have H3+
2(. $ee $3W
Write the past of the verbs. #egular verbs.
1. 3rrive 3##I-E+
2. 3s/ 3$1E+
3. 3"s2er 3N$WE#E+
!. Belo"g BE4ONGE+
&. )oo/ )OO1E+
(. )all )344E+
*. +e7i%e +E)I+E+
,. E"8oy EN9O:E+
.. I"vite IN-ITE+
10. #e6e6ber #EEBE#E+
11. Wa"t W3NTE+
12. Wor/ WO#1E+
13. Wait W3ITE+
1!. Tal/ T341E+
)o6plete the se"te"7es. Use o"e of these verbs.
brush ; e"8oy ; e"% ; %ie ; 2a"t ; rai" ; start ; stay ; happe"
1. I B#U$HE+ 6y teeth three ti6es yester%ay.
2. The 7o"7ert $T3#TE+ at *<30 a"% EN+E+ at 10 o=7lo7/.
3. Whe" I 2as a 7hil%> I W3NTE+ to be a %o7tor.
!. The a77i%e"t H3''ENE+ last $u"%ay after"oo".
&. It=s a "i7e %ay> but yester%ay it #3INE+ all %ay.
(. We EN9O:E+ our va7atio" last year. We $T3:E+ at a "i7e hotel.
*. 36y=s gra"%father +IE+ 2he" he 2as .0 years ol%.
)o6plete the se"te"7es. Use the past of the verbs.
spe"% ; visit ; 6a/e ; "ot go ; see ; be ; 2at7h
1. I T#3-E4E+ to )osta #i7a. It 2as great. I -I$ITE+ 6y pare"ts.
2. 4ast year she $'ENT ti6e 2ith her fa6ily.
3. We WE#E very lu7/y 2ith the 2eather.
!. I $3W a horror fil6 yester%ay. I %i%"=t li/e it.
&. They WENT to the super6ar/et be7ause they 2ere very tire%.
(. He W3T)HE+ T- last "ight.
*. I 3+E brea/fast last $u"%ay.
)o6plete the ?uestio"s a"% the" a"s2er the6. Write the "u6bers i" 2or%s. $i6ple prese"t.
1. What ti6e +O you GET U' @get upAB
@*<!&A $he gets up at seve" forty five C a ?uarter to eight.
2. What ti6e +OE$ he $T3#T WO#1 @start 2or/AB
@,<1&A He starts 2or/ at eight fiftee" C a ?uarter past eight.
3. What ti6e +OE$ she )OO1 @7oo/AB
@.<0&A $he 7oo/s at "i"e five C NINE D oh D 5I-E. ;
!. What ti6e +O they $WI @s2i6AB
@10<20A They s2i6 at te" t2e"ty C t2e"ty after te".
&. What ti6e +OE$ ario GO @goA to the 6oviesB
@11<30A ario goes to the 6ovies at eleve" thirty C half after eleve".
(. What ti6e +OE$ Na"7y H3-E 7lassB @haveA
@3<00A Na"7y has 7lass at three o=7lo7/.
*. What ti6e +O Hele" a"% 'aul GO to the 6oviesB @goA
@!<&0A Hele" a"% 'aul go to the 6ovies at four fifty C te" to five.
)o6plete the se"te"7es. Use the present continuous tense.
1. 1arla IS NOT GOING ho6e. @"ot goA
2. ARE you WATCHING T-B @2at7hA Yes, I !.
3. 3< WHAT ARE you "OING "o2B @%oA
B< I A# CHATTING 2ith 6y frie"%s. @7hatA
!. 3< Where=s Ti6oteoB
B< I" the /it7he". He IS COO$ING. @7oo/A
&. $hhhE The baby IS S%EE&ING. @sleepA
(. 3< Where IS he GOINGB @goA
B< He IS GOING to the 6ovies.
*. They ARE STU"YING for the eFa6. @stu%yA
,. 3< WHAT IS she "OINGB @%oA
B< $he IS %ISTENING to 6usi7. @liste"A
.. IS Bob HAVING lu"7hB @haveA No> HE IS NOT.
10. The pho"e IS RINGING. @ri"gA
11. )aroli"e IS TA%$ING to 3%olfo. @tal/A
)o6plete the se"te"7es. Use there is> there are D Is there..B 3re there..B
1. 3#E THE#E a"y theaters arou"% hereB
:es> THE#E I$ o"e o" 'ri6avera 3ve"ue.
2. 3#E THE#E goo% restaura"ts "ear hereB
:eah> THE#E I$ o"e "eFt to the gy6.
3. THE#E I$ ba"/ a7ross fro6 the u"iversity.
!. THE#E I$ "o 7o6puter i" 6y be%roo6.
Write ?uestio"s a"% a"s2ers. Write the "u6bers i" 2or%s.
1. @thisA Ho2 6u7h is this boo/B
@G2.,.**A It is t2o;hu"%re% %ollars seve"ty seve" 7e"ts.
2. @thoseA ho2 6u7h are those s"ea/ersB
@G**..,&A they are seve" hu"%re% %ollars eighty five 7e"ts.
3. @theyA Ho2 6u7h are theyB
@G..,...A They are "i"e hu"%re% eight;eight %ollars "i"ety;"i"e 7e"ts.
!. HOW U)H 3#E THE$E pa"tsB
@G&(.30A They are fifty;siF %ollars thirty 7e"ts.
&. HOW U)H I$ THI$ shirtB
@G(0A It is siFty %ollars.
)o6plete the se"te"7es Use 'nt to ()e to nee* to D +i,e to i" the 7orre7t for6.
1. +O you 4I1E TO WO#1 @li/e C2or/AB :E$> I +O.
2. He W3NT$ TO )344 @2a"t C 7allA $ally.
3. They +ON=T NEE+ TO U$E @"ot "ee% C useA the 7o6puter.
!. $he H3$ TO GO @have C goA to the u"iversity.
&. +O you H3-E TO WE3# @have C 2earA a suitB NO> I +ON=T
(. +OE$ she 4I1E TO WO#1 @li/e C 2or/A hereB :E$> $HE +OE$.
*. He NEE+$ TO '43: @"ee%CplayA for his tea6.
,. $he W3NT$ TO 3##: @2a"t C 6arryA hi6 "eFt year.
)o6plete the 7hart 2ith 7ou"tries> "atio"alities a"% la"guages.
1. 'E#U 'eruvia" $'3NI$H
2. )hi"a )HINE$E )HINE$E
3. 1O#E3 1O#E3N 1orea"
!. #U$$I3 #ussia" #U$$I3N
&. 5#3N)E 5#EN)H 5re"7h
(. Ger6a"y GE#3N GE#3N
*. ENG43N+ C )3N3+3 C
ENG4I$H C )3N3+I3N C
'ut the verbs i" bra7/ets i"to the 7orre7t 'rese"t $i6ple for6
This is i7hael. He I$ @beA 10 years ol%. He HAS @haveA short> %ar/ hair> bro2" eyes a"% a %ar/
7o6pleFio". i7hael %IVES @liveA i" Ne2 :or/ )ity 2ith his fa6ily. His father is a tea7her a"%
his 6other is a la2yer. i7hael "OESN-T HAVE @"ot haveA a"y brothers or sisters. He
%OVES @loveA bas/etball a"% WANTS @2a"tA to be a professio"al bas/etball player.
He %I$ES @li/eA s7hool a lot. He GOES @goA every %ay fro6 .a6 till 3<30p6. I" his free ti6e>
i7hael %OVES @loveA playi"g 7o6puter ga6es a"% he EN.OYS @e"8oyA 2at7hi"g T-.
)o6plete the se"te"7es. Use these verbs. $i6ple prese"t te"se.
boil %o 7lose 7ost 7ost li/e 2or/ li/e 6eet
ope" spe, tea7h 2ash be go
1. ega" spe,s four la"guages.
2. Ba"/s usually O&EN at .<00 i" the 6or"i"g.
3. The 3rt 6useu6 C%OSES at & o=7lo7/ i" the after"oo".
!. Isabel is a tea7her. $he TEACHES 6athe6ati7s to you"g 7hil%re".
&. y 8ob is very i"teresti"g. I #EET a lot of people.
(. 'eter WASHES his hair every %ay.
*. 5oo% is eFpe"sive. It COSTS a lot of 6o"ey.
,. $hoes are eFpe"sive. They COST a lot of 6o"ey.
.. Water /OI%S at 100 %egrees )elsius.
10. 9ulia a"% I are goo% frie"%s. I %I$E her a"% she %I$ES 6e.
11. aria "OES eFer7ise i" the after"oo"s.
12. 4u7ia"a GOES to 2or/ at (<30. $he WOR$S fro6 ,<00 a.6. to !<00 p.6.
13. 3"tho"y IS usually busy o" $atur%ays.
1!. )i"%y REA"S a" E"glish boo/ every after"oo". $he li/es it.
)o6plete the se"te"7es 2ith )3N C )3N=T
1. +iego is a goo% so77er player. He CAN play so77er very 2ell.
2. )a6ila CAN-T ru". $he bro/e her leg yester%ay.
3. )i% CAN %rive a 7ar> but he CAN-T ri%e a bi7y7le. He %oes"=t li/e bi7y7les.
!. CAN you 2or/ 2ith peopleB :es> I CAN.